Springfield Right Handed Adjustable Retention Micro Compact

The TEGE Hellcat Holster is perfect for carrying your Springfield Armory Hellcat in a safe and secure manner. With its adjustable retention level, it will stay in place while providing maximum comfort and protection for your weapon. The auto lock feature ensures that your weapon stays securely in place, while the thin paddle design allows for easy concealment.

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  • The holster is made of high quality polymers that are waterproof and durable.
  • It has a wide concave shaped piece of plastic that acts as the backing of the holster, ensuring a firm grip and the drawing motion is quick and hurdle free.
  • The design also features a simple index finger release button for easy loading.
  • This holster is compatible with most pistols and fits mags and most flat top pistols.
  • You can apply for various jobs and places such as police, military, private person, etc.


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  • Made Of High Standard Polymer
  • Waterproof And Durable
  • Simple Set Cant
  • Allen Key For Adjustment
  • Military Grade Material


  • May Not Fit With Some Weapons