Galvanized & Oil Hardened Steel Mole (Small) Trap

The LASSO TRAP Mole (Small) Trap is a cost-effective, reusable, and durable animal trap that is perfect for any lawn, yard, garden, farm, or all-outdoor settings. Made from galvanized and oil-hardened steel, this trap is built to last. With a simple design that indicates when the rodent has been trapped, this trap allows you to easily release the rodent. It also features two different sized jaws that allow you to catch small gophers or large moles. For safety purposes, the trap comes with gloves.

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  • The LassoTRAP Mole (Small) Trap (Pack of 2) Galvanized & Oil Hardened Steel// Super Costeffective, Reusable, & Durable Animal Trap Best in The Lawn, Yard, Garden, Farm, & All Outdoor Settings is easy to use and has a one year warranty.
  • The LassoTRAP design has proven itself as the most efficient trap on the market.
  • Two sizes allow you to have the right trap for the job.
  • Based on customer experiences, you can choose the small trap for small gophers & the large trap for large moles.


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  • Traps Moles
  • Catches Them Quickly
  • No New Activity After Being Set Up For A Month
  • Affordable


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Types Of Terrain Or Surface