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1911 Holster With Rail

Safariland 6004 1911-A1 Operator STX Black Tactical Holster...
  • SLS (Self Locking System) allows for a smoother single...
  • Suede Lined to Protect Handgun Finish
  • Standard double strap leg shroud with mounting holes for...

Buyer's Guide: 1911 Holster With Rail

Choosing An 1911 Holster With Rail

The 1911 Holster with Rail is a unique accessory for those who prefer to carry their handguns in an additional hand-held style. The holster itself is really nothing more than a simple and flat-strap pistol holster, but the attachment allows for a secure and comfortable hold on one's gun, while still allowing it to be completely removed if need be. This type of holster is popular among both regular and military handgun owners alike. A bonus of these holsters is that they can be easily converted (using the included removable magnetic rails) to either a standard belt pouch or a pocket holster. This means you do not have to be burdened by having to choose between a comfortable grip and a handy place to store your gun.

Holsters first became popular with the concept of the military. Soldiers would carry their handguns around in an attached clip which was later converted to a holster, thus creating the first type of holster. This changed drastically when officers began carrying their handguns around in a canteen bag or on a belt, which was quickly adopted by civilians. This meant that not only were there several different types of holsters available for purchase, but that they could also be purchased in different styles and configurations. Holsters are usually differentiated from other kinds of storage devices by their form factor and design.

Holsters first began to gain popularity among law enforcement officers. This was because they found the canteen bag a convenient and secure way to transport their handguns, whether for tactical purposes or during regular day to day use. After the invention of the MOLLE system, it was even easier for law enforcement personnel to use holsters as an alternative to their standard equipment. While MOLLE gear was originally designed for special operations, it has since been adopted by most police forces for use with their handguns. A typical MOLLE holsters will include an extra strong cantilever, webbing, and/or straps to securely hang a handgun over the top of the wearer's clothing.

A holster can be either rigid or flexible. A flexible holster is one in which the firearm is secured by mechanisms that enable it to rotate and move freely, often using simple push buttons or other types of controls. A rigid holster is one where the gun is secured by a rigid frame, often consisting of a steel or aluminum clamp. This kind of holster can either rotate freely (like a traditional belt holster) or be fixed in one position.

One type of popular holsters includes those made entirely out of leather. Leather is quite durable and is also typically very comfortable to wear. One disadvantage of leather holsters is that they tend to get dirty more easily than those made from other materials. Another option is synthetic leather, which is much lighter than leather and tends to stay looking new longer. Synthetic holsters are also commonly used in military applications, since they are less likely to get worn down in constant use.

Another common type of holster is made from a nylon material. Nylon is a very strong and durable material that's designed specifically for stability and strength. These types of holsters are ideal for someone who is using their gun every day. The advantage to this particular type of holster is the durability and stability that it provides.

However, the disadvantages of these types of holsters are that the gun cannot be held as securely in them as it could if it were in a traditional belt holster. It is also difficult to choose which belt loops to attach the gun to, since there are so many different styles. Some people might prefer to place their guns on a different belt altogether, but many of us have guns that need to be attached to a belt at some point in our daily life. There isn't any other holster that allows you to attach your gun more securely than one that attaches to the user's belt.

All in all, if you plan to buy a new handgun, you should strongly consider purchasing one of the excellent new holsters that are available today. No matter which one you choose, you will be much happier with the functionality and the security that these specific types of holsters provide. Happy Hunting!