P365 Holsters Holster Sauer Micro Compact

The Sig P365 Holster is perfect for carrying your Sig P365 9mm micro-compact pistol in comfort and style. This holster features a tension adjustment mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the fit of the holster, and an autolocking system that prevents the gun from accidentally falling out of the holster. With its wide range of colors and styles, this holster is sure to add some color to your life.

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  • The Sig P365 Holster is designed to fit the Sig Sauer P365 microcompact 9mm pistol.
  • It features a tension adjustment mechanism to ensure no shaking by use of the M2.5 Allen Key.
  • The holster also has a high safety level with its level II retention and outside waistband belt carry options.
  • The Sig P365 Holster comes with paddle attachment and is widely used by police, military and private security forces.
  • The Sig P365 is also compatible with other Sig Sauer handguns including the Sig Sauer P320, Sig Sauer P345, Sig Sauer P250, Sig Sauer P938, Sig Sauer P738, Sig Sauer P928, Sig Sauer P819, Sig Sauer P858, Sig Sauer P880, Sig Sauer P929, Sig Sauer P939, Sig Sauer P959, Sig Sauer P950, Sig Sauer P951, Sig Sauer P952, Sig Sauer P953, Sig Sauer P957, Sig Sauer P958, Sig Sauer P959 and Sig Sauer P960.


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  • Takes up little room In Your Pocket
  • Can Be Worn On The Belt Or Inside Pants
  • Great For Concealed Carry
  • Suitable For Different Places


  • May Not Fit Some People Due To A Snug Fit
  • The Molded Kydex Was Too Snug On The Front Of The Slide