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Armadillo Holsters

FALCO OWB Leather Holster for Wearing on Back - Armadillo...
  • Leather OWB holster for wide variety of pistols and...
  • Top of holster with reinforced leather part for quick...
  • Made of fine natural leather

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Guide to Buying the Best holster For Your Glock

The new generation of Glocks continues to evolve with the times and with that evolution comes new gun accessories such as holsters. With a variety of manufacturers now producing them, the newest ones are made to fit not only the stainless steel model but also for the aluminum and the black powder coat models. The question is, "Are they worth the money?" Here we'll answer that question for you.

So, is the new generation of glock 17 gen 5 holsters worth the money? Of course it is! These gun holsters have all the features of the new generation glocks and in some cases even more. They are usually made of heavier grade of metal, they offer more storage room than the older style of gun holster, they allow for an easier handling of the gun, and in general they are easier to use.

The best concealed carry Ruger LCP iwb holster is one of these newer holsters. This one has a very high quality construction and excellent material. It allows the user to put the gun in through the top. It offers easy access to the top magazine tube and also offers a comfortable grip.

If you are looking for a good concealment handgun from Ruger, the best one to consider is the Ruger LCP iwb holster fits the bill. The best concealment handgun that should be considered is the Ruger LCP iwb. This one has been designed for the new generation and features a high quality product. The iwb can be easily worn with the belt during the day and taken out at night for storage or even transport. The design of the bianchi iwb is similar to the original Bianchi holster and the two systems use the same system to convert the firearm.

If you are a deer hunter and have the need for a long range weapon, the best concealment you can get is the Glock Gen 5. This is one of the newest generations of handguns. Even though the gun is relatively new, it has been improved over the years. There are many options when choosing the right concealment weapon and this includes the Glock Gen 5 holster. This is made by the TECOM Company and is a top seller in the market. This particular type of gun can also be used for hunting, military activities and even for self defense.

If you are someone who does not hunt or who does not engage in combat, you may want to choose the standard concealment handgun, which is the Ruger LCPi. This is a smaller version of the full sized glock and has a steel construction. The standard glock 17 gen 4 holsters use the same extractor and frame mechanism as the heavier duty model but the lighter weight reduces the handling and accuracy potential. Some people prefer this for their needs and so will not need the extra accuracy of the heavier duty model.

If you are a law enforcement officer or a corrections officer, the best holster for you is going to be one that allows for quick access and that provides high retention. The Glock 17 Gen 4 has both of these features and is the perfect size for this application. It is lightweight, easily concealed and offers high quality concealment. Many law enforcement personnel and corrections officers will prefer this model over the larger duty models because of these reasons.

If you are a sport shooter and need the best holster you can find, consider the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard II. It is an aluminum and polymer frame that offers steel reinforcement and a full-length belt strap along with a cinch-tight belt retention clip. This is the smallest frame available in the Gen 4 series and is perfect for tight situations where fast, precise shooting is a must such as competitions. With its shorter length and 10.4 inch overall length, it is easy to shoot from longer distances and conceal at the same time. This is the gun you want if you are a competition shooter, an outdoors guy or a guy that just needs the most comfortable gun at the job. You won't be disappointed with either the Gen III or the Gen IV Bodyguard.