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1911 Paddle Holster

Galco PLE212 Unlined Paddle Gun Holster for Colt 1911,...
  • Features Galco's patented belt-lock copolymer...
  • Thumb break retention strap satisfies departmental safety...
  • Lightweight and Comfortable for all day use

Buyer's Guide: 1911 Paddle Holster

Blackhawk 1911 Paddle Holster

For the millions of women in America who own firearms, it is important to own a 1911 paddle holster. This product allows an individual to carry her firearm easily and efficiently while on the job or in personal defense situations. Holsters are designed specifically for one particular firearm and by using one that is compatible with your firearm you are guaranteed to be more comfortable while also keeping your gun secure at all times. In addition, many paddle holsters have a wide variety of accessories that allow you to customize your firearm and your self defense strategy.

The majority of people who purchase new handguns find that they prefer the comfort of a gun belt over a holster. While the gun belt is a comfortable and secure option, it does not offer a close enough proximity to the firearm to ensure your safety. With the right attachment you can attach your handgun to your belt which offers a good tight retention but still allows the firearm to be moved freely within your hand.

There are several different types of attachments that you can use with the 1911 paddle holsters to make your handgun safer and more comfortable. One particular attachment that many people purchase for their paddle holsters is the pistol belt. Many individuals do not like the way their belt is made so they look for an attachment that will attach to the belt and make a tighter retention. By using a paddle attachment you have purchased a product that offers both versatility in design and comfort while still maintaining a tight attachment to your belt.

Another accessory that many people purchase for their personal paddle holsters is a paddle-mounted laser pointer. While this particular accessory may seem unnecessary, it can be quite beneficial if you are an avid shooter. If you are working in a place that prohibits laser pointers or if it is just not safe for you to carry around a laser pointer while you are working, this accessory can be very handy. Paddle holsters typically include a trigger bar that installs onto the frame of the gun, and then you simply place the laser pointer against the trigger and pull the trigger.



A final type of accessory that you can purchase for your personal holster is a Level Two Retention Latch. This type of latch is designed to resist any accidental opening when the paddle attachment is being used. Most gun owners who own a pistol often use the paddle attachment at the shooting range when they are not carrying the firearm out in the open. Unfortunately, there are some instances where the gun may be improperly handled or dropped by accident and the paddle attachment may break off.

This type of scenario can be avoided by purchasing a holsters that comes with a Level Two Retention Latch. This special latch works in conjunction with a specially designed rivet so that when the gun is put into the holster the paddle holsters are held tightly in place. This will ensure that the firearm stays secure while the owner is performing other tasks around the gun. While most people prefer paddle holsters because they allow an owner to be more comfortable carrying their firearm, other individuals prefer gun belt holsters.

Blackhawk also makes a unique model for a holster called the Serpa. Unlike a normal paddle holster, a Blackhawk holster places the gun's support within the metal looped area that surrounds the butt of the gun. Rather than a strap securing the paddle inside of the holster, the support is located within a large metal loop. This allows for a very secure and tight retention when carrying your firearm. The large metal loop will also prevent any accidental opening of the device. Even if the straps on your favorite blackhawk rifle aren't strong enough to keep your gun securely in place, the metal loops on the Serpa can keep it securely in place.

If you're interested in a fast and easy way to carry your firearm, the best option is undoubtedly a Blackhawk Paddle Holster. These durable paddle holsters are made with heavy-duty metal support and allow an individual to carry their firearm with complete confidence. If you'd prefer a paddle holster that doesn't possess the strong metal support or the extremely tight retention, there are many different models made by other companies. Simply search for these specific types of paddle holsters online to find the right one for you!