Remington UMC .32 AUTO/ACP (7.65MM) 71 Metal Cased

Looking for a reliable self-defense ammo that packs a punch? Look no further than Remington UMC. This .32 ACP ammo is perfect for those who want a little more power than a regular handgun cartridge. With 129 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, this ammo will deliver a powerful punch to any target. Plus, it comes in a convenient 50-round box, so you can keep plenty on hand. Whether you’re at the range or taking down targets in the field, Remington UMC has you covered. So make sure to keep some in your arsenal, just in case.

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Remington UMC 32 ACP 71gr 50rds L32AP
UPC: 047700169200
Rounds Per Box: 50
Muzzle Energy: 129 ft-lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 905 fps


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