Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Night Sight Set, Green Front/Rear

The Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Night Sight Set is perfect for hunting, shooting, or any other outdoor activity. This set includes one bright and tough night sight that has three red dots on it for daytime use and one tritium-phosphor lamp that glows in the dark. With this set, you’ll be able to see in the dark without having to turn on any lights.

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  • The product is a set of three dot sights that provide enhanced nighttime vision.
  • Each unit has its own unique identifier (i.e., UPC code).
  • The product comes equipped with protective aluminum cylinders that safeguard against damage caused by exposure to harsh cleaners and solvents.
  • This particular model of red dot sight also features sapphire caps over each of the tritium lamps’ bulbs to help disperse the light evenly and protect them from damage.
  • Finally, this product is designed to fit several different models of firearms including the Sig Sauers .40S&W and .45ACP series.


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