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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 15, 2021
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Our Top Picks For Bedside Holsters

Reviews Of The Best Bedside Holsters From Our Research

FIREDOG Bedside Holster

The FIREDOG Bedside holster is typically worn at night, under the pajamas. The bedside holster can be attached to a bed frame or by using screws on any solid surface near your bed.
The straps are adjustable so you can choose how high up you want the handgun positioned (5-6" above the top of sheets).

Be sure to practice getting your handgun in and out of the bedside holster as quickly and smoothly as possible before you actually need it.

The holster is designed to be used with small and medium handguns (smaller than .45 cal). The handgun slides into the pocket from the top, gripped by an elastic band that holds it securely in position inside the pocket. It sits at a level where you can reach in and grab your handgun even if you are in a lying-down position. The elastic band will stretch when you slide your handgun into the pocket, and will then hold it secure until you're ready to take it out.

It is made from nylon webbing with a reinforced leather back panel for support and comfort. This makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, even while you're sleeping. Because it's made from nylon webbing, the bedside holster is also completely washable.

The holster can be attached to any solid surface using velcro attachments. It's easily removable so that you don't have to keep it in place if you are not going to be using it that night.
It can also be attached to a bed frame or by using screws on any solid surface near your bed. It's available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Small is for smaller handgun models like .380s and 9mms, while large is for larger handgun models like the .45.

A medium is a good option if you have several different handguns that will be used with it, or if you don't know what size your gun will end up being.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and washable
  • It can be attached to any solid surface
  • Secure fit
  • Elastic band holds your handgun in place inside the pocket
  • Velcro attachment allows you to attach it to any solid surface


  • Must be attached to a bed frame or other solid object near your bed.

Concealed Carrier, LLC Bedside Holster

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  • ✔ HOLDS ANY SIZE FIREARM / PHONE / MAG: Universal holster will hold any size firearm, phone, magazine, and flashlights.
  • ✔ WORKS ON MOST BEDS: Easily mounted in seconds on any box spring bed or most platform beds
  • ✔ EASILY CONCEALED: This bedside holster can be easily concealed with a sheet or a blanket
  • ✔ SLEEP SAFE: All essential items for self-defense at your side - gun, phone, knife, pepper spray, etc.
  • ✔ NON-SLIP AND HEAVY DUTY: Unlike other bedside holsters on Amazon, this is built to last and will not slip out and fall to ground.

The concealed carrier bedside holster is a great option if you want to be able to have your handgun at hand when in bed, but prefer not to have it attached directly to the bed frame.
Bedside holsters like this one can also be useful for people with young children who worry that having a holster on or even near their beds could be a dangerous distraction.

Even if you have or intend to have your holster attached to the bed frame, having one that can be removed temporarily and easily is still worth considering.

The benefit of this particular model is that you'll be able to enjoy the benefits and comfort offered by a bedside holster without needing to permanently attach it to any surface near your bed. As long as you can keep it within reach, the holster will remain accessible and functional until such time as you need to use it, at which point you can remove it from storage and attach it to your bed frame or a closet shelf.

This model is made entirely from a soft elastic material that allows smooth and quick draw of the handgun, even when you're in a lying down position. It can be easily stored under the bed when not in use or slipped into any closet shelf or drawer until needed.

It features an attachment strap that allows you to use it with any solid surface such as the side of a bed or dresser. The holster is made from elastic material with a soft fabric backing that makes it soft and comfortable against your body while also being durable enough for long-lasting use. Because it's made out of elastic, there are no rough edges.


  • Soft and washable elastic material
  • Comfortable against your body
  • No rough edges
  • Sturdy and durable material, even when stretched to its maximum capacity
  • Easy to store under most beds or in closets
  • Elastic band holds your handgun securely


  • Elastic straps loosen over time

GHFY Tactical Bed Pistol Holster, Bedside Handgun Holster

This model features two small pockets on either side that are made to hold extra ammunition for your handgun and can be easily accessed while lying in your bed. You'll never need to leave your weapon behind when you get up at night, such as when you first hear an intruder, or if you have to go to the bathroom.

It's also a good idea to keep any extra ammunition that you might need in case of emergencies close by, whether it's in your bedroom or kitchen cupboards so that you can always be ready and prepared. The dual ammo pockets are made out of thick elastic material and are large enough to hold six extra rounds per pocket. They open with Velcro flaps so that you can quickly access them if needed, but still secure your ammo safely inside.

The pocket design allows you to easily draw your handgun even while lying down or when faced with the surprise of an intruder running into your bedroom. The pockets can also be attached to a bed or other surface, making it easier to get your handgun out if you need it quickly.


  • Made from durable and sturdy elastic
  • Two large pockets to hold extra rounds for your handgun
  • Can be easily attached to the bed or other surfaces
  • Soft and comfortable against your body
  • Open with Velcro flaps for easy access to ammunition
  • The attached elastic band holds your handgun securely in place
  • No rough edges or seams


  • Doesn't work well with every type of handgun
  • Attachment straps are a little too long
  • The holster is not washable

Hochoek Mattress Gun Holster

This holster model has a wide elastic strap that makes it easy to draw your handgun even while you're in bed. It is designed to be compatible with most handguns and can be easily attached to most beds or other surfaces by using the Velcro straps provided with it.

It features a double hook system that keeps the strap securely attached when placed beneath your mattress or at the head of your bed. The hook system can also be used to attach it to other types of surfaces, such as walls and dresser drawers.

The straps are adjustable so that you can choose the best and most comfortable position for your bedside handgun holster. There is also a strap sewn into the mattress Holster to attach your gun, ensuring that it doesn't move around while you're asleep.

It is designed to fit under most king-sized beds with deep mattresses, but may not work well for shallow innerspring types. If you have a platform bed, then it may also be compatible with this model.


  • Wide elastic band design
  • Can fit around most mattresses
  • Velcro strap allows for easy attachment
  • Adjustable straps for easy positioning
  • An excellent option for attaching to platform beds with deep mattresses
  • Double hook system
  • Keep the strap securely in place under your bed
  • Compatible with most handguns and pistols


  • The holster is not washable
  • Only works with foam

BLACKHAWK 40BH00BK Bedside Holster-Ambidextrous

BLACKHAWK 40BH00BK Bedside Holster-Ambidextrous
  • Works with revolvers and semi-autos
  • Sport type: Hunting
  • Mounting platform slips between mattress and box springs
  • Holds pistol beside bed for rapid access
  • Universal-fit holster allows use with most handguns

This highly functional handgun holster is designed to be ambidextrous and can fit most handguns, whether they are small pistols or large revolvers. It has an adjustable Velcro strap that makes it easy to store almost anywhere, from nightstands to closets or under your bed mattress.

It features a wraparound design for added security, with a padded section to protect your gun and soft comfort against your hand. It is designed to fit under deep mattresses, although some users have had limited success using it with platform beds.

The holster comes with a free set of three (3) magazine pouches to hold your ammo. The holster is easy and comfortable to wear while you are sleeping and features an elastic band that keeps your gun securely in place.

If the holster doesn't work for you, Blackhawk offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can easily return or replace it if necessary. It is washable and can be easily attached to your bed frame using the provided Velcro straps.

The holster features two slots that allow you to store extra rounds of ammunition, although it's important to note that the ammo cartridges are not included with this model.


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Padded section to protect your gun's finish
  • Reduce friction damage
  • Elastic band holds your handgun securely
  • Two slots to hold extra rounds of ammunition
  • Has a free set of three (3) magazine pouches included
  • Washable
  • Easy to attach to bed using Velcro straps


  • Has a rough edge that could scratch the finish on some types of handguns
  • The holster is not compatible with revolvers

Buyer's Guide For Bedside Holsters

A bedside holster is designed to be attached to the side of a bed or a chair with a solid back. Bedside holsters are usually worn under pajamas or some other form of clothing that covers the small bulge from the pistol and holster.

They can be used for light self-defense while in bed, as well as for home defense. A lot of people like the comfort of having their handgun close at hand in this type of situation, especially if they have limited mobility or are unable to move very fast.

In this article, we compiled a list of the top 5 best bedside holsters on the market today.

Who Uses Bedside Holsters?

Bedside holsters can also be used by law enforcement officers and private citizens alike who need easy access to a handgun for self-defense in the home. They can be kept out of sight underclothing on top of nightstands or chests of drawers, behind doors, and under pillows and cushions in chairs.

These holsters are usually low profile, as they rely on their concealment for safety. However, some bedside holsters are designed to be worn over clothing and may offer some retention, though the outer garments will still be able to conceal the firearm.

Bedside Holster Features

The main features that distinguish a bedside holster from other types of holsters include:

  • A cover or flap to keep access discreet while keeping both handgun and holster in place.
  • A low profile design, to make the bedside holster as discreet as possible.
  • Bedside Holsters made with Kydex, a material that will hold its shape but also allow for adjustment if necessary.
  • The ability to be worn over clothing in some models, while others are designed to be worn only under clothing.
  • Bedside Holsters are suitable for all-sized handguns but are intended to be used with small to medium calibers. There are some models that will fit revolvers, however, they are less common and considered by many to be less useful because of the lack of quick access.
  • The main advantage of a bedside holster is its easy accessibility from the bed or chair to which it is attached. It can also be used if a person who is lying down needs to get up quickly because the handgun will already be in their hand ready to fire.
  • Bedside holsters are mainly intended for use at home and while asleep. For both of these scenarios, the handgun and bedside holster should be close to hand in case they need to defend themselves against an attacker.

Choosing A Bedside Holster

When choosing a bedside holster, it's important to take your own personal situation into account. You may want a model that can be worn over clothing if you're likely to sleep with it on or if you need to get up in the night, for example. You may also want it near your bed but not attached to it if there are young children present in your home.

Bedside holsters come in a range of materials, including nylon, leather, and Kydex. The holster type is also an important consideration, as some holster designs will have features like belt clips or loops that won't work well with the bedside holster concept.

Before you choose a bedside holster, it's worth practicing getting your handgun out of its pocket quickly and easily.

Final Thoughts

All of the above models are excellent for bedside use and will help you sleep more peacefully knowing your gun is within arm's reach. However, there is no universal model that works with every type of handgun and bed frame combination. It is important to do a bit of research before making your final purchase so that you can choose the best option.