Original-Authentic Standing Room Family Cabin Camping tent

The Standing Room Family Cabin Camping tent is designed for family vacations and camping trips. With four separate doors and two zippered skylights, this tent provides plenty of ventilation and room to stretch out. The floor is made of polyester and the roof is waterproof and tall enough to accommodate most 10×10 canopies or gazebos. This tent comes with a separate storage bag for each person and a loop tie for hanging towels or clothes.

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  • The Standing Room 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent is designed for 10×10 straighleg canopies and features 8.5 feet of headroom.
  • The tent has a waterproof fabric ceiling that is guaranteed to stay dry.
  • Other features include two power cord outlets, four storage pouches, and two doors.
  • The tent sets up quickly and easily with its attachable hooks and assembly instructions.


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