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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 21, 2021
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Product Summaries

Steelwater Gun Safes - Basic Series 12 Long Rifle Max Capacity

Steelwater Gun Safes - Basic Series 12 Long Rifle Max Capacity - AMBC551915
  • Fire Proof for 45 minutes @ 1200 degrees-Fahrenheit
  • 12 Long Gun Max Capacity
  • Recomended Average Long Gun Capacity 8-10
  • E.M.P. proof locking system
  • High Security, Double Bitted Bypass Key

The Basic Series 12 Long Rifle Max Capacity safe from Steelwater was created by combining heavy-duty steel construction with high-quality security features. This Steelwater Standard Safe is secured by electronic security which is powered by AA batteries.

It has a removable shelf that provides additional storage space and it includes 4 live-locking bolts for maximum security. The Max Capacity safe also features a pry-resistant door, an anti-pry shield, and concealed hinges.

These gun safes are versatile as they can also be used for storing important documents, jewelry, and other valuable items.


  • An electronic security code enabled with a 6-8 digit programmable keypad.
  • It uses AA batteries as its primary source of power.
  • It features a backup override key for temporary instant access to the safe when batteries are not available.
  • The anti-pry shield is constructed of heavy steel which not only protects the lock but also makes it tamper-proof.
  • The door is made of two layers of 14 gauge solid steel plate and is reinforced with additional welding for increased strength and rigidity.
  • Additional reinforcement was provided by corner posts, a crossbar, and deadbolts on top and bottom of the safe door.


  • The entire parameter of the door is lined with edges that prevent prying attempts.
  • A removable shelf allows you to utilize the inside space for storing your documents and valuables.
  • Tight steel bolts give it resistance against drilling attacks.
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • The lock often malfunctions and needs extra batteries to power it.
  • Too heavy with a weight of 300 pounds without any valuables inside.

Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Gun Safe Titan 12+ Gun Safe

Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+ Gun Safe
  • 2300F Fire Shield Protection for 1 hour
  • Modular design allows for easy transport and simple assembly in minutes
  • Eight ¾” chrome steel live locking bolts in door
  • Delivered right to your door
  • Full-year warranty | Adjustable shelves and design

This fire protection rifle and pistol safe from Modular is created from military-grade materials and uses a state-of-the-art modular electronic lock. The fire rating on this Titan Safe 12+ Gun model is also military level.

It can withstand extreme temperatures as high as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for at least an hour. Steelwater Modular Standard Safes are the perfect choice for those who have large quantities of valuables that need to be stored safely and securely.


  • It has a modular door construction allowing you to customize according to your needs.
  • It is also designed with hidden hinges.
  • Constructed from military-grade gauge steel construction and uses electronic locks.
  • Its interior is lined with fireproof ceramic wool that can withstand temperatures up to 1400F for at least 1 hour.
  • This Titan Safe 12+ Gun model also has a motion sensor that lights up the room when it senses movement.


  • This safe has an automatic door locking mechanism that can be set by the owner.
  • It is a huge storage place for all of your valuables and weapons and it lasts for years to come.
  • The interior lining with ceramic wool greatly enhances its durability against extreme temperatures.
  • The Titan Safe 12+ Gun model features a motion sensor that recognizes movement and lights up inside the room for better visibility.


  • You can only fit a maximum of 12- guns inside.
  • It is very heavy and weighs around 1000 pounds without any valuables inside.

Hold Up Displays 12 Gun Rack Modern Black Steel Tactical Wall Mount for Rifles and Shotguns

Hold Up Displays 12 Gun Rack Modern Black Steel Tactical Wall Mount for Rifles and Shotguns HD91 Made in The USA
  • Holds 12 rifles or shotguns in an efficient use of space. Modern tactical black steel modular rack can be easily expanded with additional hangers and slatwall panels
  • Hand welded steel and high density rubber safeguard your
  • Includes Two HDSW2 Slatwall panels, one HD53-3SW, one HD80-L-3SW, and one HD80-R-3SW
  • Mounting Hardware included
  • Lifetime warranty Made in the USA

This gun rack comes in a sleek black finish and holds 12 guns. It is designed with full-length mount rails and secure storage hooks which will keep your rifles or other long guns out of reach from children.

This tactical gun shelf by Hold Up Displays also features locking points for an extra layer of safety; it can be bolted onto the wall for extra security.

This type of gun rack has a simple, modern design that fits almost anywhere in your home or office; you can mount it on a wall, underneath a shelf, or in a closet, wherever there is free space.


  • It comes with 4 screws and anchors to secure it to the wall.
  • Dimensions: 18 inch (L) x 10 inch (W) x 2 ¼ inch (.D).
  • Quick access.
  • Weight capacity is 5 pounds per individual gun space or 75 pounds total.
  • It comes with steel construction and mounting hardware.
  • Great security features.


  • The steel material can resist rust and corrosion for a long period of time.
  • It also has a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds which can accommodate multiple guns, making it a good choice for gun collectors with a small arsenal.
  • It can be easily mounted to the wall with its accompanying hardware.
  • You can also utilize it for storing other accessories and valuables like flashlights, knives, or cleaning supplies.


  • The shelves are not very strong and might break after several uses.

Liberty Safe Centurion 12 Gun Safe

Liberty Safe Centurion 12 Gun Safe
  • Liberty Safe Centurion 12-gun safe
  • Model Number: CE12-BK
  • 14-gauge 3-piece body
  • Four active locking pins
  • 1" composite fire door

The Centurion 12 Safe from Liberty Safe is an affordable solution for anyone looking for a safe place to store their guns.

It has an interior made of strong, heat-resistant material and can fit up to 12 long guns; it also comes with 2 adjustable shelves so you have more storage space.

Its exterior is made of steel and features electronic security; you can also set your own combination so only you can open it.


  • It has a 3-point locking system with 1-inch diameter chrome locking bolts that keep the doors firmly closed.
  • It has spacious interior space which allows you to store 12 long guns.
  • It features a convenient bottom door storage area; you can use it to store other valuables or long-stemmed long guns and shotguns.
  • Its interior is made of composite board material while the outside panels are made of steel.
  • It also includes 2 adjustable shelves that let you organize your gun collection according to preference; these shelves can also be used to store other accessories.


  • It is an affordable fire-resistant safe, available for a fair price.
  • The Centurion 12 firearm Safe from Liberty Safe comes with a 3-point locking mechanism that offers additional security protection.
  • It also has a motion sensor installed on its door that lights up the room when it detects motion.
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate 12 rifles and 2 adjustable shelves so you can organize your gun collection the way you want.


  • Doesn't include a warranty; you will have to spend extra money if something goes wrong with the combination lock or electronic components.

Secure It Gun Storage Gun Safe Kit: Steel 12 Safe

Secure It Gun Storage Gun Safe Kit: Steel 12 Safely Organize Your Gun Storage This with Easy to use Modular System, Protect Your Guns Investment from Scratches, Organize Your Safe
  • INCLUDES- The Steel 12 can accommodate 12 sporting rifles, tactical long guns, or traditional firearms. Ideal for small spaces and comes with 12 cradles (2.5"w x 6.5"d), 2 louvered panels(17.25"w x 36"h), 6 interlocking stock base (2 firearms per base)(5 7/8"w x 10"d x 2"h).
  • RETROFIT ANYWHERE- This kit can be used in a closet in your bedroom or in a locked kitchen cupboard.
  • UPGRADED STORAGE- Use this kit to upgrade an existing cabinet, retrofit any traditional safe or gun cabinet you prefer.
  • ULTRA ADJUSTABLE- The cradles adjust on the louvered grids to support individual firearms at the barrel, rail or mag well.
  • NO REZEROING- Allows standoff to accommodate attached optics so there is no need to re-zero when you retrieve a firearm from your cabinet or secured location.

This is a great option for people who like to do things themselves; it comes with all the tools and materials you need to build your own safe, including an interior metal liner, door latch, hinges, 3 D printed handle, and pre-drilled holes door panel.

You can mount this safe in your home or office wherever there is free space; it will keep your guns locked up in style, with the possibility of customizing its dimensions to suit your needs.


  • It comes with all the tools and materials needed to assemble a medium-sized pistol safely, including an interior metal liner, door latch, and 2 D printed handles.
  • The kit also includes pre-drilled steel door panels; you can mount them wherever there is free space in your office or home.
  • Cheap gun safe.
  • Dimensions: 12 inch(L ) x 8 inch(W) x 26.5 inch(H).
  • It has a wide range of mounting options, from the floor to the wall or ceiling.
  • Quick access gun safe.


  • This safe kit can be assembled easily, and t is also easier to store away since it comes in pieces, which can be stored in a closet or at the back of your garage.
  • It is versatile and can be used for storing guns as well as other valuables like jewelry, cash, or important documents.
  • The Secure-It Gun Storage Safe Kit comes with 2 D printed handles that come in different colors; you can customize it to suit your aesthetic preferences.
  • It comes at a reasonable price, especially considering that it includes everything you need to build a medium-sized safe of your own.


  • This product does not come with a warranty; if something goes wrong with the door or handle during use, you will have to buy another kit.

Buyer's Guide

Now that more and more people are buying guns for target shooting, some for hunting, or both, it has become imperative to have a safe place to put them.

The main reason why many gun owners don't have a gun safe is simply that they do not know how important such safes really are.

Buying a firearm safe is not as easy as it seems; there are different types, sizes, and capacities to choose from. In this section of our article, we will look in-depth at what you need to think about when choosing a safe so you can select one that fits your requirements.

Brand and Product Features

When buying a product such as an electronic handgun safe, it's important to consider the brand behind this product. Consider how reliable it is, what features it comes with, and most importantly, does the manufacturer have any customer support or warranty policies?

You should also check out user reviews of the product you want so you can see how satisfied others are with their purchase.

Product Features and Capacity

Firearms have different sizes depending on the manufacturer, model, and caliber; this means that a safe may not be sufficient to store your entire firearm collection.

Fortunately, there are plenty of safe options that have adjustable shelving which you can use to better organize your collection. You should also consider where you will be placing your safe when you are looking for one.


Many people like buying the cheapest product; however, in the case of gun safes that are made with low-quality materials and do not have a reliable warranty policy, you may end up spending more money on repairs or additional purchases.

Smart Money Definition

Size and Weight

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for 12-gun safes is their size. There are plenty of models to choose from that can either be free-standing or wall-mounted, which makes it hard to buy the perfect one.

You should measure the space where you want to put your safe and select one with a dimension that fits well in the area you are placing it in.

Warranty Policy

A warranty policy is important when looking for a firearm safe; this is because it shows that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of their product.

If you are buying a safe, make sure that it comes with at least a 3-year warranty policy to cover any defects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 12-gun safe?

A 12-gun firearms safe is a security unit that can store up to 12 firearms or as many as 24 handguns at most. These units can either be mounted on the floor or wall depending on your preference and safety requirements; they may also be hidden in cabinets, closets, or safes that are hidden.

The main purpose of these safes is to keep your guns safe from unauthorized easy access by children and criminals while providing you with instant access when you need it.

What is a good 12-gun safe?

There are plenty of factors one should look into when trying to find the right safe for their needs. You should consider where and how you will be using it before determining any specific brand or model; this is because some units may not have all the features and capabilities needed for your situation.

The size of the unit plays a vital part in assembling your firearm collection, as larger safes can hold more firearms and have better security features.

You should also look into what technology is used on the safe, as well as its hidden location because these things will help you choose a safe that suits your preferences.

How do I open a safe?

Most of the best 12-gun safes use biometric technology, which means that your fingerprints will be required to open the safe; this is because it provides quick access when needed.

However, there are also models of these units that use a digital keypad and combination locks for added security as well as backup keys in case something happens with the biometric feature. Make sure you know how to open your safe to prevent any issues in the future, and you understand the locking mechanism.

What are the benefits of 12-gun safes?

One of the major advantages associated with using a separate safe is that it can be placed hidden in areas where children may not look, which means it has more safety features than mounted safely.

These units come with jewelry trays and removable shelves so you can better organize your weapons and keep them away from children. If you are looking for speed and quick access, 12-gun safes are a perfect solution to prevent any accidents or unwanted events at home.

How do I open my safe?

If you bought a biometric gun safe, it is imperative that you know how to properly open it as doing so incorrectly can result in damage to the unit.

This type of biometric lock uses a scanning sensor that is very sensitive and should only be used with clean hands to prevent smudges or dirt from getting inside.

What kind of 12-gun safes should I buy?

Before purchasing a 12-gun firearm safe, you should look into the material that it was made from; this is because some units are made with stronger materials to prevent tampering and theft. You get what you pay for when buying these units, so make sure to check out all the available. You should also consider the fire rating.

Final Thoughts

All of the 12-gun safes listed above are highly rated among consumers, and will surely meet your expectations in terms of security and protection. A responsible gun owner should determine what capacity is needed before choosing a unit, as not all models are created equal.

Do not be cheap when it comes to buying a rifle safe, as you do not want to risk your firearms being stolen or lost by anyone.

Take the time and effort to thoroughly research each unit before making a purchase, as this will save you a lot of heartache in the long run, yet you will end up with a high-quality safe which is just what you need.