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Bianchi Leather Holsters

Bianchi, 5BHL Leather Holster, Tan, Size 03, Right Hand
  • 2"-3" Holsters fit 1.75" belt slots
  • 4" Larger holsters include 1.75" and 2.25" belt slots
  • Full grain leather, Plain Tan finish

Buyer's Guide: Bianchi Leather Holsters

Bianchi Leather Holsters - Best Concealed Carry Options For Your Gun

Since the 1990s Bianchi Leather Holsters have been an industry leader in firearm accessory holsters. The Bianchi Company started making gun accessories to increase their sales and profits after the 1994 Massacre in Massacre at Ruby Ridge, Arizona. After the tragedy Bianchi decided to make gun accessories with Concealed Carry Protection in mind. This is where Bianchi Leather Holsters were born.

The idea behind these concealment holsters is to allow the user to carry their weapon without it showing up on the person's body. When a person is committed to carrying their handgun everyday for protection, they want it to be easily accessible. This is why the Bianchi design team took the time to create the original Bianchi leather holster. Many variations of this design are currently available to the consumer. Some feature the classic textured pattern of a genuine Italian leather holster, while others are a replica of the company's signature blackened casing.

One of the most popular styles of Bianchi Holsters today is the111 cyclone. This style of gun holster has a secure fit around the pistol while also giving the user a cantilever that helps to keep the pistol in place. The chain is curved and attaches to the belt with a quick release buckle. It also has an elasticated flap that can be opened and closed. These are great for those who need more ankle or wrist movement to access their handgun. This is great for hunters who often like to carry their weapon long distances from their vehicle.

A popular choice for concealment use by hunters is the Bianchi Quick Draw Handle, Black. With the curved design of these handles, they help to keep the weapon firmly in place. They are made out of heavy duty leather that can withstand wear and tear. The quick release buckles on these leather holsters are designed to allow rapid access to your weapon. Because of their compact size, they are great for when you need to quickly draw your weapon.

Another popular choice for concealed carry is the Bianchi Concealed Carry Case, Black. Like the Blackops Concealed Carry Case, the Bianchi case is also a leather holster. The case is used to hold the handgun in place and to provide an additional safety feature. The case has a strong fold up lip around the edge to keep the firearm secure. There are three separate areas on the case that are designed for belt loops. These three pockets are designed for quick and easy access to your firearm.

For more specific types of weapon concealment needs, there are also a couple of styles of Bianchi Holsters that are especially designed for certain activities. There is the Bianchi Instant Trigger Guard. This style of holster allows quick attachment of the gun when the trigger is pulled. This is a very convenient method of carrying your handgun when it is not necessary to have a dedicated holster specifically made for this purpose. This is a good option if you only use one particular type of firearm for self defense or when security is an issue.

The last style of holster that is available from Bianchi is the Telescoping Internal Combination Holster. This style of concealment case is similar to the Bianchi instant trigger guard, except it has an extra space on the top of the case that attaches to the belt. This attachment is great for those who need to be able to quickly draw their gun. Many times when there is an active shooter situation, only one shooter is on scene and all others must engage in close range combat.

Although Bianchi Leather Holsters are used for many purposes, one of the most important functions is used for weapon retention. There are many options available for this purpose. Concealed carry cases and special accessory holsters are available, among other options. It is important to know what you need and to search for the best possible value.