Safariland Mid Ride Level III Retention Beretta

The Safariland 7360 7TS ALS/SLS Mid-Ride Level-III Retention Duty Beretta 92 Holster is perfect for those who want a reliable and secure holster that will keep their weapon in place. This holster features a rotating hood with an automatic locking system that makes it easy to get your weapon out quickly when you need to use it. With its simple design, this holster is perfect for anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon.

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  • The Safariland 7360 7TS ALS/SLS MidRide Level III Retention Duty Beretta 92 Holster is designed to secure the weapon once holstered, also featuring the SLS (Self Locking System).
  • The hood guard is made of a proprietary nylon blend (Safari Seven), which is completely non abrasive to a firearm’s finish.
  • The holster has simple straight up draw once all releases are deactivated.
  • This model is constructed of the innovative Safari Seven material, a unique nylon blend from DuPont.


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  • Durable
  • Easy To Clean
  • Safe
  • Can Be Used With A Variety Of Weapons
  • Inexpensive


  • May Not Be Suitable For Some Firearms