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The Best AR 15 Trigger Guards

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ON SALE!Rank 1
Magpul MOE Polymer Trigger Guard, Black
  • Enhanced polymer drop in replacement
  • Features a shallow "V" shape for better use of gloves or...
  • Non-folding, has rounded edges, and fills the annoying "gap"...
  • All mounting hardware included
Rank 2
Red Iron Tactical Enhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard (Black)
  • Features a shallow "V" shape for better use of gloves in...
  • Magazine reload assist, Magazine feed ramp for easy reload....
  • Eliminates the gap at the rear of the guard, and better...
  • Also works well with most 308 platforms but some custom...
  • Includes: Front and rear screws, easy to tighten the trigger...
Rank 3
Magpul MOE Polymer Trigger Guard, Flat Dark Earth
  • Enhanced polymer drop in replacement
  • Features a shallow "V" shape for better use of gloves or...
  • Non-folding, has rounded edges, and fills the annoying "gap"...
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Made in USA
Rank 4
LOCKOOS Aluminum Alloy 6061 T6 Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard...
  • 【Practical Design】Enhanced trigger guard is designed...
  • 【Easily Trigger Guard】Fill the width gap on the receiver...
  • 【Multi-function trigger guard】Offers an easier and safer...
  • [Perfect craftsmanship] Trigger guard use 6061-T6...
  • 【Easy to Install】Trigger guard front and rear screws...
Rank 5
GOTICAL All Aluminum 6061 T6 Operator Oversize Drop in...
  • GOTICAL All Aluminum 6061 T6 Operator Oversize Drop in...
  • This aluminum drop in replacement trigger guard for the...
  • Oversized area for better performance with our without...
  • The edges are rounded and it fills the gap at the rear of...
  • Also works well with most 308 AR platforms but some custom...
ON SALE!Rank 6
Wheeler Engineering Trigger Guard Install Tool for...
  • DIMENSIONS: 6.7” H x 5” W x 1” D
  • DURABLE: Construction made of aluminum with a MIL-SPEC...
  • INCLUDES: Comes with an install pin and un-install pin
  • RELIABLE: Precisely control and install the trigger guard...
  • CONVENIENT: Pins are stored in the frame of the tool
Rank 7
MOUNKING Aluminum Alloy Trigger Guard, Black
  • 【308 platforms】The trigger guard is suitable for most...
  • 【Unique design】Features a shallow "V" shape design is...
  • 【Quality Material】Aircraft grade aluminum construction...
  • 【Function】Functions as safe finger index rest, and...
  • 【Cleaner, faster reloads】Magazine reload assist,...
Rank 8
JDAMALEYWO Aluminum Alloy Trigger Guard
  • Works on most 308 platforms, but may require some custom...
  • Fill the width gap on the receiver and trigger the channel...
  • Shallow "V" shape design better use of gloves in tactical...
  • Precision machined from aluminum alloy for easy installation
  • Aluminum alloy Trigger Guard ,Front screw, Rear needle...
ON SALE!Rank 9
Mission First Tactical Enhanced Trigger Guard, Black
  • Held in place with included standard roll pins
  • Product Type :SPORTING GOODS
  • country of origin :United States
  • package weight :4.0lbs
  • package dimensions :1.7 cm L x 8.8 cm W x 12.4 cm H
ON SALE!Rank 10
Magpul Alum Enhanced Trigger Guard, Black
  • Black anodized aluminum drop in replacement
  • Features a shallow V-shape for better use of gloves in cold...
  • Non-folding, has rounded edges, and fills the annoying "gap"...
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Made in USA
  • Features a shallow "V" shape for better use of gloves in...
  • Non-folding, has rounded edges, and fills the annoying "gap"...
  • Made in USA

Buyer's Guide

Buyers Guide: What To Look For When Buying AR 15 Trigger Guards

The solution is straightforward: safety. Trigger guards allow you to rest your finger on the trigger until you're ready to fire. Safety Rule 2 mandates that you should never place your finger on the trigger until you're ready to discharge a shot.

Trigger guards protect your weapon from accidental discharge when it is in your hands or on a table. When you're out hunting or fighting and don't want to accidentally shoot anything, these guards come in handy. Being able to catch your breath quickly is especially critical when confronted with a rapid and unexpected shock or stimulus. If you don't, your gun may squeak if you move about with it.

The use of trigger guards while wearing gloves might also be beneficial. A trigger guard can be placed around the trigger, or it can be moved away from the trigger (such as for arctic conditions). The environment has the final say.

Trigger guards make it easier for the shooter to locate the trigger even in inclement weather like rain, snow, or complete darkness because of the tactile cues they provide. This reduces the need to constantly search for the trigger.

AR 15 Trigger Guards

Kinds of AR-15 trigger guards

There are a wide variety of AR-15 trigger guards on the market to choose from. Identifying the two primary categories was based only on how they were created.

Milled Trigger Guard

Trigger guards with machined edges are the first option available. Because they need more time and effort to produce, their replacement costs are higher.

Stamped Trigger Guard

Recently, newly designed stamping-style trigger guards were created to save money. They were less complicated and less expensive to build. You can frequently bend them back into form to continue using them if they start to wear.

AR 15 Trigger Guards Category According to Use and Shape

Straight AR-15 trigger guards

Lower receivers come with straight AR-15 trigger guards. People with bigger fingers will have difficulty shooting an AR-15 since the loop is so tiny.

U or V shape AR 15 trigger guards

For bigger hands or gloves, AR-15 trigger guards with U-or V-shaped designs provide additional area around the trigger.

Deep U or V shape AR 15 trigger guards

Thick gloves are ideal for people with big hands. They can potentially obstruct your AR-15's path of fire.

Factors To Think About When Buying AR 15 Trigger Guard

With so many variables to consider, it's difficult to pinpoint the ideal trigger lock. We will go through each of these aspects in great depth in order to give you an idea of what to expect. Finding the greatest pistol trigger lock should not be difficult.


One of the main advantages of a pistol trigger lock is its mobility. Trigger locks for guns are an absolute necessity for anyone who needs to travel with their firearms in a secure manner.

Lock Mechanism

Combination locks, keyed locks, and biometric locks are all types of trigger locks. We'll go into more detail about each of these in turn.

Key Locks

The most common type of trigger lock is a keyed lock. Keyed locks are a popular alternative since they don't require the user to remember a combination or twist dials. They'll have a key that lets them be accessible under extreme pressure.

A key loss may be a major issue if you lose it. The key can be a headache if you're anything like me. With a rapid release trigger lock, you'll be able to utilize it right away.

Coded Locks

Combination trigger locks do not rely on the presence of a key to function. This is a time and trouble-saver. You must, however, keep in mind the precise combination. Gunfire necessitates recalling the combination.

Biometric Locks

The biometric trigger lock provides the quickest means of admission. To open the scanner, place your finger in front of it and keep it there. Safes on nightstands, where valuables are kept, usually have these locks installed.

There is a drawback to using these locks. The biometric gun lock is cumbersome and needs a lot of battery life. If the scanner isn't powered up, it won't operate. There is good news for forgetful scanner users, since many of these devices come with numerous keys.


The greatest gun trigger locks will last a lot longer than the average ones. They'll last as long as the materials they're made of. Plastics and polymers are commonly used in low-cost locks, making them vulnerable to a skilled burglar.

We don't even need to think about any of these possibilities. Zinc and stainless steel are good metals to look for in heavy-duty versions. If a trigger lock isn't built from a durable substance, it's not worth the money.

Gun Size

The size of the trigger locks that may be used with each pistol is also critical. Trigger locks for pistols, rifles, shotguns, and many more types of firearms will be available. The gun you pick must suit the model you choose.

AR 15 Trigger Guards

AR-15 Trigger Guard Installation Instructions

Installing an AR-15 trigger guard may be done in a variety of ways. It all comes down to whether or not you're using set screws or roll pins. You'll need the following equipment:

  • A chisel
  • An allen key is necessary if set screws are being utilized
  • Lower receiver support as well as an engineering block
  • A tool used to punch holes in roll pins
  • A hex nut driver.

Set screws and roll pins are used to secure the lower receiver's front and rear attachments, respectively, to the AR-15 trigger guards.

  • The trigger guard should be positioned on the lower receiver.
  • The front attachment point is where the set screw should be placed. Use a hex wrench to tighten it.
  • Lower should be inserted into the engineering block.
  • Put a pin in it.
  • Using a roll pin punch, punch the pin into place.
  • You must insert the pin all the way.
  • After every few hits, take a breather and assess your progress.
  • Ensure that it's flushed on both ends.
  • Adjust the set screw on the front.
  • You've finished!

The AR-15 trigger guard may be installed using spring-loaded pins. After that, all you have to do is press the pins into the AR-15 lower receiver to install the trigger guard.

Final Thoughts

It shouldn't be difficult to find the right trigger lock. Follow our buying guide and read the product reviews to ensure you find the right option. This will help you prevent dangerous gun-related situations from happening in your home.


What is a Trigger Lock for?

When your firearm isn't in a locked cabinet or a safe, you can use a trigger lock to keep it secure. It is common for these locks to have a two-piece design that covers both the trigger guard and the trigger itself.

Are trigger locks required?

Where you reside has a big impact on what you can do. The rules differ from one place to another. Trigger locks are available in some areas of the United States but not in others. What gun owners are obligated to do can be found by checking local laws. To raise awareness about gun control, a local organization may give free trigger locks.

Do Trigger Locks Fit All Guns?

For different firearms, there are a variety of trigger locks available. Trigger locks for the AR15 and handgun are included. There are various universal trigger locks to keep in mind. These models are compatible with a wide range of firearms, but not all of them.

Do AR triggers break in?

The pieces will begin to break as they brush against each other. In time, I found the AR's trigger far more pleasant to use. It takes time. If you dry-fire it, it will operate OK, but a snap-cap is preferable.

What does an enhanced trigger guard do?

There are two color options for the Enhanced Trigger Guard, an anodized aluminum drop-in replacement for the AR15/M4 weapon platform. The V-shape enables the simpler usage of gloves during cold weather operations and in tactical shooting.

Should I upgrade my AR trigger?

It is imperative that your AR15 trigger be dependable and consistent if you wish to fire correctly. The best way to improve the accuracy of your rifle is to install a new trigger. When it comes to the finest triggers, there is no warning. Because you can't predict the shot's recoil, this improves accuracy. You become a better operator since it is simpler to concentrate on the current work at hand. There's no need to pull the trigger all the way back before firing a shot with a high-quality trigger. The trigger's travel is extremely short, preventing the application of excessive force that may result in the firing of erroneous rounds. In this way, the following shot may be fired more quickly. As a result, you'll be able to shoot deeper and with more precision.

What's the point of a trigger guard?

This portion of your handgun is known as a "trigger guard" and is critical. As a result, the trigger is protected from any harm, even from your own finger.

Do trigger guards work?

In order to prevent accidental discharges, trigger locks were not designed to be used with loaded firearms. This may make an already lethal weapon much more lethal. A tiny bar or rod slips through the gun's trigger guard to lock the trigger.

Are trigger guards safe?

In order to prevent accidental discharges, trigger locks cannot be used with loaded firearms. A loaded gun would be considerably more lethal if it had a trigger lock. Trigger locks can give the impression of safety, but they can also be used to increase the risk of injury.

Do guns come with a trigger lock?

Many weapons come with a trigger lock as standard equipment. A trigger lock also prevents accidental discharges by securing the trigger. You can protect your family and your children with a trigger lock.

Additional Information

Protect your gun at all times with an AR 15 Trigger Guard

AR 15 Trigger Guards are one of the most popular security products on the market today. If you don't have one installed in your pistol at the moment, there is no time like the present to get one. You are less likely to be shot by a criminal if your sidearm is securely held, after all.

Many people own a pistol that they don't use. They simply put it in the drawer, never to be seen, and never bothered to find out where it went after they sold it or gave it away. But, guns that aren't in use can be just as at risk as those that are.

For example, a hunter may not be using his gun at the time he visits his hunting spot. He may be relaxing in his vehicle, or simply waiting for other hunters to show up. Suddenly, his gun starts to fire, and the bullet flies toward his head. This could end horribly, or lead to death by a long shot. Who knows?

This may have happened to a friend of yours. He got his gun out of the drawer, put it in a practice range, and then went hunting. Instead of finding his gun right away, however, he found nine holes in his shirt. The clothing was covered in blood, so he called the police, who took him to the hospital, where he was examined, cleaned, and the wounds were closed.

This illustrates just how important an AR 15 Trigger Guard is. Even if you never use your gun, it's better to have it under lock and key than to chance it going off when you are relaxing in your vehicle or just sitting down to have a lunch with your friends. You never know what might happen while you are out and about, so it's best to make sure that your gun is secure. Don't let it fall into the wrong hands. You can protect yourself and your family by always having it close by.

They have been used for years, but there are many new variations on this theme that you will want to look at. They can be used with either an AR-15 or a regular sized pistol. They fit snuggly around the pistol and the detachable box is placed in the front, behind the trigger, to keep your pistol safe until you are ready to use it. They will work with any semi-automatic or fully automatic handgun.

There are different styles of AR 15 Trigger Guards to choose from, depending on what type of pistol you have. Some are fully adjustable, allowing the user to change the height and length of the device to fit your hand. This makes it safer and more comfortable to hold. There are also some guards that are fully padlockable, which means that only select people will be able to pop open your pistol's trigger. There are other padlock guards available as well, but these are the most popular ones used in training sessions and shooting ranges.

When shopping for these items, make sure that you choose one that best fits your needs. Also, be sure to check the laws in your particular state concerning these items. If you must have one, purchase one that is legal in your state. There are also several websites devoted entirely to AR 15 Trigger Guards. Here you will find reviews and information about the products and retailers, along with their addresses. If you are in the market for one, these websites can prove very helpful in making your decision.