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1911 Sights

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TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sights for...
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TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights...
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  • Sport type: Hunting
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Trijicon 3 Dot Front And Rear Night Sight Set for Colt...
  • Fits: Colt government, 1911, combat Elite, Delta Elite...
  • Color: green front and rear dots
  • Finish: black
  • Country of Origin:China
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TRUGLO Tritium Pro Glow-in-the-Dark Handgun Night Sights for...
  • Fits 1911 cut .260 front / .450 rear (1911 5" Government .45...
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  • Utilizes quality Swiss tritium for maximum brightness and...
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TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sights for...
  • UNMATCHED VISIBILITY in low light shooting conditions or...
  • At night, sights are GLOWING GREEN DOTS; In daylight, sights...
  • Made of tough, CNC-machined steel with a FORTRESS FINISH...
  • SNAG RESISTANT DESIGN fits standard holsters; SQUARE-NOTCH...
  • MACHINED AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA with quality Swiss Tritium...
  • Sport type: Hunting
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Meprolight Colt Tru-Dot Night Sight for 1911 Government &...
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TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sights for Kimber...
  • Fits Kimber 1911 models with fixed rear sight
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Meprolight ML19810-Armscor USA/Rock Island Gun Scopes, Multi
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  • Used by Military & Law Enforcement
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TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights...
  • Fully protected TFO technology encapsulated in a virtually...
  • Impervious to oils, chemicals, cleaning solvents and...
  • Provides great visibility in all shooting conditions
  • Utilizes quality Swiss tritium for maximum brightness
  • Reference to Novak LoMount is for compatibility use only....
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Fusion 1911 Colt Fiber Optic Fully Adjustable Sight Set
  • "Low Profile" Fiber Optic Rear Sight
  • Contour Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Precision Machined
  • Standard Dovetail Cuts

Buyer's Guide

Choosing the Best Sights For Your 1911

Choosing the best sights for your 1911 pistol can be a tough decision. Your first concern may be how visible you want them to be. This is often determined by the environment you are planning to shoot your pistol in. If it will be an indoor shooting range then you probably do not need very visible sights. However, if you will be outdoors and using a red dot you would probably want them to be visible as you take target. Your choice will also be affected by your personal taste.

The best sights for your pistol cannot be selected simply by measuring distance. Instead, you have to take into consideration the characteristics of your target and the condition of your pistol. For example, is the target prone to movement or motion? Is it going to be used in an open field, or possibly in a small or tight area?

The sights that you select will be dependent on the answers to these questions. The closer the accuracy of the sight the better your shot will be. This should be based on the conditions of the target and the conditions in which you are likely to use your sights. Are you going to be hunting, or target shooting?

The next thing to consider is the wind condition. Is the wind going to blow through the sight at a fast velocity, or at a slow velocity? Is the wind going to be blowing from a southerly direction, or a northerly direction? Both of these factors can greatly affect your accuracy. So be sure to measure and chart the wind velocity at all relevant locations where you might need your sight to be located.

Another important consideration is accuracy based upon wind conditions. If the wind is blowing from a southerly direction this will reduce your accuracy. To counter this, place your sight so that it points to the northwest (while a northerly sight points to the southeast). Make sure to mark your target so you know where to hold it in order to obtain the correct aim.

For the best sights for your gun, you will need to consider what it is you wish to shoot at. Will you be hunting, or target shooting? For either of these options you will need to point the sight in the most precise direction possible. If the target is moving, then you need to be very accurate with your aim.

If you are targeting an animal, such as a rabbit, bear, or turkey, accuracy is especially critical. The trajectory of the pellet that your gun fires off will depend on the angle of the target and the wind. This is why bow hunters shoot for the underbelly of the animal. If they don't, the animal will run for cover, taking them out without ever having a chance to fight back!

Choosing the best sights for your gun doesn't have to be difficult if you keep these tips in mind. You will soon discover that your accuracy will skyrocket, and the fun of shooting will begin immediately. Don't wait until you've been hit once before you realize the value of keeping your gun in tune with the sights you use!

First, you must decide whether you will be shooting in a semi-automatic or a fully automatic gun. If you plan on taking your target with you when going for a particular game, a semi-automatic gun is probably the way to go. These guns have the advantage of being able to fire multiple shots quickly, even when the wind is blowing in your favor. If you can get this type of gun to work properly, your accuracy will skyrocket, and you'll be able to take down your target in no time!

However, if accuracy is more important to you, then you will probably want to choose a fully automatic gun. These guns are typically automatic through the use of a key lock, and they can shoot as many rounds as you wish in just one pull of the trigger. Because of this, accuracy is paramount, and you will probably be moving closer to your target while shooting.

The last piece of equipment that you will need for improving your aim and accuracy is a scope. Using a scope will not only make it easier for you to sight in your gun, but it will also help you to determine the distance at which you can shoot your gun. Scopes differ in their models, and you should look for one that has the following qualities: magnification, windage, and eye relief. Using the best sights for your gun will allow you to hit your target at a distance of nearly one hundred feet, so be sure to consider this piece of equipment when shopping for your next gun!


Are all 1911 sights the same?

With 1911s, there are countless dovetail configurations to choose from, and there is no industry standard for rear sight placement. Time-consuming and stressful can be the process of searching for the ideal rear sight replacement or dovetail mounting.

Are all 1911 sights interchangeable?

It is not possible to just screw any sight onto an existing dovetail without first modifying it. The dovetail on your slide must be identified in order for you to be able to replace your present sight with a replacement. This will assist you in determining which rear sight you will be using for your firearm.

How do I choose sights for my 1911?

When choosing sights for your 1911 handgun, the most important factor to consider is how you want to use the weapon. If you wish to use your 1911 for self-defense purposes, it will be vital to use low-profile sights with smooth edges or curves.

Using this method, when you draw your handgun, you will prevent your sights from becoming caught in your clothing or holster while doing so. In order to be effective, a self-defense sight must be durable, well-aligned, and readily visible.

Colors and luminance are extensively used in self-defense displays in order to draw attention. Aiming points are easier to locate as a result, which can make alignment in low-light conditions considerably easier to accomplish. The fact that the bulk of defensive fights take place at night makes high-visibility sights a very valuable tool in combat.

Competitor shooters may require more customization and a more precise aiming point than most self-defense sights can provide.Competition sights with smaller rear blades and an angular design are more accurate in close-quarters competition and therefore better for shooting competitions.

The front sight post may be smaller and feature a finer dot than the rear sight post if the shooter wants to be more precise with his shots.

Can you put sights on a 1911?

Your ability to put sights on a 1911 will be determined by the type of sights you choose to use with the firearm. In addition to self-defense and target shooters, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts like using dovetails in the Novak style with high-profile profiles, which are quite popular today. The majority of 1911 patterns are capable of accepting a wide range of designs and layouts. On the other hand, the ejection ports in the rear of some rifles have a low profile, which makes them suitable for concealment.

The gun's "bib," which is an abbreviation for "bump in the barrel," is visible on the left side of the picture. It is possible that it will not be suited for use on high-profile targets. Your vehicle's overall functionality will benefit the most from replacing your sights if they are damaged beyond repair or worn out.

If your present set has become damaged beyond repair, replacing it with a less expensive and more reliable set is a straightforward process. Educating yourself on the various types of sights available for your pistol will also assist you in improving the sights on your firearm.

Colors such as yellow or green are popular choices for night sights, but other colors are also popular among shooters. The ability to capture a sight picture in low light conditions improves as a result of this. Fiber optic sights are made up of thin rods of light-catching material that are joined together at the ends of the sight blade to generate radiant points, similar to how laser sights work.

Another option is to use sights that are infused with tritium gas as an alternative. Additionally, in addition to releasing radioactive light, they are capable of operating without the need for external illumination or battery power.

Despite the fact that you have the last say, being aware of all of your options will aid you in making well-informed decisions.

What are the types of 1911 sights?

It is anticipated that there will be many different types of 1911 sights, with each type being classified according to the purpose for which it is intended. The 1911 competition sights and the 1911 self-defense sights are the two most popular types of 1911 sights, with the 1911 competition sights being the most popular.

If you plan on participating in target shooting competitions, you will need to have competition sights installed on your pistol. If you do not plan on doing so, you will be unable to compete. It is simple to operate these sights, and many of them are quite adaptable.

The design of competition sights has evolved over time in the same way that the design of handguns has evolved over time. Thanks to the improved design, it is now more convenient and easier to operate the best 1911 sights for target shooting than ever before. These competition sights have a sharper angular design and a finer tolerance than regular sights, making them more effective. As a result, they are better suited for shooting competitions than they otherwise would be.

Designed for 1911 handguns, these sights can be used for self-defense and are intended for use with 1911 handguns. In the vast majority of cases, they are methodical and low-key in their approach to problems. The 1911 sights give better visibility regardless of the lighting conditions that are in use at the time.

This is due to the fact that the user cannot predict when he or she will be required to draw or use their firearm. A significant advantage of these 1911 sights is that they are relatively simple to keep in good working order. Competitive shooting or bullseye shooting is not designed to be accomplished with these sights.

Is front sight a crucial factor when buying 1911 sights?

Taking the front sight profile into consideration when shopping for a high-quality 1911 sight is a good idea. There will be a semi ramp profile on the vast majority of 1911 sights, which will produce a clear view of the target in most cases. There are also other options to consider, such as undercut and full ramp sights, which are both available.

Others have ridged serrations on the front of the sight, which help to reduce glare from the front sight, making them suitable for shooting outside. For the front sight, you have a few options: plain black, tritium, or fiber optics are all viable options.

When it comes to target shooting, plain black is the most effective color to choose. When shooting in low light settings at night, the use of tritium is highly advised. When shooting in natural light, fiber optics is the most effective solution.

Is rear sight an essential factor when purchasing 1911 sights?

If your 1911 sight does not have a rear sight, it would be considered incomplete. Simple black, bars and boxes, and two-dot sights are the three different types of rear sighting that you can choose from. It is the most popular and widely utilized rear sight on the market, with a two-dot configuration being the most common.

They are not only easy to use, but they will also consistently produce accurate findings over time. When shooting at fast rates, they can, however, be a source of distraction. Boxes and bars, in addition to increasing visual distractions, make it difficult to line up your shots when you're under time constraints or shooting at a high rate of speed. In terms of appearance, they have a particular tactical appearance.

When speed is of the essence, the plain black rear sights were designed to be both simple and effective, which they certainly are in this situation. Because they have a straightforward focus on the front sight, they are able to shoot fast and accurately. When they are used, they can make it difficult to be as precise as you would like.

Are 1911 sights easy to use for old eyes?

As people grow older, their vision begins to decline. Many people suffer from vision difficulties such as poor night vision, farsightedness, or cataracts, which can be quite frustrating. With the use of a red dot optic with 112 sights, many eye problems associated with aging eyes can be handled effectively.

This type of device can be used to see well in low light or in the dark, and it can be used to focus on something fairly instantly after it has been discovered. Some types of red dot have the capacity to change their brightness in response to changes in the surrounding lighting environment.

Do you need to use non-traditional 1911 sights?

It is not required to employ 1911 sights that are not traditional. The original and traditional models can be used in conjunction with one another by utilizing the back and front sights, respectively. When compared to the previous version of the sights, the new and updated version is more efficient and easier to use.

What typical characteristics make 1911 sights so special?

The 1911 sights have been designed in a clear and uncomplicated manner. Moreover, because it has such a low profile, it may be easily integrated into handguns. In terms of design, sight manufacturers have remained largely constant over the course of history.

In terms of appearance and feel, it will be similar to pistols. There are still some handgun owners who are unable to accept changes in appearance and prefer to keep their sights in the same configuration as they were originally.

How long do 1911 night sights last?

With regard to green tritium lights, the original manufacturer can issue a guarantee for a maximum of 12 years on the product. In addition to having a 12-year lifespan, the yellow tritium lamp is also environmentally safe. The orange lamp has a five-year life span when used as directed.

Is it fundamental to know the purpose of using 1911 night sights?

Before you can utilize a 1911 handgun with sights, you must first understand why they are necessary. Is it necessary to do so for the sake of self-defense or for competitive reasons? Both groups require two distinct viewpoints, each having their own set of traits and limits that must be adhered to by both.

Also crucial is determining if you will be using it at night, during the day, or both times of the day and night. The majority of sights operate better at night or during the daytime hours, despite the fact that some sights may be utilized in any lighting condition.

How do you use 1911 sights?

It is possible to install 1911 sights on your pistol so that you can have a clear view of your target while you are shooting it. It is possible to illuminate the sights in order to make it easier to hit your target.

There are 1911 sights that can be seen with both eyes, and then there are 1911 sights that can only be seen with one eye, and so on. In order to avoid having to travel long distances to visit attractions, you should look for ones that are close to your home or place of employment.