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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 27, 2021
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Our Top Pick For American Made Gun Safes

Reviews Of The Best American Made Gun Safes From Our Research

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box Solid Alloy American Steel

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box Solid Alloy Steel Construction Large Safe for Home Office Hotel 1. 34 Cubic Feet
  • [Robust Construction]:Made of highly thick steel material for long lasting and reliable protection; Besides,it is equipped with Four 1- inch solid live-locking bolts to provide enough security
  • [Interior]:The 1.34-cubic feet-internal volume with removable shelf allows you to load enough handguns,cash, jewelry, documents(A4 SIZE without fold);The soft inner layer prevents your valuables from scratches or damages; (External size: 15 x12.6 x 18.9 inch; Internal size: 14.1 x 9.4 x 17.5 inch)
  • [Digital Lock With Manual Override]:Password plus key setting offer double securities for your valuables;Password can be changed indefinitely; 2 override keys for emergency case (such as keypad power failure), for this reason, pls make sure to hide your emergency key in a safe place
  • [High-Security Safes]: Dual alarm warning system--- Violent vibration or Three- incorrect entries can activate the alarm system;Enter the correct code, the alarm will be deactivated;Record checking---the system will record every correct password entry ( max 35 records) for easy monitoring your safe
  • [Great for Home Safe, Hotel Safe, Office Safe,Personal Safe]:The safe with an extremely high level of anti-theft function, the well-designed cabinet and classic colors will perfectly match the decoration style of your home, hotel or office, becoming one of your stylish furniture

The TigerKing Large Home Safe is a high-quality, affordable safe that suits all your security demands. It features heavy-duty 12 gauge solid steel construction and will resist pry attacks for up to 72 hours.

This solid steel construction and the use of anti-drilling, pry attack-resistant screws at the locking mechanism will keep intruders away from your belongings.

The heavy-duty spring-loaded relockers are to re-lock the safe after tampering attempts. They also absorb a lot of excess energy that would have otherwise compromised the integrity of its door frame.


  • Heavy-duty 12 gauge solid steel construction.
  • Resists pry attacks up to 72 hours.
  • Heavy-duty spring-loaded lockers protect the door frame from excessive force.
  • Spring-loaded relockers absorb impact energy.
  • Gauge steel
  • Anti-drilling, pry attack-resistant screws at the locking mechanism.
  • Come with 2 live-action door bolts and 1 drill-resistant hard plate.
  • Comes with a factory-installed high-quality electronic lock with 4 user-programmable codes.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Factory-installed high-quality electronic lock.
  • It can be bolted to the floor or wall for added security.
  • Comes with mechanical lockers and a drill-resistant hard plate.
  • The high-strength solid steel locking bolts provide ultimate protection against hammer and drill attacks, as well as leverage attacks.


  • Inner dimensions are smaller than advertised.
  • The quality of the inner lining is a bit questionable.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination 1.23 Cubic Feet Gray

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination 1.23 Cubic Feet Gray
  • Fireproof safe is UL Classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior temperatures safe for irreplaceable documents, valuables, DVDs, and USBs; ETL Verified to withstand a 15 foot fall during a fire and remain closed
  • Waterproof safe is ETL Verified for 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches deep offering peace of mind in the event of a flood
  • Preset dial combination fire safe with secondary locking key for strong security; Combination safe features 4 live-locking bolts, steel construction, pry-resistant hinge bar, shelf, and bolt down hardware
  • Exterior: 16.3 inch W x 19.3 inch D x 17.8 inch H; Door requires 14.75 inch of clearance to fully open; Interior: 12.6 inch W x 11.9 inch D x 13.8 inch H; Large 1.23 cubic foot capacity; Weighs 86 pounds
  • Should your fireproof safe be damaged by fire or water, SentrySafe will provide a replacement safe so the things that matter most are protected for generations to come; US based customer service for product-related questions and services

The Sentry Safe SFW123DSB is a fireproof safe and waterproof safe that provides you with more than enough storage space for your valuables. Its patented door seals and body gasket will provide you with unparalleled security against break-ins, fires, water leaks, and other disasters of all kinds. It features a high-quality electronic lock that allows you to program up to 8 different user codes and has unique keys for each one of them. The sealed battery compartment will allow you to use all those intruder-proof features even in power outages.


  • Patented door seals and body gaskets protect against fire, water leaks, and other disasters.
  • The high-quality electronic lock allows you to program up to 8 different user codes and comes with unique keys for each one of them.
  • It uses 4 AA alkaline batteries that are not included in the package.
  • Programmable relock timer.
  • Easy to use keypad lock.


  • Highly efficient fire protection system.
  • Keeps burglary tools out of sight and reach of children with the included key override feature.
  • It can be bolted to the floor or wall for added security.
  • The built-in water alarm and the automatic re-locking system will go off when it is exposed to water leaks.
  • Extremely waterproof safe, and its door seals have been independently tested for up to 30 minutes of underwater submersion at a depth of 15 feet.


  • The price tag is high considering its lack of burglary protection features.
  • The number lock is very sticky and hard to use.

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables, Ivory

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables, Ivory
  • The Quick Vault is designed to install in between the wall studs and mounts flush with the wall’s surface
  • Sport type: Hunting

The V-Line Quick Vault locking storage is a heavy-duty gun vault that comes with steel reinforced pry-resistant clasps. It can hold up to 2 rifles or other valuables and features a steel-reinforced door, thick plated walls, and a combination lock for maximum security. The built-in hinge reinforcement will make sure your safe stay sturdy, and the steel-reinforced door will keep it in place after years of use.


  • Heavy-duty steel reinforcement at the door and hinge.
  • Steel reinforced pry-resistant clasps to keep your valuables secure in case of burglary attempts.
  • The combination lock, the steel-reinforced door, and the thick plated walls will make sure that your belongings stay safe and sound in case of break-ins.
  • The steel-reinforced handle will let you open the vault with ease.
  • Comes with a factory-installed high-quality combination lock.


  • Highly resistant to prying attacks thanks to its steel reinforcement at the door and hinge.
  • Very well priced, considering the high quality of its construction.
  • Durable lock that comes with a factory-installed high-quality combination lock.
  • The ergonomically designed grip will make sure you can carry it around with comfort all day long.


  • The user manual is not very clear when it comes to how to open and close the safe.

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe - Safely secure your valuables or handgun in the new Home Defender

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe - Safely secure your valuables or handgun in the new Home Defender
  • The most reliable biometric system available
  • Quick and Secure finger swipe access
  • 15 Fingerprint Memory - Auto-Open Door - Lighted Interior
  • Tamper Resistant Design - Fits most handgun sizes
  • Key Backup - 5 year warranty - Includes AC adapter

This biometric handgun safe from Liberty Safes uses finger ID technology to recognize the user and open it in a matter of seconds. The Home Defender Series allows you to store items in one room, then have quick access when defending your home from up to 150 feet away through the use of an accompanying mobile app. You can program the bulletproof door to open for one of 10 fingerprints or one of 20 voice codes.


  • A fingerprint-activated locking mechanism.
  • An interior storage compartment for guns or valuables.
  • Up to 150 ft range for the smart vault.
  • It's perfect for storing guns and other valuables inside a safe that also lets the user quickly access them with fingerprint activation.
  • The quick access design
  • A steel monitor shelf and a digital keypad entry.


  • If someone tries to pry open the safe or force its door open with brute strength, it will go off an alarm.
  • It has enough room for guns.
  • It can be opened in less than 6 seconds thanks to its locking mechanism that uses finger ID technology.
  • Easy to install, it can fit in most closets and behind doors for additional security.


  • The user needs to place their fingers inside the scanner in order to store fingerprints.
  • There is no override or emergency key mechanism if the batteries die out or if it breaks down.

BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe
  • 【High-Quality Secure Safe】BARSKA DOJ Approved Biometric Safe is the ultimate in quick access security solution for your valuables and handguns.
  • 【Solid Steel Construction】Solidly built with 100% steel walls, tamper-resistant inner edges, and 2 built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts ensuring your valuables put away from the intruders.
  • 【Advanced Biometric Scanner】Our top-quality biometric scanner allows access to your valuables in just 2.5 seconds with the simple scan of a fingerprint. Stores up to 120 Fingerprints.
  • 【Ultra-Compact Storage】With 0.8 ft3, the Biometric Safe has all the space needed to secure ammo, medicine, jewelry, and private documents. The safe also fits practically anywhere for unrivaled convenience.
  • 【Optional Silent Mode】Safe features a silent mode that enables stealthy home defense.

The Barska Biometric Safe from Barska, one of the best gun safe manufacturers, is a durable handgun safe that comes equipped with fingerprint ID technology.

The user can store up to 30 fingerprints inside the safe and lock their valuables away in a matter of seconds. This multifunctional safe can be used to store your handgun and other accessories. It can also double as a small gun safe or as a jewelry box.


  • A fingerprint-activated locking mechanism.
  • A built-in electrical outlet that has 2 USB ports for charging devices while the safe is locked.
  • An interior storage compartment for guns, cash & valuables.
  • Comes with a mounting bracket for added security.


  • Well priced, considering the high quality of its construction.
  • Highly resistant to prying attacks thanks to its steel-reinforced wheels and door lock.
  • Fast placement & removal time for fingerprints, you can store and use up to 30 prints without any problem.


  • The safe is a bit heavy.
  • It doesn't come with a proper indicator light when it comes to low battery life for the safe's fingerprint scanner.

Buyer's Guide For American Made Gun Safes

The best American-made gun safes are those that will keep their contents secure while remaining accessible to the owner.

There are several models available from the top manufacturers in this country, and cost varies widely depending on the features, quality of construction, and size.

Our article will identify your needs and recommend some of the best gun safes made in the USA for you.

There are various types of safes that you can buy, and the most important thing when investing in one is to check whether it offers enough protection for your valuables. There are a few things to keep in mind before you settle on a certain model; here is what to look for:

An Electronic Lock

This is the most secure type of safe that you can buy. It uses a combination of an RFID card to open it, and once it is closed, no one can get inside without your passcode or code. The only downside is that they are a bit more expensive compared to standard models, but if you have a lot of valuables, it is worth the investment. It also makes a great way to securely store your passcode and prevent people from breaking in and accessing your locker or safe.

A Combination Lock

If you have two key holders, this can be a great option because if one of them loses their key or forgets the code, you can still get inside. They are decently priced and will make sure that no one else but you has access to your items.

Inside and Outside Pockets

Having places where you can store smaller goods is great because it will keep larger valuables from bumping around while you move with the safe. They will also help to keep things organized and prevent them from getting lost while you move around with the safe.

Another thing that you should consider is the size of the safe; this will give you an idea if it can fit in your room or not. If it cannot fit then, you can always get a larger one for the same price.

Size of Gun Safe

Since the size of the gun safe will determine how many guns you can put inside it, a bigger one is always better.

Depending on the number of firearms that you own, you should decide whether or not to go for a smaller model. Only you know what is best in your case, and in the end, all that matters is that you get a safe that provides safety and protection for your valuables.


Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the material the safe came from. There are many companies that make their safes out of laminated steel or downright steal.

In other words, these gun safes can be easily broken into if attacked with a crowbar and thus unsuitable for storing your most valuable items.

If you want something that will last for a long time and provide the security you need to store your valuables, make sure to invest in a gun safe made from good quality materials.

Number of Guns

If you only own one or two firearms, then a pistol safe is enough to keep them protected. On the other hand, if you have a larger collection of guns and other valuable items, it would be better to invest in an American-made gun safe that can hold all your weapons.


The last thing you need to consider is the price and whether or not it suits your budget. A safe can either be cheap but with poor quality or expensive if it has a lot of features.

One thing that you should never forget is that if you invest in a gun safe, then make sure that it gives you the protection that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions For American Made Gun Safes

What is an American-made gun safe?

A USA-made gun safe refers to safes that are assembled in the US. They come with a range of security features and can be bought from many online stores or local gun shops.

Just make sure to buy one that meets your needs, and you will not have any problems when using it.

Where to find the best gun safes made in America?

The best place to look for American-made gun safes is your local stores, where you can compare different models in person.

What are the features of a good American Made Gun Safe?

A good American-made gun safe should have all the features that you need to keep your guns and other valuables safe.

They can be great for keeping them away from fire as well as other elements that can damage them.

What is the best American-made gun safe?

The main thing to consider when looking for a made in the USA gun safe is your budget and personal preferences.

You need to know what you want from a gun safe so that it can meet all your needs in terms of security, size, etc.

What is it like to own an American-made gun safe?

Made in USA gun safes are known for their durability. You can expect them to last for many years without losing any of their features or security properties.

One thing that you should know about these safes is that they come in various sizes and are designed to protect your belongings from a variety of threats. The great thing is that not only can they protect your gun from fire, but they can also be used to store other valuables.

The main advantage of American-made gun safes is that if you buy a good one, then it will always remain functional for years.

Does an electronic lock on a safe need to be monitored for malfunctions?

Some electronic locks are known to malfunction and thus render the safe useless. To avoid getting into such a situation, you should always keep an eye on the indicator lights because they will tell you if there is something wrong with the lock.

In this case, it would be best to contact our team of experts right away for assistance. Also, if you notice any changes in the way it operates, then you should contact our team.

What is a safe made for?

There are many types of safes on the market, and each one offers different security features.

While some of them can be used in order to store your firearms and other valuables, others are great for storing documents and other important papers if you want to know more about the various types of safes that are available on the market.

How much does a gun safe cost?

The price is always subjective and determined by many factors such as size, the material used for making it, etc. As a rule of thumb, it is always better to invest in a safe that will provide the protection you need and last for many years without losing its functionality.

Are American Made Gun Safes accepted in all states?

Although there are many states where a gun safe is required by law, most of them still accept American-made gun safes. If you want to know more about the laws regarding gun safes in your state, then take some time to look it up online.

Is it mandatory to have a gun safe?

It is not an obligation, but most people who own firearms store them in safes. This is because owning guns comes with great responsibilities, and you need to make sure that your weapons cannot fall into the wrong hands.

What is the fire rating for a gun safe?

The fire rating is dependent on several factors, such as the duration, heat, and other elements that are present during a fire. When we talk about the duration of a fire, then we mean how long you can be protected after you close the safe door.

Final Thoughts

There are many options available on the market, but if you want to find a quality American-made gun safe for your home. We encourage you to do some research so that you know what is out there and which one will suit your needs best.

When looking for the best American-made gun safe, it's important to remember that there are many factors that influence the final decision.

The main thing to remember is your budget and the security features you need. If you take these things into consideration, then it will be much easier for you to pick a safe that will last for many years without losing any of its functionality.