Trijicon Sig Sauer Night Sights/Suppressor Set

The Trijicon Night Sights/Suppressor Sights/Sig Sauer Bright & Tough Night Sight Suppressor Set with White Front, White Rear & Green Lamps for Sig Sauer is perfect for those who need increased height or want to use their sight picture in low-light situations. This set includes three green tritium lamps that provide a visible sight picture in all lighting conditions. The set also features an aluminum cylinder that protects the tritium lamp from harsh cleaning solvents and punctures.

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  • The Trijicon Suppressor Sights are designed for use with a handgun that has been suppressed.
  • They provide increased height for improved visibility in low light situations.
  • Each Triljicon bulb contains a tritium phosphor layer that makes them instantly visible even in dark conditions.
  • These sights feature an enhanced protection against harsh cleaning solutions and heavy recoil.
  • Finally, each set comes with two green aiming lasers.


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