Trijicon 4X 32 LED ACOG Scopecoat Cover

The Trijicon 4X32 LED ACOG Scopecoat Cover is a great way to protect your ACOG from scratches and scuffs. This cover features a nylon construction that is durable and easy to clean. It also has a magnifying lens for increased visibility, making it perfect for use as a hunting scope or any other type of shooting equipment.

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  • The Trijicon 4X 32 LED ACOG ScopeCoat Fits All Models Except For Those With RMR Sights.
  • Made From High Quality Materials
  • Simple Design Safeguards Scope From Dings And Scratches
  • Neoprene Has A 5% Moisture Absorbency Which Takes Water Away From Scope And Helps Protect It
  • Nylon Shields Against Elements


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