UM Tactical TG Glk43 Trigger Guards

The UM Tactical UM-TG Trigger Guard Holster System is a perfect solution for those who want to carry their Glocks concealed. This holster system features a lanyard that makes it easy to get your gun out quickly, while still providing maximum protection for your gun.

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  • The UM Tactical UMTG Trigger Guard Holster System for Glock 42 & 43 is a simple and effective concealment tool that covers the trigger of the pistol.
  • It comes with a length of attached paracord to tie onto your belt loop or another secure location.
  • When the pistol is drawn, the paracord will reach its full length and release the trigger guard holster from the pistol.
  • This product is made with Boltaron thermoplastic, which is a high quality material.


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  • Can Be Worn Conveniently In Different Ways
  • Carbon Fiber Pattern Is Classy
  • Lanyard Included


  • May Be Too Short For Some People