Lasso TRAP Gopher (Large)

The LASSO TRAP Gopher is a high-quality trap that is perfect for catching gophers and other rodents. Made of galvanized and oil-hardened spring steel, this trap is durable and easy to use. It has two sizes that allow you to have the right trap for the job.

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  • The Lasso TRAP Gopher (Large) Trap is easy to use, with a simple design.
  • It is durable and economical, made from galvanized and oilhardened steel.
  • The Lasso TRAP Gopher (Large) Trap has two sizes that allow you to choose the right size for your needs.
  • This product comes with a warning about its known toxicity towards gophers and moles.


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  • Traps Moles
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Can Be Used Multiple Times


  • May Not Work If You Have No New Activity