Truglo Titanium X 100-Grain Mechanical Broadheads

The Truglo Titanium X 100-Grain Mechanical Broadheads are perfect for hunting small game. These broadheads feature a one-piece titanium construction that is tough and durable. They also have 100 grains of weight so they will stay on target during your hunt. With their back flip design, these broadheads will open up instantly after punching through the hide.

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  • The TRUGLO Titanium X 100 Grain Mechanical Broadheads are made from grade 5
  • They have tough .031″ thick stainless steel blades that can easily penetrate animal hides.
  • The tips are made out of TRU-THRU precision ground, single crystal 18K gold plated surgical steel.
  • These mechanical broadheads also come with a backflip blade design which opens up instantly after penetrating the skin.
  • Finally, they include an installation wrench as well as one set of replacement blades.


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