Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muff

The Walker’s Razor Slim Ultra Low Profile Compact Design Adjustable Range Shooting Hunting Hearing Protection Electronic Earmuffs are designed to protect your hearing without blocking out all sound. With their ultra low profile, they will fit securely over your ears and provide excellent sound amplification. They feature two hi-gain microphones for clear omni-directional hearing, and a durable design with a rubberized coating. The headband is a padded metal wire frame, and the ear muffs have a volume control knob on the outside that is slightly recessed. These muffs are perfect for use as headphones, listening to music or watching movies.

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  • The Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muffs are designed to offer superior hearing protection.
  • The earmuffs have a rugged design with a rubberized coating to help prevent damage to the interior electronics.
  • These muffs also have easytousecontrols with a volume control knob on the outside that is slightly recessed.
  • The battery door also opens from the exterior.
  • These muffs can be used with or without a patch.


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  • Can Be Used For Indoor And Outdoor Purposes
  • Ultra Low Profile Design
  • Amplifies Safe Sounds
  • Rugged Design
  • Easy To Use Controls
  • Hearing Protection


  • May Not Be Suitable For High Volume Listeners