Top paid law careers

As the world of law is very diverse so are the related earnings. As most people know lawyers that work in the private sector earn significantly more than their colleagues in state government.

Patent lawyer salary

Analyzing and assessing whether some invention is eligiblepost4a for a patent or not is patent lawyer’s work. Advising about securing a patent and after the patent is obtained they protect it in case of a breach. There are many tasks these lawyers need to challenge such as researching existing patents, describing inventions, litigating in court for their breaching and similar. Also they are required of having a special skill set that includes educational background of the field they are representing, for example biology or engineering. Their payment usually depends on company size, level of education and industry they work in. By the last analysis their median annual salary was around $130,000.

IP lawyer salary

Or also called copyright lawyers to make sure to protect by the law new intellectual inventions and innovations created by individuals. Their specialties in this area are various, such as art, design, music, writing or technology. This area requires a deep understanding of relevant law including an analytical and creative way of thinking. Median salary goes around $130,000.

Corporate lawyer salary

These lawyers must specialize in many different areas of the law. Major specialties are accounting law, securities law, contract and tax law. There is a wide range of issues where they have to deal with such as formulating contracts, legal rights advising, business transactions and taxation. So, the main thing in this area is to understand how all of these different aspects related to the company they work for. Depending on the financial condition, size and location of the employer, tpost4bhe salary of these lawyers is usually between $30,000 and $100,000 a year.

Real Estate lawyer salary

Here lawyers work with various types of cases regarding residential and commercial real estate. It is very important to have detailed and strong analytical skills in order to do well in the field of real estate transactions which require a serious number of complex legal documents. Real estate attorneys that spend more time at court make sure to get everything possible to ensure their client has a strong case, from collecting evidence to witness interviews. Median annual salary is about $90,000.

Civil rights lawyer salary

This is an area where lawyers defend some fundamental liberties and civil rights of the society which can be based on gender, religion, age or race. Lawyers that work for federal government make an average of $130,000 while lawyers working for state government earn about $80,000 a year.



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