Uncle Mikes Sidekick Holster Right Hand

The Uncle Mike’s Black Kodra Nylon Sidekick Hip Holster is perfect for carrying your weapon on the go. This holster is made of high-quality nylon and features a medium-high ride design that will give you the best possible protection while still being lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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  • The Uncle Mike’s Black Kodra Nylon Sidekick Holster is made of nylon.
  • It is designed to fit the shape of the gun and return to its original form when empty.
  • This holster has a lightweight, high-quality design that features a medium-high ride.
  • It also has a patented quick-release mechanism that allows you to remove the gun quickly without having to worry about it falling out.


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  • Lightweight
  • Medium High Ride
  • Good For Tight Carrying
  • Easy To Empty


  • May Not Fit All Pistols