Safariland QLS22 Quick Duty Receiver Plate Locking System

The Safariland QLS 22 is a multi-functional attachment that can be used on a variety of holsters and vests. It attaches to the QLS 19, MLS 16, any Safariland holster with a 3-hole pattern, or any Safariland 2-hole pattern pouch. This receiver plate features a quick release pin system that allows you to easily unhook it from your gear.

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  • The Safariland QLS22 Quick Duty Receiver Plate Locking System allows you to attach a holster or other equipment quickly.
  • It has multi functional applications including attaching to a variety of different types of vests, leg shields, and pouches.
  • This product also features practical applications including being able to change out attachments with one hand.
  • Finally, this model includes a locking mechanism that secures the attachment at a high retention level.


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