Truglo Lever Action Fiber Optic Sight Set

The Truglo Lever Action Fiber Optic Sight Set is perfect for archers who are looking for a reliable, durable set of sights that will give them an edge in the field. This sight set features two different models to choose from: the Henry Golden Boy and the Henry Big Boy. Both models come with a red and green color scheme and feature a lever action design that allows you to easily adjust the elevation and windage of your bow. With these sights, you’ll be able to hit your target every time.

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  • The TRUGLO Lever Action Fiber Optic Sight Set is a package that includes two fiber optic sights.
  • Each sight has its own unique features, including different colors.
  • This set comes with batteries for the lights, as well as arrows and targets.
  • The package also contains an instruction manual.


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