Orpaz IWI Masada Holster Modular

The Orpaz IWI Masada Holster is perfect for those who are looking for a comfortable and secure way to carry their firearm. This holster features an ergonomic design that allows for quick and easy access to your weapon while providing maximum comfort and security. With its thumb lock and release feature, this holster is perfect for those who need to keep their weapon close at hand.

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  • The Orpaz IWI Masada Holster is a secure, comfortable carry and compatible with IWI MSD Pistols.
  • It has an adjustable retention and rotation feature with the Allen Key included.
  • The holster is made from a durable, lightweight polymer material.
  • This holster is designed for first responders and includes windows to the chambers and triggers.
  • Made in Israel


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  • Ergonomic And Easy Access
  • Preventing Anyone But The Wearer From Drawing The Firearm
  • 100% Modular
  • Allen Key Included


  • May Not Fit All Mil-Spec MOLLE Systems