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1911 Western Holster

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Buyer's Guide: 1911 Western Holster

How To Choose The Right 1911 Western Holster For You

The 1911 Western Holster is similar to the Mecz, but has a little more detail. The similarity is that both are designed to accept a loaded or unloaded firearm in either a right or left hand holster, depending on which way the pistol was held at the time of use. However, there are some differences between the two and the differences come from the differences between the models.

The first main difference is the type of holster used. The traditional model, used with an original Remington pistol, was a leather, short-range style holster, worn on the outside of the leg. This was later adopted by the 1911 Western Holster, which was designed to accept either a left or right handed gun. This design, combined with a short leather flap (which was later converted into a full leather cantilever that could lock) made for easy holsters when the gun was not being held on an actual belt but rather on the leg, which was usually covered by the flap. The advantage of this was that the pistol could be holstered without any interference with the belt, while the holster still retained a positive charge, making for quick retrieval of the gun.

However, the new Western Holster utilizes a much simpler and sleeker design. The lines are smoother, the gun is now stored on a plastic flat belt that clips easily through the metal front handle. As a result, it is now stored on the outside of the leg, just like the old model was. In addition, a rubber lined holster is also available.

The second major change is the type of holster itself. Both the 1911 Western Holster and the Mecz are made with high quality leather, and both use heavy duty snap and tension hinges to secure the holster's fastening. In addition, both use very durable stitching on the exterior of the belt area as well as on the inside of the flap. The holster is securely held in place using three points of anchor along the inside of the flap. On the outside, the leather is covered with comfortable padding to provide extra comfort for the wearer.

To further reduce the weight of the holster, manufacturers have also started including slides on belts, a feature rarely seen on other less expensive pocket holsters. slides allow you to draw the gun out of the holster quickly, providing an excellent choice for rapid pistol drawers. These slide onto belts do not utilize the old spring loaded slides that often came with heavier pocket holsters. Instead, these new slides are made with heavy duty cord, making them extremely effective, whether you're using your gun on the job site or in the field.

One other great feature found on the newest version of the 1911 Western Holster is a recessed canteen. This allows you to keep your gun belt exactly where you want it without having to take off your gun. If you constantly find yourself removing your gun from its holster, then this canteen will allow you to place it exactly where you need it. It's perfect for keeping important documents safe while also keeping your hands free. All of these features together make the western holster one of the most popular types of pistol holsters on the market today.

Like any other high quality hand made gun holster, you'll find that the latest models of the 1911 Western Holster come in a wide variety of colors and styles. From bright red to black leather, to classic black leather, you'll be able to choose a color and style to meet your preferences perfectly. Even if you aren't looking to buy one right away, it's still possible to find a wide selection of these handy tools by shopping at online gun stores. The selection is extremely well made and customer service is normally top notch in online stores.

If you plan to wear your new accessory in the field, one accessory that is a must have is the canteen. This will allow your gun to lay flat against your body, which is critical for those long range shots. To prevent damage to your belt buckle, there is an elasticized waist belt strap included with many models of the 1911 Western Holster. The holster itself is lined with leather that allows for an extremely comfortable fit, but there are other accessories that are available to further protect your belt and other equipment. These straps usually feature a snap hook and loop closures, so you won't need to take your gun out of storage to use the belt hook or adjust the strap.