NcSTAR Discreet Plate Carrier [Med-2Xl]

The NCSTAR Vism Discreet Plate Carrier is perfect for those who need a little extra security when going out. This carrier features two exterior pockets for storing your hard or soft body armor, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap system that makes it easy to get on and off. With its discreet design, this carrier will never be a distraction while you’re enjoying yourself.

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  • The product is a discreet plate carrier designed to hold one or more small armors.
  • It has an exterior pocket for holding larger pieces of equipment as well as two interior pockets for holding smaller items.
  • There are also three rows of stitching along the sides to help keep the item intact during shipping.
  • This particular model comes with wrap around hooks and loops for attaching equipment such as vests and belts.


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