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Bianchi Holsters

BIANCHI, 111 Cyclone Holster, Plain Tan, Size 10, Right Hand...
  • 1. 75" belt slot
  • Full grain leather, plain tan finish
  • Fully suede lined
  • Two belt loops to wear cross draw or strongside

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Bianchi Holsters: Quality Products For Law Enforcement and Other Commercial Applications

Founded by retired police officer John Bianchi, in 1958, Bianchi Holsters was founded by innovative design and unorthodox advertising tactics to bring convenience and comfort to handgun enthusiasts. In 1970, the original model "Break Front" handgun holster became just one of many first patents for Bianchi Holsters; it permitted a quick draw with a fluid motion yet held the gun from being taken by an attacker. This was a massive advancement in personal protection and self-defense.

Many quality gun shops sell Bianchi holsters designed for the S&W models of Smith & Wesson handguns. The S&W M&P line of ammunition usually comes equipped with the Bianchi duty gear accessory. Bianchi Holsters makes these sidearms a top choice for many shooters. They are available in black, blue, and stainless steel. Each of the four styles of Bianchi holsters has its unique look and feel, which is suited best for each specific model of handgun that the holster is intended to be used for.

One of the most common types of Bianchi Holsters found on firearms is the "blowback" style. This is made of a heavy-duty nylon/leather combination. There are usually two rows of slots located on the top of the unit, with each row supporting a belt clip. To draw the gun, you place your finger between the holes on either side of the belt clip. The belt then slowly but smoothly moves backward until you have it in place to secure it at the base of the handle. The blowback holster offers a solid attachment, but it can still malfunction should the wearer not be careful.

Another one of the popular styles of holsters from Bianchi is their belt loops. The belt loops from Bianchi are also known as "dry loops." The belt loops feature a thin line on the inside portion of the belt loop to support the thin leather piece. As the name suggests, the dry loop features no leather on the inside portion of the belt loop. This feature provides the user with a more sturdy attachment, although it is not nearly as strong as the blowback or the belt loop.

The final style of attachment that Bianchi offers is their "dry storage" holsters. As the name implies, dry storage holsters are made to be placed in a case or other container rather than being carried in the user's hand. These holsters have a hard time staying on the user's belt due to the lack of a belt loop. To keep the holster on the belt, all that the user needs to do is attach the top part of the holster to his/her belt with the help of a thin piece of metal known as a retention strap. This retention strap, along with the metal part of the holster, makes the holster extraordinarily sturdy and does an excellent job at containing the holster on the user's belt.

All of the styles mentioned above and the attachment mentioned above make Bianchi one of the premier leather products for both law enforcement and civilian use. The high-quality materials used by Bianchi are very appropriate for use in harsh environments. These materials make the majority of the accessories and clothing items that Bianchi manufactures. Because most of the products from Bianchi utilize high-quality leather, they are often the chosen gear by many police and other government agencies for their protective equipment. For this reason, many police departments have purchased these types of handgun holsters from Bianchi.

The leather belts from Bianchi are also well-known for being very well constructed. Many people prefer to use these leather products over other traditional leather belts because they are easier to wear. If you are an avid hunter always on the road or at work, you probably know how frustrating it can be when you want to take something out of your bag, but you don't want to do it because you might lose your balance and fall. With the use of tactical gear holsters from Bianchi or any other top manufacturers in the industry, this will never happen to you.

There are many reasons why people choose to use these products instead of traditional leather holsters or other more complicated designs. Unfortunately, some people just aren't sure what to choose, so they end up using whatever the salesman points out first. If you're one of those people, remember that not all of the best products for law enforcement and other commercial applications are made for the home user. If you are still having trouble selecting the perfect tactical or concealable belt, you should keep in mind the quality of the leather holster that you end up choosing. This will ultimately determine the type of results that you get from your purchase.