Safe Trap for Small Animals | One-Door Humane rat trap

The Safetrap Animal Trap is an easy way to catch and release small animals. The trap features a classic design that is perfect for any home or garden. The trap is made from lightweight aluminum mesh wire and is resistant to rust and weather changes. The Safetrap Animal Trap comes with a set of gloves so you can avoid getting your scent on the bait.

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  • The product is a SAFETRAP Animal Trap for Small Animals
  • It is made from aluminum mesh wire and is rust and corrosion proof
  • The trap has a patented mechanism to make it easy to set up
  • It includes gloves for safe handling


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  • Simple To Set Up
  • Can Be Used For One Squirrel Or Rat
  • Gloves Provided
  • Cage Is Good Size For One Squirrel


  • Still Waiting On Critter To Come Back