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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 13, 2021
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Our Top Picks for 1911 Holsters

Reviews Of The Best 1911 Holsters From Our Research

FoxX Holsters Colt 1911 5″ Government

FoxX Holsters Colt 1911 5" Government (No Rail) in The Waistband Hybrid Holster Tuckable, Concealed Carry Gun Holster
  • 9 oz. Premium Leather & .06" Kydex (Black)
  • Black Spring Steel Belt Clips ( 1-3/4" X 1/4" Belt)
  • Adjustable for Ride Height & Forward Cant
  • Easy to Conceal, Comfortable & Tuckable
  • Proudly Made in the USA!!

The foxx holster is a tuckable design with clips that fasten to your belt or pants. The main holster is made from molded Kydex and provides a very snug fit for a Colt 1911. The fact that the holster fits inside the waistband and the Kydex is specifically molded for the 1911 could be the reason why Foxx decided to not have the usually adjustable retention screws.

The ride height can be adjusted using the belt clips. There are three holes for the clips which give three different height options and the cant can also be played with. The Foxx holster also has all of the other essential features such as a raised back cover which prevents the tang and hammer from coming into direct contact with your skin. That’s also pretty important for the 1911 design as the tang and hammer are not rounded which can cause discomfort for everyday carry.

The holster also fully covers the trigger guard and the full length of a five-inch barrel. The Foxx is a quality choice for people that like the tuckable design and the price is also reasonable.


  •         Adjustable cant and ride height
  •         Perfect molded gun fit
  •         Comfortable


  •       The retention is not adjustable

1791 Gunleather 1911 Holster

1791 Gunleather 1911 Holster - Thumb Break Leather Holster - Cocked and Locked Carry - Right Hand OWB Holster for Belts - Fit 4" and 5" Barrels
  • CUSTOM FIT: The BHX-1CL Cocked & Locked is compatible with the 1911 5 inch (45 ACP, 9mm & 10mm) - 1911 with Rail (45 ACP, 9mm & 10mm) - Browning HP 9mm - Rock Island 1911 5" Rock Series (45 & 10mm) - Ruger SR1911 (45, 9mm & 10mm) - Remington R1 (45 & 10mm)
  • CONCEALMENT & CONVENIENCE: 1791's 1911 leather holster is designed for concealment and convenience. Safely carry your 1911 in the cocked and locked position. Our easy to conceal OWB leather belt holster has a quick draw design making it the perfect belt holster for your everyday carry.
  • PROTECTION & CRAFTSMANSHIP: 1791 Gunleather's 1911 Belt Holster is hand crafted to protect both you and your firearm at all times. The hand molded exterior provides for superior retention, maximum reliability and durability
  • CUSTOM FIT: This 1911 leather pistol holster is custom made for an exact fit. It fits both 4 and 5 inch barrels as well as belts up to 1 & 3/4 inches.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: All 1791 products are backed by our lifetime warranty. We produce the finest leather gun holsters used by law enforcement, sportsmen, veterans and patriots around the world. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and offer no-hassle returns.

The 1791 leather holster comes in four different color varieties and the quality of the leather and stitching is of the 1791 company’s usual standard, which is good. The leather is well molded to the 1911 frame and the holster design has two belt holes on the slide side for adjustable cant.

The belt holes can fit belts up to 1.75-inches in height and for added retention, the holster has a thumb strap that fastens to the inside. The thumb release is pretty fast to flip open but because it connects on the inside, a bit of practice is probably required to draw quickly.

One issue with the 1971 holster is that it is a right-hand draw only. Like with most other 1791 designs, the holster is affordably priced considering its quality. The 1791 is our choice for 1911 owners that like leather OWB design and also want an extra retention feature like a thumb strap.


  •         Quality leather
  •         Two belt holes for cant adjustment
  •         Thumb strap retention


  •         None

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster - Fits Most 1911 Style Handguns - Kimber - Colt - S & W - Sig Sauer - Remington - Ruger & More - Made in USA - Charred Oak Left Handed
  • GET THE CUSTOM MADE FEEL AND WORLD CLASS QUALITY WITHOUT SPENDING A FORTUNE! You don't have to wait months and spend hundreds to get a perfect fit. Why settle for a cheap nylon or imported leather holster when you can get The Defender which is Made in the USA and has a Lifetime Warranty?
  • BACKED BY RELENTLESS TACTICAL’S LIFETIME WARRANTY! Carry the best leather 1911 IWB Holster with confidence, for the rest of your life. With quality American Made construction comes great durability. That is why we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on each and every leather product we sell.
  • FITS MOST 1911 STYLE HANDGUNS WITH ANY BARREL LENGTH! Kimber, S & W, Colt, Remington, Browning, Ruger, Taurus, Sig Sauer and More! If it doesn't fit yours you can utilize our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to return it, no questions asked.
  • HANDMADE BY AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN, FROM GENUINE USA BULLHIDE LEATHER! American made with American Pride, No synthetic materials or cheap, mass-market production
  • DESIGNED FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE AND MAXIMUM COMFORT! Sturdy, dependable, and form-fitted for easy, effective concealment and quick, reliable access to your sidearm.

The Relentless Tactical is an IWB leather holster that comes in three different colors, Whisky Brown. Charred Oak, and Midnight Black. The top of the holster has two layers of leather to make it tougher, particularly where the clip connects- which is where the wear and tear can take place over time.

The holster covers the trigger guard and the full length of a five-inch gun barrel, although it can fit any length of barrel. A possible point to consider is that this holster fits inside the waistband but the leather stops well short of the hammer and tang. Depending on your body shape and how the holster sits on your waist, this could cause discomfort for everyday carry.

The Relentless Tactical is a simple leather design of great quality and is also available in a left-hand option. This is our pick for 1911 owners looking for a leather IWB holster.


  •         Left and right-hand designs are available
  •         Good quality leather
  •         Accommodates all barrel lengths


  • The holster does not cover the tang and hammer

TACwolf IWB Holster

TACwolf IWB Holster - Fits Most 1911 Style Handguns - Kimber - Colt - S & W - Sig Sauer - Remington - Ruger & More
  • Fits most 1911 style handguns with any battel lenght! AMT Backup | Auto Ordinance 1911s | Browning 1911s | Colt 1911s | Dan Wesson 1911s | Kimber 1911s | Remington 1911s | Rock Island 1911s | Ruger SR1911 | S & W 1911s | Sig Sauer C3 | Sig Sauer TacOps | Springfield EMP | Springfield Operator | Wilson Combat X-Tac, Tactical Carry | Plus many more!
  • Neoprene Holster Features: Premium, durable, soft & breathable neoprene inner material that is sure to conceal your choice of handgun. Our strong buckle hammer strap will tightly lock down and prevent your weapon from bouncing out!
  • Good concealment: Inside The pants holster is comfortable enough to built for every day concealed carry;It is easy to hide with little to no printing no matter how you dressed.
  • Designed for optimum performance and maxiun comfort! Sturdy, dependable, and form-fitted for easy, effective concealment and quick, reliable access.
  • Package included: 1 x holster and 2 x magazines.

The Tac is made from soft neoprene material with extra cushioning on the inside of the holster. Neoprene and Nylon holsters are generally cheaper options but the Tac holster is well made and has double stitching around the clip and a screw tac to ensure that the belt clip will be firm and withstand everyday use.

The holster also has a thumb strap for retention which is easy to flip open. The Tac covers all of the trigger guards and the bottom of the holster is open to accommodate all barrel lengths. A bonus feature of the TAC is that it ships with two magazine holsters for people who want to carry a spare magazine. The TAC is comfortable to wear but as has been mentioned with other holsters on our list, it’s an IWB holster and it does not have extra material at the back to cover the tang and hammer. This may or may not be an issue for you. Unfortunately, the Tac is a right-hand only holster but is our choice for a nylon/neoprene holster that also has spare magazine options. The holster fits belts up to 1.75-inches and is a good value-for-money buy considering that you get two mag pouches.


  •         Thumb strap retention
  •         Two magazine pouches


  • Neoprene design will not offer the same snug fit as Kydex or leather

Fobus R1911 Evolution Holster

Fobus R1911 Evolution Holster for All 1911 style pistols with or without rail , Right Hand Paddle , Black
  • Passive retention, one-piece holster body construction
  • Retention adjustment screw with passive retention
  • Protected sight channel
  • Low profile design for concealability
  • Rubberized paddle backing for extra stability and comfort

Fobus is an Israeli company that originally designed holsters with the military in mind. As such they are simple, rugged, and based upon a great deal of user feedback. It’s an OWB paddle design that is very comfortable to wear.

The Fobus incorporates passive retention and it can be adjusted with a screw. The holster is designed to ride lower on the hip for better concealability. A standout feature of the Fobus is that it can accommodate 1911s with frame rails for light and red dot accessories. The holster can fit 1911s with any barrel length and it is our choice for people that are looking for a holster to fit a 1911 with a frame rail.

Like all Fobus designs, the evolution holster provides very quick access to your gun and has a very fast draw. Unfortunately, the evolution holster is a right-handed option only. It’s also important to note that some users have stated that the holster is not a great fit for guns with longer than five-inch barrels that have rails.


  •         Accommodates 1911s with frame rails
  •         Comfortable paddle design
  •         Fast draw
  •         Adjustable retention


  •         Not the best fit for 1911s with six-inch and longer barrels with frame rails.

Buyer's Guide for 1911 Holsters

The 1911 design is an all-time classic. There are many holsters out there that are made for 1911s and all of the clones. We have clouted around to select five holster options that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Our picks will also give you a choice of good-quality holsters that cater to those that prefer different materials and carry styles. We have leather, Kydex, IWB, OWB, and paddle choices. Between our five picks, you will find a holster that suits your carry style and comfort requirements.

There are a few basics to a good holster, particularly if you are selecting one for everyday carry. Firstly, your holster should cover the trigger guard of your gun. This is a safety feature that limits the chance of grabbing the trigger when drawing under pressure.

Retention is another important factor, particularly if you do not like extra safety measures such as thumb straps. A good holster will retain a very firm grip on your gun but at the same time, it will allow for a smooth and fast draw. This also applies to holsters with thumb straps for added retention and safety. A good thumb strap will hold your gun securely but will also be easy and quick to flip open when drawing.

All of our picks have been selected with these features in mind. The other features that each selection will have are more about personal preference and carry style.

Model Specific Issues

Apart from a few 1911 guns and clones that have double-stack magazines, the 1911 is a thin gun. The gun itself is quite tall and the grip is wide and thin. Even though it may be easier to carry compared to other full-sized steel semi-autos, there are many who still consider it to be unsuitable for everyday carry.

If you want to carry a 1911 concealed then you should also bear in mind that many 1911s have pretty long and sharp tangs. Many also have sharp-ended hammers. These features can cause discomfort depending on how the holster sits on your belt. Some 1911 holsters will have large sweat covers that provide material between your body and the tang and hammer. This issue may not affect everyone but it should be noted. This potential issue may be more applicable to IWB holsters.

Your Belt

1911 style guns are all-steel auto pistols. Together with a full magazine, they are heavy. The long grip of a 1911 with a full magazine can cause some movement because of how the weight is centered. This makes having a rigid and sturdy gun belt essential even with really well-designed holsters.


Final Thoughts

That covers our top picks for 1911s and clone models. One final word, if concealment is a major selection criterion for you, then the IWB options will be your obvious choices. The 1911 design is thin but it is a high gun with a grip that tends to protrude quite a lot from OWB holsters. This limits your clothing options and is not ideal for all-year-round carry.