Marinebaby Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap

The Marinebaby Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap is a modern and powerful way to protect your home against unwanted pests. Made of galvanized steel, this trap is weather resistant and reusable. The sensitive device is easy to use, and the trap is easy to set underground. With a sure-fire design, this trap is perfect for use in any soil.

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  • The product is an easy set mole eliminator trap that uses no chemicals and is nontoxic.
  • The trap is made of galvanized steel and is weather resistant.
  • To use, simply place the trap in the ground and step on it to activate the sensor.
  • The trap has a wide range of applications and is ideal for organic farms, ranches, and nurseries.


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  • Tried Other Traps
  • Got Two Moles In 6 Hours
  • Can Be Used Multiple Times


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Types Of Moles