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The Best BB Guns

Buyer's Guide

BB Guns: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

In terms of innovation and manufacturing, BB guns have come a long way over the years. The prevalent opinion about them is that they’re just "toys," but when you check out the various kinds available today, you will see that they are far from that. Several weapon firms license their names and models to BB gun manufacturers, so there are many guns in the marketplace currently that feel and look like their firearm equivalents.Also, don't mix up a BB gun and an airsoft gun because they are two very distinct things. Airsoft guns fire plastic BBs. To differentiate them from weapons and airguns, they must also have a nationally regulated orange tip.A BB gun shoots .177 caliber metal bbs and does not need an orange tip because it is meant for target shooting, plinking, or hunting. There are various sorts of BB weapons on the market at the moment, but BB air pistols are the most prevalent. They can be driven by either CO2 or a gas pump (multi-pump).

What are "BB Guns"?

BB GunsABS plastic, the most common material used to make BB guns, is exceptionally tough and long-lasting. Polymer pistols are also available, as well as a few high-end metal models.Some two-tone pistols made of plastic (i.e., orange plastic) are spray-painted in a color that makes them acceptable for purchase, although in most cases, the plastic is self-colored (i.e., orange). Sometimes, even when a gun is brand new, it might have minor flaws like blemishes or overspray, but these aren't very frequent and are usually OK. Full-metal BBS are all coated in the same way as the colored plastic guns, so the same rules should apply as well.Many consumers assume that metal guns are superior, but this isn't always the case; certain plastic BB guns seem to be better than metal ones, and vice versa. If you spend roughly twenty pounds, you should be able to get a pistol that is both sturdy and dependable; in many cases, a high-quality plastic gun built in Taiwan will be superior to a low-cost full-metal weapon manufactured in China.

BB Guns vs. Pellet Guns

If you're a novice weapons enthusiast, pellet and BB guns are two of the best alternatives to real guns. If you're just beginning to learn about weapons and how to properly handle them, these two weapons are a great starting point. Although the two weapons are distinct, some individuals may still confuse them for the same thing.It's the form of projectile that sets BB guns apart from pellet guns. BB guns employ spherical ball-bearing-like beads, which tend to ricochet, whereas pellet guns use round pellets. BBs, on the other hand, are more difficult to aim at and less effective than pellets.Many aspects of pellet and BB guns are comparable. Because they are both accessible, like air guns, in the shape and size of actual fire-powered weapons like rifles and pistols, they share many similarities. With this, prospective hunters and self-defense specialists may easily practice with both weapons while minimizing the dangers of weaponry training.On the other hand, both pellet and BB guns have their own distinct features. These two types of weapons each have their own distinct advantages. When it comes to projectiles, BB guns are only capable of firing BBs, while pellet guns can fire both types of projectiles. BB guns are far more intense than pellet guns, although both are suitable for novice shooters.

What types of BB guns are there?

Non-Blowback BB Guns (NBB)

As with gas blowback weapons, this is a comparable method, but more powerful and efficient since the gas is focused on propelling the bullet out of the barrel rather than restraining the slide. Certain guns that don't need to be refilled frequently are preferred by certain gamers. Furthermore, non-blowback guns are less expensive than GBBs as a whole. Co2 capsules or green airsoft gas can be used to power this sort of BB gun. Co2 pistols tend to be more powerful and can be used in colder climates. Smaller quantities of CO2 cartridges are also available.A green gas BB gun's magazine can be filled up like a lighter using a 1000ml container of green gas. Push the tip cylinder up to the mag's base by squeezing a little air out of the can. A can of gas costs roughly ten pounds for a volume of one thousand milliliters. If I had to guess, I'd say an 800-1000 shot can have 1000 ml of green gas and a 60-80 shot capsule holds 60-80 ml of co2. Of course, there are numerous factors to consider. As a result, this sort of pistol costs around 0.01p per shot to operate.While spring pistols need more effort to fire, gas BB guns are easy to use and a lot of fun for airsoft skirmishers. Unlike spring pistols, you just pull the trigger to fire your gas airsoft gun. (At least till the magazine runs out). NBB pistols have a minimum muzzle velocity of 250 feet per second (fps) and a maximum muzzle velocity of 500 fps.

Gas Blowback BB Guns (GBB)

BB GunsThis is the 2nd most popular sort of handgun we carry here, and it is the weapon of choice for most skirmishers at some point in their career. It's a more genuine sort of weapon than the other pistols on the market today because when you fire a shot, the top barrel will recoil as a real pistol would.Assuming you're using an air-powered gun, you'll need to fill up the magazines with gas or, as is more commonly the case, use a CO2 cartridge. It's called "Green Gas," and it's the most common propellant. It's as simple as pulling back the slide once when the magazine is full, and you're prepared to go. Pull the trigger on the weapon until it's depleted.NBB airsoft pistols are more powerful than gas blowback pistols on the whole since the gas does more than just drive the pellets and cause the top slide to recoil. As a result, gas blowback pistols utilize gas more quickly and are less efficient than NBB airsoft pistols.A 1000 ml can of compressed gases costs about ten pounds, and a 13g CO2 pill costs about sixty pence. Running a GBB gun costs 0.015p per shot. However, this is a preliminary estimate because there are so many factors to consider. Despite its high price, it is still reasonably priced for its user. The most powerful GBB pistols can shoot at around 400 fps at a range of around 250 fps.

Automatic BB Guns

Shooting automatic BB guns is a lot of fun. They'll put a grin on your face. Mod kits are available for BB machine guns that may be powered by paintball tanks instead of the CO2 cartridges, which can be either 12 grams or 88 grams. With a full-automatic handgun or machine gun, having a tank that can hold hundreds of bullets is a convenient feature to have.

Things You Need To Consider When Choosing BB Guns

Think Long-term

Not only do you want to obtain the most value for money, but you also want to feel confident in your weapon of choice. That sense of empowerment comes only from a rifle that is accurately fired. If you don't mind being "killed" and having the game end as soon as it starts, your objective is to shoot the attacker. This is when a hop-up that can be adjusted comes in handy. Using this technique, a BB's spin is reversed, causing it to fly straight at a target at a greater distance. Because each BB has its own unique demands, it is best to utilize an adjustable hop-up.

Get the Appropriate Power

BB GunsMost inexperienced airsoft warriors believe that a gun's power is the most important component in determining its effectiveness. They couldn't be more incorrect! An adversary that is 100 yards away from you may be good, but it is exceedingly unlikely that this would ever happen. You don't have to worry about upgrades until you have a rifle. You don't need 400 fps if you're just getting started in photography. A gun capable of firing BBs weighing between 0.20 and 0.25 grams should be sufficient.

Sights or Scopes?

Getting a scope back on target after a movement can be a time-consuming process. Instead of a scope, opt for a laser sight, which is faster and less expensive than a scope. Your leftover funds may be used to purchase some nifty airsoft gear, BBs, and gaming time. Consider purchasing a dot scope with a diameter that is as large as your budget will allow. Open sights are also an option.

Figure Out Your Strategy

Your plan should be tailored to your specific scenario. First-time players, in general, resort to the spraying strategy. They see it in the movies because it's the most popular. However, once they see that this technique isn't actually working, they begin to devise better alternatives. The only way to learn when to be swift and brave and when to be silent and covert is through practice, which is something that can only be learned through experience. In the same way that an inexperienced player can't hang on to a 300-BB magazine for long, a seasoned shooter can.

Metal Triumphs Over Plastic

Airsoft gamers can use both plastic and metal body guns. Metal-bodied guns, although being more durable, flex and dent with usage, despite being more resistant to breakage than plastic. Furthermore, there are weapons that are initially made of plastic but may subsequently be upgraded to have a metal body.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for an airsoft gun, the most important considerations are precision, power, and ease of use. It doesn't matter how much money you don't have right now because you may start by learning how to use the less expensive versions first before moving on to the more expensive ones. With this information in mind, while purchasing your first airsoft gun, you'll have a greater understanding of the sport's subtleties so you can make a wiser choice for your next one.


What does "BB" in guns mean?

At one time, the designation "BB" was used to refer to the diameter of a shot intended for use in a bullet casing that fell between the categories of shot designated by the letters "B" and "BBB."

Using a 4.4-millimeter lead ball in a civilian-use air rifle manufactured by Markham was the first-ever in the history of the firearms industry. As a result, the term became widely accepted and is now frequently used by all shooters. Despite their efforts to use the term "BB" instead of "round shot," many people still associate Daisy's ammunition with the phrase "round shot."

What are BBs made up of?

Bullets have undergone a number of changes in composition and size since their inception, and this has continued to this day. In the first place, the BB was nothing more than standard shotgun birdshot with no special properties. Despite the fact that the 4.3-4.4 mm BB was mass-produced, there were always irregularities in the BB as a result of the loose constraints on shotshell production.

The consistency of BBs was not as good as it is now, thanks to the introduction of their proprietary 4.4 mm "round shot." In order to help prevent corrosion and maintain the accuracy of the BB, it is constructed of metals like iron or lead, which are then plated in copper or zinc.

When were BB guns invented?

Even as far back as 1580, we believe that the technologies necessary to manufacture a BB gun were in existence, but there is no record of when it was first employed. The modern airgun, according to the majority of historians, was invented around this time period.

Massive air cannons were used for big game hunting in the 17th and 18th centuries, especially during the French and American Revolutions. Throughout this time period, the Girardoni rifle was in service with the Austrian army. The Girardoni airguns have lethal battle ranges of between 125 and 150 yards, which are frequently mentioned in the literature.

What’s so special about BB Guns?

BB guns are known to most of us either as a notion or as a toy that we used to play with as children. Although they resemble regular guns and pistols, the BBs they shoot are tiny, bead-shaped projectiles. These BBS are far less hazardous than conventional bullets, but they still have the potential to cause injury if they aren't handled properly. At close range, BBs may inflict significant wounds on the epidermis and even pierce the flesh.

It's because of this that BB guns must not be considered toys or a substitute for firearms that shoot plastic "bullets," foam darts, or paintball markers. When it comes to weaponry, they are just like any other type of weapon.

In terms of airsoft power, there are three basic options:

Spring-powered Guns

Airsoft weapons with spring-loaded magazines aren't extremely common among gamers. Sniper rifles and shotguns are the sole exceptions. To put it another way, the inexpensive materials used in spring-powered automatic weapons and submachine guns mean that they are of poor quality. Even against opponents with more advanced weapons like AEGs, they are tedious to operate.

Although they are incredibly dependable in close-quarter contests. The slower rate of fire means you won't have to reload as often. These firearms can be used as either primary or backup weapons, depending on the situation. Despite their poor construction and limited range, they are nonetheless simple to work with.

Beginners will find spring-powered firearms useful and economical. Many spring airsoft rifles and pistols are available, making it easy to get started in the sport. Ultra-grade spring airsoft guns, which are larger and more powerful, are also available for purchase.

Gas-powered BB Guns 

When it comes to purchasing and maintaining these firearms, they're a good investment but may be pricey. In addition to the gun itself, you'll need to buy magazines and the gas to run them. If a component fails or malfunctions, the cost of maintenance rises. Also, they aren't as reliable in certain weather circumstances, which raises doubts about their performance.

As a backup or sidearm, fuel airsoft guns are often only used once every round. Because the gas is short-lived, your bullets may be hit or miss.

Automatic Electric BB Guns

For BB guns, the most precise and dependable operating methods are automatic electrical guns (AEGs). They include a hop-up feature that lets you maintain a continuous stream of fire till your clip is empty.

Batteries, which can be recharged, are used to power the gun's mechanical gearbox. The first time you charge the batteries, expect to need anything from 5 to 8 hours, but subsequent charges of three to five hours should be plenty. Because of this, most players choose to use the weapon in semi-automatic range rather than automatic mode.

Regardless of the weather, these firearms perform flawlessly. The nicest part about them is how little upkeep they are. They may, however, be quite tough to work on when they need it.

Can BB guns kill?

Sadly, they can, there have been fatalities in the past. Accidents can happen when children are left unattended or when individuals make small mistakes, which can have serious consequences. Assumptions are frequently the cause of accidents, such as assuming a gun is unloaded when it actually is.

What's the difference between airsoft and BB guns?

There are several distinctions between a paintball gun as well as an airgun. An airsoft gun, unlike an airgun, has far less power and more of a toy. For example, airsoft users typically shoot at each other, while this is the absolute opposite of how you'd with an airgun.

Do I need safety gear before using a BB gun?

When operating an airgun, the only protective gear required is safety glasses. These should be made compulsory, not just for the shooter, but also by anybody else in the area.

The majority of airgun injuries are to the protected eye. Many of these are the result of ricochets. The bullet will miss the designated destination (or pass through it), collide with anything that does not release enough power (wood has this problem), and re-bound back at some speed.

How do I properly clean a BB gun?

Nevertheless, I believe that you may not truly be required to do so. However, if you've owned your gun (especially a spring-piston) for a while and have observed a decrease in performance, it may be time to consider replacing the barrel.

The most effective method of cleaning your BB Gun is to use a few cleaning pellets each time you go through a tin of ammunition. The interior of the barrel will be cleaned as a result of this. You should also make certain that the weapon is only kept when it is completely dry and not in a humid environment, which can cause harm to any wood. Take a peek at this article for further details.

What’s the right age for a BB gun?

This is a question that I despise when it is posed. The primary reason for this is that it is dependent on where you reside and that legislation appears to change at a rapid pace. In the United Kingdom, you cannot lawfully use 1 until you are 14 years old (at which point you must be supervised) — for more information about using one in the United States, see this article.

What kinds of pests may I resort to using my BB gun?

There are many different types of pests that may be exterminated using airguns, but the most common include rats, birds, reptiles, squirrels, foxes, groundhogs, and woodchucks, to name a few.

You do, however, need to be aware of the rules in your area. In France, for example, airguns are not allowed to be used for pest management. In the United States, it is dependent on which state you are in, as well as which city you are in! Please see the following article for further information on this topic.

Is it possible to upgrade your BB gun?

Yes, it is possible. Should you, on the other hand? The most popular kits are often for spring-pistons, and they may include a stronger spring as an additional component. However, there are certain disadvantages. In the case of a stronger spring, this will make the cocking procedure more difficult; would this reduce part of the enjoyment from the act?

Also, keep in mind that all these firearms were created to work with the springs that came with them. Changing it will almost certainly (at the very least) void whatever warranty you may have had on it, and at the very worst may cause your pistol to disintegrate next to you while you're watching it. You'd be better off putting the money aside and trading in your old firearm for a newer one.

What hurts more BBs or pellets?

Both of these firearms have the potential to inflict significant harm when fired at close range. However, the threat posed by BB guns is the greatest. More harm may be done because of their larger size and unusual form.

Are BB guns lethal?

A person can be killed with a BB gun. High-velocity BB guns with muzzle velocities more than 350 ft / second can amplify this danger. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, BB guns or pellet rifles are responsible for around four deaths every year.