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1911 Shoulder Holsters

Philem Withlead
Published Aug 13, 2021
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Our Top Picks for 1911 Shoulder Holsters

Reviews of the Best 1911 Shoulder Holsters From Our Research

UTG Deluxe Horizontal Shoulder Holster

UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster
  • High Quality and Very Cleverly Designed Shoulder Holster with Loaded Features.
  • Universal Design to Fit Most Popular Auto Pistols and Revolvers.
  • Modular Design Allows for Both Left and Right Handed Use.
  • Includes a Padded Shoulder Harness, and a Holster with Soft Lining to Protect Guns and Two Mag Pouches.
  • All Components Fully Adjustable with Velcro Straps Attached to Web Belt for Holster/Pouch Tension.

UTG deluxe holster is a versatile holster and is designed to fit the most popular pistols and revolvers, including 1911 pistols.

It also comfortably accommodates bigger weapons like the Glock 20.

The system features a soft lining to protect firearms finish as well as adjustable velcro straps and a web belt to optimize weapon retention.

Not only does this holster fit the most popular sidearms, but it also fits most shooters.

It has a modular design that works for both left and right-handed shooters, and the components are fully adjustable for a truly custom-fit holster.


  • Easy to install and use for beginners
  • Has hook and loop closures for magazine pouches.
  • Comes with a standard weapon ammunition system.
  • Universal shoulder holster.
  • Made from highly durable materials that will not wear off easily.
  • Extra compartment pouch for additional accessories and weapons that might come in handy.
  • Soft shoulder pads for more comfortable wear.
  • Good tactical shoulder holster for military and law enforcement officers.


  • It is not easy to conceal carry.
  • Inconsistent retention.

VISM by NcStar Ambidextrous Horizontal Shoulder Holster

VISM by NcStar Ambidextrous Horizontal Shoulder Holster with Double Magazine Holder, Black (CV2909)
  • Ambidextrous shoulder holster for pistols
  • Adjustable for right- or left-handed draw
  • Double magazine holder attaches to harness
  • Adjustable thumb break; tie-down straps
  • Double thumb break snaps for pistol security

This shoulder holster is one of the cheapest you will find. This is a lightweight, ambidextrous, and horizontal shoulder holster that comes in one size.

It is made from durable PVC material and is adjustable from small to XXL sizes. The nc star ambidextrous shoulder holster is perfect for concealed carry when wearing a jacket or coat.

The holster is adjustable for right or left-handed draw and includes a double magazine holder attached to the shoulder harness.

It is also adjustable to accommodate small to XXL sizes.


  • Ambidextrous shoulder holster.
  • Adjustable for right- or left-handed draw.
  • Double magazine holder.
  • Adjustable thumb break.
  • Comes with a shoulder harness.
  • Double thumb break.
  • Cheap and comfortable holster.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Lightweight holster.


  • Reholstering is difficult.


Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster Right Hand Draw

Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster Right Hand Draw
  • Suitable for all kinds of pistols and easy to draw.
  • It is fully adjustable. Won't show through most clothing.
  • Extra padding to protect your gun from perspiration and for comfort.
  • Distributes the weight of gun to shoulders and back for a comfortable, all day carry.
  • Size Guide: M:33-38 inch, L:39-44 inch, XL: 45-50 inch.

The Yeeper deep concealment shoulder holster perfectly balances comfort and function. It is fully adjustable and made from elastic for a truly comfortable custom fit.

It also comes in different sizes making it ideal for smaller shooters who do not want the hassle of trying to conceal extra material. The holster also features Velcro straps that can be attached to a belt or vest for extra security.

It is a universal design that makes it suitable for a wide array of pistols. It also allows drawing your weapon smoothly and easily.


  • Suitable for all kinds of pistols.
  • Easy to draw holster.
  • Right-hand draw.
  • Adjustable holster.
  • No printing holster.
  • Extra padding to protect your gun from perspiration and for comfort.
  • Good weight distribution.
  • EDC holster.


  • Elastic can become worn out over time.

LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster
  • 38 holster Our shoulder holster will conceal your gun without the need to wear a suit or jacket! If you are using the right hand to use the gun, please choose the right hand, the left hand to use the gun, please choose the left
  • Distributes the weight of gun to shoulders and back for a comfortable, all day carry
  • It is fully adjustable. Won't show through most clothing,thanksgiving,halloween,black friday,gift for family, cyber monday,best gift for men.
  • Extra padding to protect your gun from perspiration and for comfort
  • Design in the United States

This shoulder holster from LINIXU is in a class of its own. Designed for deep concealment this elastic holster keeps your weapon flat against your body allowing you to wear it undetected, whether you are sporting a suit jacket or not.

It will not print through most clothing so you can confidently wear it even under a regular shirt. The shoulder holster helps distribute the weight across your shoulders and back so you can comfortably carry all-day without fatigue.

It is also fully adjustable and because it is made of elastic, it fits practically any body type.


  • Deep concealment shoulder holster.
  • Reduces printing.
  • Distributes weight across the shoulder.
  • A good EDC shoulder holster.
  • Elastic for adjustability.
  • Fits various body sizes.


  • Elastic can wear out.

Under Control Tactical Best Concealed Carry Holster

Best Concealed Carry 1911 Shoulder Holster - Works Great for Revolvers, Pistols, & Hand Guns - Universal Fit for Glock, Springfield, Taurus, MTAC, Kimber, Walther,Beretta, Ruger, Colt, & All Others!
  • HIGHEST-QUALITY & PROFESSIONAL GRADE - The Under Control Tactical Shoulder Gun Holster for Concealed Carry is our #1 rated gun holster and is built from super rugged nylon to handle whatever you throw at it. Buy Now!
  • RUGGED, DURABLE, & BUILT-TO-LAST - Compare this bag to others and you'll immediately see why so many people choose Under Control Tactical! Only trust the Under Control Tactical line of tactical gear. Add 2 to Your Cart!
  • THE ULTIMATE COMPACT CONCEALED CARRY HOLSTER - This awesome black holster is waterproof, lightweight and perfectly sized at: 7.7" x 4.3" x 2" and the dual handgun pouches are 5.3" x 4.5" . Get 2 today!
  • 100% TOTAL & COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! - We stand behind our products and we know you're going to love them. That's why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on All of Our Products. Shop with Absolute & Complete Confidence that you're making a very smart decision! Support our small family business, not the big nameless & faceless corporations!
  • INCLUDES HIGH-END MILITARY FEATURES - This tactical handgun holster includes adjustable shoulder straps to securely hold holster in position & two super-handy handgun/flashlight pouches. UNIVERSAL FIT for pistols, handguns, revolvers of different sizes! Get Yours Right Now!

This is an ideal lightweight 1911 shoulder holster that is made from durable waterproof nylon.

The shoulder straps are completely adjustable to provide a custom fit feel and hold your handgun firmly in position.

The holster itself is perfectly sized to fit the most popular handguns with ample room. This shoulder holster is more than adequate for both compact and full-size pistols; you can use it for Glock 26 or for Glock 19 pistols.

It handles larger 1911s without breaking a sweat.


  • Nylon and waterproof holster.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Securely hold a handgun.
  • Can be used for Glock firearms too.
  • Fit various firearm sizes.
  • Lightweight.
  • EDC holster.
  • Tactical holster.
  • Versatile holster.


  • Nylon holsters are not long-lasting.

Buyer's Guide for 1911 Shoulder Holsters

There are various types of shoulder holsters for 1911 that can be carried for either CCW reasons or as a tactical holster.

We reviewed some of the top shoulder holsters for 1911 in the market today, and here are 5 of the best.

Facts about The 1911 Firearms

The 1911 is probably one of the most popular pistols on the planet. Soldiers, mobsters, gunfighters, armed citizens, and competitive shooters alike have often chosen the 1911 as their pistol of choice, and rightfully so.

Invented by John Moses Browning in the early 1900s, it was in 1911 that the 1911 passed the US military trials and became the sidearm of the United States military to replace the revolver.

Here are some things you might not have known about the 1911:

Jones Moses Browning is the Name of the Inventor

The 1911 pistol was Invented by John Moses Browning who was born in 1855 to a man who was a gunsmith. Since he was a teenager and being born to this type of man, John Moses Browning grew up in a gun shop and it was when he was 10 years old that he built his first rifle.

In 1883 a traveling salesman from Winchester stopped by and met John Moses Browning, purchased one of his single-shot rifles, and took it back to Winchester. Quickly they contracted this man to make lever-action rifles for them, and by 1894 he had built 20 different lever-action rifles for Winchester.

1911 Has no Faster

This is the very first gun that had no fasteners of any kind. All of its main components are held in place by the force of the recoil spring with the exception of the grips which have a screw in it. That is the only fasteners on this entire gun

1911 Was the US Military Sidearm for 74 Years.

The 1911 stayed the military sidearm from 1911 to 1985

It was a Common Mobster Pistol.

The 1911 was a very popular gun by mobsters during the Prohibition of Pretty Boy. Floyd Machine, Gun Kelly, John

Dillinger and Bonnie Parker all carried 1911's and had 1911's on them, their shot or captured.

It was Strictly a Military Firearm.

The 1911 was not made for civilians during World War One. Popularity for the 1911 grew and contracts were being formed and given to other companies like Remington and Springfield, National cash registers company and many of these contracts were canceled due to the signing of the armistice, but a lot of 1911's were not made by Colt during this era.

It was Renamed in 1926.

It was originally designated to the m1911 by the military after intense battlefield experience. This led to some minor changes in the 1911 renaming in 1926 to the M1911a1.

The changes were mostly exterior short trigger cutouts, longer grip safety and a better grip texturing.

1911 is Still in Use by Many US Law Enforcement Agencies and Military.

The 1911 is still in use by US Marine, special ops, command la police, SWAT, FBI SWAT, and Delta Force. It is still one of the best tactical pistols out there

1911 is the Most Reproduced Pistol.

There are so many variations of the 1911. You could buy this pistol depending on who makes it, it is by far one of the most reproduced pistols out there,

The Nazis Made Use of 1911

Over 40 countries used the 1911 during wartime, including Nazi Germany who often would capture thousands of these pistols and regularly circulate them through the ranks.

Shoulder Carry for Concealment

In many states, shoulder carry is an option for your license to carry. Texas happens to be one of them, so it is another option that you might want to consider.

While there are a lot of negative stigmas associated with shoulder carry, it is still an option that some people might choose to carry firearms.

Pros of Shoulder Holsters


With shoulder carry, you are going to get a little bit more accessibility in a seated position than you would off the hip. So if you are sitting down, it will be easy for you to reach into the armpit of my weak side to go ahead and grab a firearm. This gives you a few accessibility options that might not exist in the strong side carry.

If you are wearing plenty of layers of clothes, you only have to put your shoulder holster underneath the outer layer to carry your firearm. If you are putting on a shell jacket on top of the shoulder holster, you only have to defeat that shell layer, as opposed to all the other layers that you might have to defeat for a belt-side holster.

Convenient Packaging

Most of the time, a shoulder holster is going to come with the holster itself plus magazine pouches for you to carry spare ammunition. This is kind of a nice grab-and-go format.

Weight of the Holster.

Holster carry is a pretty decent weight-bearing option, so if you have difficulty carrying around your waistband for whatever reason, taking the weight off your belt and putting it over your shoulders is not a bad idea.

If you are lucky to see things go sideways on you, you can start to move your hands and get them more into a more inconspicuous positioning for self-defense. With this, you will be able to draw the firearm a little bit sooner. However, a bad side to this is that if you are in close proximity, it is pretty easy to spot that draw stroke because you have to go across your body to draw the gun.

Cons of Shoulder Carry

Issue of Hand Positioning

Another issue with shoulder carry is that most of the time the hand positions are down low. This means that you have to raise your hands up and move them across your centerline, far enough to reach the firearm. So hand position can sometimes be an issue regardless of what type of shoulder holster you carry, whether it is vertical or horizontal.

Removing Outer Cloths.

One common denominator is that you have to have a cover garment on at all times, unlike IWB or OWB strong side holsters, you can untuck your shirt, and pull a shirt on and over it. So you are going to have to wear some type of overcoat that allows you to conceal the entire package.

Live Fire Practice.

If you want to practice shoulder carry, you will drastically have to reduce the opportunity to practice live fire and this is one of the reasons why most people do not use shoulder carry.

Also, most ranges are not going to allow you to work from a shoulder holster, and most schools or classes that you might attend will not allow you to work through a shoulder holster during the class.

However, if shoulder carry is your only option, then it is your best option. But you have to practice and find ranges with facilities or locations that you can still practice live fire. But if you have the opportunity to avoid it you might want to consider choosing something else.

Draw Stroke Disadvantage.

You will have to reach all the way across deep into your centerline, draw the pistol out and then go straight to the target. Now when it is time to re-holster, you have to pull the holster forward enough to reseat that pistol back into the holster, and then the thumb break which is a requirement for any of those holsters is going to have to be re-engaged.

So the shoulder holster does not enable a fast draw stroke and it is an even slower re-holstering. However, in either case, practice is going to help increase your performance so that you are not really worried about how fast you are, as much as how consistent you can draw.

Final Thoughts

There are various models of 1911 pistols, and these shoulder holsters will fit them perfectly. They are available for both civilians and members of the military.