Norma Safeguard .38 Special Ammo 158 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point

.38 Special ammo is a perennial favorite for self-defense shooters. The Safeguard line by Norma is made with high-quality components to deliver consistent performance and reliability. This ammunition is designed to deliver a powerful punch while still being safe to use in a responsible manner. The 158 grain JHP bullet travels at over 2,000 feet per second, making it an extremely effective round for personal protection. The heavy weight of the bullet provides substantial energy that can be quickly transferred to the target. The sleek, round shape of the bullet makes it easy to seat accurately in the chamber. And the jacket is designed to shed fragments if the round encounters resistance while passing through the target.

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Brand: Norma
Model: Safeguard
Caliber: .38 Special
Bullet Weight: 158 grain
Bullet Type: JHP
QTY: 50 rounds


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