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AR15 Carry Bags

Bulldog Cases "Ultra Compact" AR-15 Discreet Carry Case in...
  • Smallest AR-15 case available
  • Durable nylon, water-resistant outer shell with padded...
  • Fits firearms up to 27"
  • Brushed Tricot with soft Scratch-resistant inner lining

Buyer's Guide: AR15 Carry Bags

What To Look For In A AR15 Carry Bag

You may not have considered the possibilities that come with an AR15 Carry Bag. It is easy enough to think about how awesome it would be to grab a bag and "travel" with your gun in it, but there are some other considerations to make. First of all, you need to understand the differences between the various types of bags that are out there.

In the beginning, the "carry bag" was the original bag design. This was the first type that made it into a mass-market product, and for the most part, it remains the one used the most. These bags can be inexpensive, but many of them do not have much padding or other compartments inside them. They are typically made of some canvas or vinyl material and can be made very quickly as well. This means that you have no real size or weight constraints when choosing this type of carrying bag.

The next option is the "backpack carrier" or "snap-hook." This smaller design still carries the weight and volume of a regular backpack, but it does so more compactly and stylishly. It is often used as a daypack, but it can be carried overnight as well.

The third choice, and probably the most popular, is the AR15 carry bag that we see used by Special Forces and other hunters today. This is a very lightweight bag that is designed to be as comfortable and secure as possible. The idea is that the user should carry the load and move freely without worrying about the bag falling around them or getting knocked off their back. This is because these bags are generally too big and heavy to use as a backpack. Also, they are not very comfortable to carry.

The next choice is to go with an external pack. External bags are those that are carried on the user's hips. They usually have some strap that goes across the chest and the bottom of the shoulders. They are often used as daypacks because they are fairly small but still have all the necessary features for the hunter. These bags usually have a bit of a side opening to one side. This opening is used to insert your keys or any other small item you need to carry.

One downside to external packs is that they do not have a padded back. However, most external packs do have a padded front, which makes them great for carrying in rough terrain. The downside to these bags is that they are much heavier than the average backpack, and it will take much longer for you to get to your desired location if you have to carry them. This makes them better suited for heavier backpacking trips where your time is limited.

Many hunters prefer the use of one of the new kids on the block - the tactical pack. These bags look similar to an average backpack and are usually made of nylon and polymer. These bags have a large number of compartments on them and can hold a lot of items. Many times, these packs can even house a lot of accessories. These bags can be bought with or without a padded back, and some people like to use these when they go on extended hunting trips or backpacking trips where they will be carrying a lot of gear.

The best bag to buy is the one that you will feel most comfortable carrying. It would help if you always took the time to try out different types of packs before purchasing. If you go to a sporting goods store, try to look at the various models and then decide which one you like best. Do not make your decision based on price; but instead, look at the quality and durability of the pack. If you are buying the bag because it is the best possible price, you may be sacrificing comfort and ease for price.