SnapSafe Drop Box Keypad Vault Safe for Handguns

The SnapSafe Drop Box Keypad Vault is perfect for storing handguns and other valuables. With its compact size, it can be mounted under a counter, desk, or on the side of a nightstand. The vault features a keypad entry system that allows you to open the door quickly and easily. It also includes two backup keys so you can have peace of mind when using this safe.

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  • The SnapSafe Drop Box Keypad Vault is a safe that can store handguns and other valuables.
  • It has a programmable keypad code that balances security with quick access.
  • Included in the purchase are two back up keys as well as an installation kit.
  • This item requires four AAs (not included).
  • Made of 16 gauge thick carbon steel construction, it features an audible and visible low battery indicator as well as a tamper resistant dropdown door.


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