Trijicon AC11025 Tenebraex killFlash Anti-Reflection Device

The Trijicon AC11025 Tenebraex is a versatile and easy to use anti-reflection device that can be used on any type of weapon. This device features a flip up design with a clear lens that allows you to clearly see your target while reducing glare from the environment. It also has an adjustable brightness level so you can easily adjust it to suit your needs.

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  • The Trijicon AC11025 TenebraeX KillFlash ARD has an antireflective coating that reduces reflections on the lenses.
  • It also features a unique honeycomb pattern filter that prevents light from being reflected off the front surface of the lens.
  • Finally, the kill flash and objective flip cap are designed to be easy to use with one hand while still allowing you to keep track of what you’re shooting.


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