Leupold Digital Rangefinder monocular 61455

The Leupold RX-Ii Digital Rangefinder is a high-quality, durable range finder that is perfect for hunting and other outdoor activities. With its waterproof design, it can be used in any weather conditions. It features a wide field of view and fast response time, making it ideal for use as a single shot or multiple shot device.

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  • The Leupold RXII Digital Laser Rangefinder comes with a oneyear warranty.
  • It has a high resolution of 0.01 millimeter and can measure distances up to 100
  • There are 12 different viewing options, including day & night vision capabilities.
  • This rangefinder is also able to calculate ballistic drop compensation.
  • Finally, there is a quick set rotary menu which allows users to customize their device quickly.


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