Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling Backpack

The Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling Backpack is a stylish and functional backpack that is perfect for traveling, hiking, or running. This backpack features multiple compartments and pockets, plenty of room for your belongings, and a built-in security system that prevents theft. The backpack also has an easy-access design that makes it quick and easy to access your belongings, and a superior material that is durable and reliable.

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  • The Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling Backpack is an extra small size backpack that can be worn as a shoulder pack, chest bag, crossbody backpack or traveling bag.
  • It has multiple compartments and pockets to hold all of your belongings.
  • The backpack also has an ant theft security system and an easy access design.
  • Made of premium cotton linen material, the backpack is water repellent, easy to clean and ant friction.


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  • Small And Compact
  • Anti-Theft Features
  • Can Be Used For A Variety Of Things


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