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Appendix Holster With Mag

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Buyer's Guide: Appendix Holster With Mag

Features of an Appendix Holster With Magazines

The appendix holsters with Mag fastener is one of the easiest to use and one of the most popular holsters to carry. It is a belt pouch that attaches to your belt through the belt loops of the front sight base. This gives it the adjustable cant of any gun and most of the times it is very sturdy and comfortable. The gun can be drawn out in a relaxed position and fired. It is designed with the user in mind. That is why so many people prefer to use it for their firearm.

There are some things you will want to look at when deciding to buy the appendix holster with Mag. The first is the rigidity of the belt clip. You will have to determine the ride height of what you will be carrying. If you are a lighter person, you will probably want a shorter and slimmer type of rig. If you are heavier, a longer and wider type of rig may be better for you.

One of the features to consider is whether or not you will be carrying it in the folded position or the locked and unlocked open position. If you are a smaller person, then the folded position may be good for you. If you are a bigger person, then the unlocked open position may be your best bet. A holster with a short barrel extension can be held in the folded position and be pulled out very easily if needed. If the extension is too long you may wind up with the gun sticking out from underneath your waistband.

Many appendix holsters with Mag are designed with an open bottom. This is important for many reasons. First off it allows the pistol to be carried inside your pants. Since this is not a very concealable weapon, it has to stay within an easy reach. Not only does this allow for a quick draw, but you will find yourself much more confident carrying it for concealed carry.

Some of the top-rated appendix holsters have a special clip that attaches to the top of the belt. High-quality holsters will usually include a strong red or leather cord with the clips. This is great because it makes it much easier to carry the gun and much more comfortable to wear. The strong cord will also protect your gun in case it gets accidentally grabbed by a bigger, stronger assailant.

The next feature to look for is whether or not there is a thumb break on the holster. There should be enough strength so that you can break the holster open if need be. However, you don't want it to be so weak that you can't get the gun out. If there is too much retention then you won't have much of a break when you need it.

Finally, you should make sure that the holster includes a trigger guard. A good trigger guard will prevent your gun from firing when the trigger is pulled. It will also prevent the gun from being accidentally fired when the trigger is released. The best type of trigger guards will have a loop system so that you can slide it back easily on the pistol.

The appendix carry style of holster works very well with some models of semi-automatics. It is an ideal choice for anyone who needs an easy way to carry their gun wherever they go. These are easy to adjust the holster to fit your upper thigh, and can easily be removed and worn on your belt if needed. Many people prefer this type of holster because they are comfortable and secure. Many who have never used a handgun before find that this type of holster is easier to use and more comfortable than some of the other brands on the market.