SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe with Digital Keypad

The SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe is perfect for storing all of your firearms and other valuables. This heavy duty construction ensures that it will last for years without any problems. With its three removable shelves, you can store even more items in the safe. The SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe also features an electronic keypad lock with key backup so you can be sure that you won’t get locked out of your safe by accident.

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  • The SnapSafe InWall Safe has a heavy duty construction.
  • It features an electronic keypad entry system that allows for both password and fingerprint recognition.
  • This product also includes a backup mechanical key system.
  • Finally, the interior dimensions are 40.7″x14.13″, while the exterior measurements are 44″.
  • Installing takes only minutes with six lag bolts.


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