Universal Magazine Holster Browning Magazines

The Double Magazine Holster is perfect for those who want to keep their weapon close at hand without having to carry it all day. This pouch features two side clips that allow you to easily insert and remove your magazines. It also has an adjustable retention system so you can secure your weapon in place when not in use.

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  • The Double Magazine Holster is a double magazine pouch that can hold two 9mm .40 caliber magazines.
  • It has an adjustable retention system that uses a built in screw to tighten or loosen the grip.
  • The holster also features an adjustable carry angle so you can find the right position for it.
  • This product is made of durable and reliable polymer material.
  • It fits most flat top pistols and has IWB style compatibility.


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  • Double Magazines For High Capacity
  • Fits A Variety Of Weapons
  • Secure Retention
  • Can Be Adjusted To Fit Different Waist Circumferences
  • Available In Many Colors


  • May Not Fit All Magazines