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380 Pistol Holster

Belt Clip-on Holster for Original S&W M&P Shield EZ 380...
  • Belt Clip Holster for Original M&P Shield 380 EZ with 3.1"...
  • Ambidextrous - Adjustable, Removable Snap-open Thumbreak...
  • Metal Clip Locks to the Holster

Buyer's Guide: 380 Pistol Holster

A 380 Pistol Holster Can Be Your Ticket to Avoiding Gun Ownership

The 380 Piston Holster is one of the newest, most popular, and easiest to use gun holsters on the market today. It is essentially a belt pouch holster that has a cantilever that is designed in such a way as to keep the pistol secure even when worn on the belt. Most gun holsters will have some sort of slot, or flange, on the side of the belt, and the 380 Pistol Holster has an open flap in its side.

Holsters like this work great for any style of pistol, although it is primarily used by shooters. They are also very handy for everyday carry, as well. This is because they can be worn underneath pants or shirts with very little worry about others seeing the gun holster. And because it does not have the large open flap that most gun holsters have, the comfort level is greatly improved. You can quickly remove the holster and put it back on your belt without any additional worries.

There are many reasons why people choose to wear concealed carriers for their pistols. Some of the top reasons include the fact that carrying a handgun can be quite dangerous, and that carrying a handgun in any form of holster can increase your chances of shooting yourself in the foot. Also, these types of holsters are very handy when traveling, as they can be worn underneath your clothing. Also, there are many different variations of these concealed carriers, including those that are made for different size pistols. For instance, some of these carriers work great for small, concealable caliber pistols, and others work best for the larger, more noticeable pistols.

One of the best things about this type of gun holster is that it is extremely easy to maintain. Because it does not have a large flap that opens, you do not have to worry about cleaning out the gun holster. Also, because the gun holster does not have a large gap between the front of the grip and the front of the magazine clip, you will not encounter problems like other types of pistol holsters experience with long magazines. The extra material means that each time you pull out a magazine, you will not encounter dirt or debris on the magazine itself. This makes this type of gun holster very easy to clean in between uses, which is a great plus.

Another nice thing about the 380 Piston Holster is that it is extremely convenient to use for either casual or professional situations. Many times you will find that you will be on the job or at a social gathering and you will want to bring your concealed handgun. If you would like to keep it in your automobile, you will not have any issues with it because you can easily remove it from the holster and place it in your vehicle. These holsters are also perfect for school children who want to carry their handguns on their belts or around their neck.

One of the best things about this type of gun holster is that it works great for both women and men. It is made so that it is comfortable for the female user as well as the male user. The holster itself is designed to fit around the user's waist and to allow the user to place their hands inside of the holster. There is a flap at the top that can be opened so that you can insert your gun into it. This flap also works to help protect the user's appendix as well as to add an extra layer of protection for your self-defense weapon.

Some of the reasons why people prefer carrying a concealed gun holster instead of an actual firearm is because it is much easier to manage, much safer when in close quarters, and it also makes carrying your self-defense weapon "nasty" free. Handheld concealed carriers are becoming more popular because they are much easier to use when in a potentially threatening situation than with an actual firearm. This is because carrying an unloaded or properly loaded handgun is not nearly as easy as putting a live round in it. You also do not want to have a firearm that is loaded when walking in an area where you may be subject to an armed confrontation.

The most common type of concealed carrier is called the "Glock" type. These are made to look just like real handguns and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are made so that they can be attached to the belt easily while others are so small that they will work best as a full size padlocked pistol holster. Other types of concealed carriers include the "compact" which is similar to the traditional pocket model, and the "rim-stock" which is much like what a traditional pistol looks like. There are many other types of holsters such as the ankle, thigh, and neck chain holsters that can be used with almost any type of firearm.