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Airsoft Gun Scopes

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Buyer's Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Airsoft Gun Scopes, And How To Choose The Best One For Your Needs

To get you started, here's a brief overview of scopes and what they can be used for.

If you're going to buy a scope, you should spend the same amount of money on it as you spent on your firearm.

We're going to disregard that guideline, because we're not hunting tigers, and airsoft weapons aren't very accurate, to be honest. So, if you find that advice in another post on the subject, be aware that it is intended primarily for true steel shooters.

It's best to practice as much as possible using a scope that you can afford, according to our rule of thumb.

Usually, practice makes perfect.

If you're looking for a scope for air soft, you don't have to go through the same process as you would if you were going to use it for hunting, sniping or self-defense. For starters, the range of an air soft gun is far shorter than that of a real firearm, which means that your options and costs will be much reduced!

Look more closely at a few factors that can help you find a scope that fits your needs.


In order to maximize your view of the target, a scope will have a number like 6X, which implies the image is multiplied by 6 times, or 6-24X, meaning means the bottom end of a scope is six times magnification but it can enlarge up to 24 times. This is clearly the purpose of a scope.

Two distinct scopes are compared in terms of magnification.

Even for airsoft enthusiasts, 24X magnification is a little overkill. However, there are numerous of scopes that give a more realistic range of magnifications for our purposes.

A 1-4x scope is all you need if you're shooting at a distance of less than 400 yards. A 3-9X or 2-10X scope may be appropriate for larger targets at longer distances.


If you know how to decipher scope numbers, you can learn a lot about a scope. The first component of a scope number is magnification, but what about the other parts?

Next to the X, you'll find a number in millimeters that represents the size of the objective lens. Your scope's objective lens is located at the end of the scope near the muzzle.

You need to know these names!

When a scope is referred to as "three to nine by forty," it signifies that it has a magnification range of 3x to 9x with a 40mm objective lens.

Perhaps there's an additional digit or two. This implies that the diameter of the scope ring is also specified. However, there are some models that employ 30mm rings instead of 1-inch rings. When you notice a 30 added to the effective focal size, it indicates that the scope requires a 30mm ring to be mounted.


Reticles are the crosshairs you see overlaid over your objective as you look down your scope. They are available in a variety of designs, and some scope makers even allow you to select the type of reticle you want in your scope..

It is more difficult to see targets at greater distances with thinner reticles, but they are better suited for smaller ones. The thicker the reticle, the more difficult it is to see small or faraway targets.

A few reticle types are available.

As long as the battery lasts, certain scopes have LED-illuminated reticles, in which the reticle glows green or red. Keep spare batteries on hand or a technique to use the crosshairs even if it's not lit up.

Reticles are also available with tiny dots, hash lines, or other marks on the vertical line of the reticle. In order to assist you in determining where to hold, these markers are provided. Your crosshairs will show you exactly where to hold for target that are at least 200 yards away, 300 yards away, and so on if your sights are sighted perfectly at 100 yards.


Windage (lateral) and elevation (vertical) adjustments should be available on every scope (up and down). Parallax and focus adjustments should also be visible.

A dial or a knob can be used to modify your reticle's windage and elevation so that your shots land exactly where the reticle tells them to, so you don't miss. Zeroing a firearm is another term for this.



It's like focusing a microscope: the reticle gets sharper as you turn the focus knob Adjust the scope's reticle so it appears clear and sharp against a dark backdrop.

While it isn't as vital for airsofters to know what parallax adjustments do, it is still important to grasp what this adjustment accomplishes.

The effect of parallax, which causes an object's position or direction to appear to alter depending on how it is viewed, will be briefly discussed here.

Eye Relief

Make absolutely sure your eye isn't squashed against the scope of your airsoft rifle, even if it doesn't recoil as severely. Why? Is this your first time getting punched? That is why.

During a rifle's recoil, the sight is carried backward and directly into your eye. Scope bite, as it's referred to, may be quite painful, and it can also cause damage to your scope and face.

What is the distance between your scope and your eyeball? Check!

The word "eye relief" refers to the distance between your eye and the scope, which is typically influenced by the scope on its own and your personal preferences.

When it comes to shooting with a scope, it doesn't matter how much eye relief you have if you don't know how to properly shoulder your weapon.

How to Choose a Scope


We will never stop stressing the importance of reliability. While flashy gear may be fun for a few games, durable gear will last your a lifetime of competitive play.

Failing equipment is a bummer. It has the potential to spoil your game, get you shot, cost you a fortune, and just be a pain in the neck.

When shopping for scopes, aim for ones that are not only long-lasting but also capable of holding zero, meaning that its settings will not be affected even if the scope is jolted.

Make certain that your scope can maintain with everything you'll encounter in a game.


Despite their humble beginnings, scopes have come a very long way from their debut, and today's scopes are packed with features and possibilities.

A matte, long-lasting finish is what you're after in the end. You'll want a reticle that looks good and is easy to see, so be picky about the color. If you plan on playing in humid environments, you should invest in a fog-proof scope. If you're going to be playing in all kinds of weather, a waterproof scope is a good idea.

A fog- and weather-proof sight keeps your focus on the target.

A wide range of scopes are available to meet your requirements and expand with you as your expertise increases.

Can You Use Regular Scopes For Your Airsoft Battle?

You can do it, but you should refrain from doing so. So, here's why:

When a genuine gun fires, the projectile and gas that escape the barrel cause the recoil. It is, however, from the piston and springs that airsoft rifles recoil.

This can have a significant impact. With such a large amount of energy, the piston slams into its final resting place in the compression chamber.

Weapons recoil in this manner. When you pull the trigger, the gun recoils against your body. That means there are two simultaneous recoils taking place in opposite directions at the same moment.

What's the connection between this and the scope?

If your scope isn't built to handle these unique demands, it's going to break down under the strain.

More than a few costly scopes have been destroyed when attached to airsoft rifles. That's a tough one to swallow, I know.

Your conventional scope may still not be able to perform the work that you desire when attached to an airsoft scope, even if it doesn't come apart.

If you have a good airsoft scope, you'll be focused down to a distance of 10 meters without any parallax. In contrast, traditional scopes are intended to be parallax-free at a distance of up to 100 meters.

What Should I Look Out For In A Red Dot Scope?

If you want an excellent scope, you should be able to see at least 20 meters away.

As a point of aim, some scopes utilize a green or red dot, while others employ a different shape.

The size, shape, and weight of a scope may be affected by the type of battery it uses.

A large scope is often harder to break than a small one, with tiny scopes being more susceptible to breakage. When you're fighting in the woods, this is not a nice thing to have.

The size of the viewing window varies from scope to scope. Most are 30mm in diameter. The height of scope mounts can also vary, depending on the type of scope. With goggles, a higher scope mount can be useful.

For short-distance shooting, lower scope mounts are more accurate since they are closer to the barrel.


What is an airsoft gun scope?

An airsoft gun scope is a piece of equipment that is normally fitted to the top of an airsoft gun. It consists of a tube with a lens at the end that allows you to focus your attention on distant targets.

Why should I use an airsoft gun scope?

When you install a scope on your airsoft gun, it provides you with better accuracy and precision when aiming at targets. The greater aim means that you have a better chance of striking the target and landing a devastating shot. This means that if your team is aiming to capture territory or remove another team, you will have a greater chance of succeeding.

If I attach a scope onto my airsoft gun, does it increase the range from which I can shoot?

In general, yes. Scopes have been intended to let you look at your target more clearly so that when you take aim and fire, you enhance your chance of hitting it. This is why snipers in the military utilize scopes on their rifles when they are aiming to take out a target from a long distance since it boosts their accuracy and precision at that range.

How high or low can I mount my scope?

The higher you mount your scope, the more accurate it will be. However, if you mount it too high, there is a potential that you may not be able to utilize it as effectively because your airsoft pistol will have a relatively small inner barrel. In general, you want to install the scope so that the centerline of the lens sits at roughly half an inch from the top of the RIS rail on which you place it.

How much does an airsoft gun scope cost?

A scope for airsoft can cost anywhere from $50 to $400, depending on the model. You can get scopes that are less expensive that are constructed of plastic or metal alloys, but if you want the highest quality sight, you will have to spend a little more money.

What is an airsoft scope?

Airsoft sights are available in a variety of designs and sizes. A few of them are made of low-cost materials, while others are crafted from metals of superior quality. However, there are also longer-range scopes available that allow you to knock out your opponents from a greater distance.

Do airsoft scopes work?

Scopes for airsoft guns are effective, as long as they have the appropriate magnification ratio. Higher magnification levels enable you to engage your adversary from a greater distance.

What is an airsoft scope's reticle like?

The reticles used in airsoft scopes differ depending on the model and kind. A red dot sight, magnified scopes, and other sorts of special scopes with crosshairs are all available for use in aiming at your adversary's position. In order to display the reticle, each type has its own unique technique for doing it.

What are some types of airsoft scopes?

There are a variety of sights that can be used as airsoft gun scopes, including red dot sights, reflector optical sights, magnified scopes, laser aiming devices, and holographic weapon sights. For long-range shooting, there are also variable zoom scopes available.

What are some good brands for airsoft scopes?

There are literally countless brands to choose from. BelOMO, Echo1, King Arms, and A & K are just a few of the well-known names in the firearms industry. Each brand has its own set of variations in terms of quality and pricing.

How do I know which type of scope to buy?

When purchasing an airsoft scope, there are numerous criteria to take into consideration. Assault rifles, sniper rifles, and submachine guns, for example, are all options. You must select the most appropriate reticle for your shooting style.

There is a difference between fixed magnification scopes and variable magnification scopes; determine which will perform best for your style of shooting by comparing their specifications. Next, you should consider the scope's longevity as well as the materials that were used in its construction.

What's a good price for an airsoft gun with a scope?

It depends on the type of firearm and the specifications of the gun, but airsoft guns with scopes can cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on the model. In most cases, mid-range airsoft weapons are equipped with a conventional plastic lens that is ideal for close-range engagements but still provides excellent accuracy over a medium distance.

Higher-end models are more likely to include metal bodies as well as metal lenses, which allow for more precise pictures from longer distances than cheaper models.

Lenses can be readily replaced by unscrewing them from their corresponding airsoft guns and replacing them with new ones. Higher-priced versions will have a greater variety of scopes to pick from, offering the user a greater variety of options to suit their individual playing style.

What are some good airsoft guns with a scope?

The majority of manufacturers provide at least one line of goods that is completely dedicated to the addition of optics. For example, spring-action shotguns with replaceable rifle sights for handguns that feature scope attachments in addition to silencers and laser sighting devices are examples of this type.

Red dot sights, holographic weapon sights (HWS), telescopic sights, reflex sights, night vision devices, magnifiers, quadrants, laser guides, rangefinders, and paintball marker attachable scopes are some of the most popular options available.

How to maintain my airsoft gun scope?

The "Gun Maintenance" section of the manufacturer's website has information on cleaning and maintenance, as well as how to properly remove and install a scope on an airsoft weapon.

When do I use an airsoft gun scope?

Scopes can be fitted to airsoft weapons in order to improve their long-range accuracy and target acquisition accuracy. Their increased clarity over iron or red dot sights allows you to see your target more clearly, and any nearby scopes will pick up your spotting targets, allowing colleagues to gain a better evaluation of their surroundings.

Are airsoft gun scopes worth it?

Scopes can be prohibitively expensive, but there is no doubt that the simplicity of use and precision they provide can significantly improve your gaming experience. They also tend to have a greater range than iron sights, allowing you to see further while still being able to aim yourself properly in the same direction.

What types of airsoft gun scope are there?

There are many different types of airsoft rifle scopes available, ranging from low-cost red dot sights to high-end thermal imaging systems. Consider mounting a sight on your weapon with some additional accessories if you already have one that you like.

Some foregrips may provide better stability, while others may only be compatible with particular types of weapons or rail systems.

How do I set up my airsoft gun scope?

Before you begin playing airsoft with your newly discovered aim, it is critical that you thoroughly comprehend how to utilize your scope properly. Consider that certain scopes have different sorts of reticles compared to others, so be aware of the type of sight you have before attempting to shoot with it.

Also, if you intend to utilize an open sight, make certain that the battery compartment is securely fastened to the rail system; otherwise, BBs will fall out through the gap, rendering your sight ineffective.

How do I know if my airsoft gun scope works?

There are various methods for determining whether or not your scope is functional. One method is to look through it at some distant objects and see if they appear clear through your lens.

If this is the case, first check to see that there are no dirt particles on the lens, and if the problem persists, check to see that your scope is correctly installed on your gun rail system, or remove it from where it is supposed to be mounted.

Is my airsoft gun scope powerful enough for its intended purpose?

The answer is that it depends on what you intend to use it for, but in general, a more powerful scope will provide a greater edge over long-range targets, which is especially important when using a sniper rifle.

Do I need an adjustable objective lens (AO) for my airsoft gun scope?

Due to the fact that the basic dot/circle reticle does not require any adjustment, adjustable objective lenses are not required components of the sight itself. It can, however, be of assistance by offering parallel correction, which should enhance accuracy over vast distances if used properly.

Do I need illuminated reticles for my airsoft gun scope?

This is a personal preference, but keep in mind that lit reticles rely on batteries and may not function properly if the batteries run out, especially if you forget to check them before leaving home. As a result, we recommend purchasing high-quality batteries (1.5 V) and keeping spares on hand in case the batteries run out.

Can I use my airsoft gun scope as a magnifying glass?

For simple repairs or general inspection work around the house or ranch, some scopes, such as those used on shotguns or anti-material rifles, may include magnification settings between X1 and X10, which can transform your sight into a helpful magnifying glass.