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The Best Blow Guns

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Buyer's Guide

Buyers' Guide: How to Choose the Best Blow Guns for Your Money

As a hunting weapon and recreational instrument, the modern blowgun has evolved. It doesn't matter if you use them for hunting small animals or target shooting; they're a blast.

This year's best blowguns are based on comprehensive market research. Brands that have been making practical tools for years are featured in our selection of blowguns. If you're looking for the real deal, we've got you covered.

Blow Guns

Consider these features when looking for a good blowgun.


Bamboo and reeds were the primary materials used in the manufacture of early blowguns. Aluminum, carbon fiber, and plastic are just a few of the newer, higher-quality building materials made possible by modern technology. Long-range heavy-dart shooting is possible with aluminum blowguns of the highest quality. Heavy darts are more difficult to discharge with this blowgun since the substance is heavier than ordinary aluminum.

In terms of aesthetics, carbon fiber blowguns look more upscale. They're small, but they pack a big punch. They're only good for a limited time. The final option is plastic, which is ideal for recreational purposes.


With a longer blowgun, darts can be thrown further away. Like a pneumatic gun, the blowgun can be used to shoot. Air is blown into the pipe, which gives the dart momentum and causes it to fly at breakneck speeds. As long as you have a reasonable length, you can strike a 2-inch circle at distances up to 20 feet.


The blowgun's portability will be determined by its overall length. If you plan to take your blowgun on a trip, you will need to disassemble it into smaller components. This enables you to carry the blowgun around in your bag.

Dart Size

The most common dart caliber is.40. You can use these darts for target practice. They may dig holes as small and narrow as pushpins, so they aren't ideal for searching for prey in the wilderness.

Small darts of.50 caliber can be used to shoot small creatures like lizards and frogs. Squirrels and warthogs can't be taken down by them. Small-animal hunters can't compete for with.40c blowguns' ability to take down smaller prey. They are also more accurate, and the projectile moves faster as a result of this.

The 625-caliber dart is the heaviest of the three. Hunting is the primary use of a blowgun that can fire darts with a diameter of.625 inches. It is possible to penetrate plywood using a little broadhead dart, which is flexible and precise.

Bamboo darts can travel at extraordinarily high speeds in a straight line, despite the fact that they cannot penetrate. Frog and lizard hunting is a terrific use for them.

In addition to squirrels, a family of razor darts is capable of striking larger creatures. The stun dart can also be used as an effective dart in the.625 calibers. It can also be used to kill squirrels, birds, and snakes.

The benefits of owning a blowgun

Blow Guns

Effective at hunting small animals.

The blowgun was a favorite hunting weapon among primitive societies. Squirrels and rabbits can be rapidly dispatched with modern blowguns. If you wish to live, you'll have to hunt little creatures. Even if you're using a poisoned blade, a blowgun allows you to keep a safe distance from the animal. As a result, no animals will be harmed as a result, and it will be peaceful and clean.

These are useful as self-defense weapons. Even if you have a short or long blowgun, you can still use it for self-defense. It's up to you whether you want to use the dart to fend off an animal or the tube to scare away an attacker.

They're lots of fun. Using a blowgun to fire darts at a target is a simple and enjoyable way to have fun. You may shoot darts at a dartboard at home or at a target range in the backyard with these darts. Challenge your mates to a game of tag.

Things to consider when buying a blowgun


We all agree that blowgun shooting is a lot of fun. With this product, safety is always a worry. It is possible to inhale and exhale the dart into your mouth. There are no anti-inhaling nose pieces on blowguns nowadays. The safety features of your blowgun, however, must be checked.

The blowgun's safety also depends on who will be using it. It is critical that children and teens are adequately supervised when using a blowgun. Accidents occur because blowguns can inflict substantial harm on the human body. No one should be shot with a blowgun.

Dart covers

These are necessary because they guard against inadvertent exposures. Using darts that are too sharp can be dangerous. Keep your darts sharp with a blowgun equipped with dart covers.

Hand Grip

The blowgun must be held firmly in order for you to maintain control of it. Using a blowgun with a handgrip will give you an advantage over someone who does not. Foam and padded hand grips should be sought in order to prevent your hand from slipping.

What's the purpose of your blowgun?

While some blowguns are only meant to be used for hunting, others can also be used for other recreational activities. It's advisable to acquire one with darts of a smaller caliber.40c if you're searching for a model for target shooting alone. A.50c blowgun can be used for basic small-animal hunting. Squirrels, raccoons, and other large games require a gun with a.625-caliber bullet.

Are Blow Guns allowed in your state?

Blowguns have been banned in some states. As a result, you'll need to be informed about your state's regulations on the possession and usage of blowguns. The use of blowguns is prohibited in California, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and New York.

Final Thoughts

A blowgun can be tough to come by. Hopefully, you'll find this information useful while you're shopping for your first blowgun. The greatest blowguns come in three different sizes. Designed with accurate aluminum barrels and darts that fit inside their tubes, these blowguns are ideal for target practice. You can count on any of our top recommendations to deliver on their promises of efficiency.

The use of a blowgun carries significant risk. Humans and animals can be injured by them. Unsupervised use is not recommended. It's critical to supervise and educate children on the proper use of blowguns.


What is a Blow Gun?

The blowgun is a venerable relic of warfare's past. A hollow, light tube serves as the weapon's primary construction material. In order to fire the weapon, the user blows air into the weapon's one end. For millennia, hunters around the world have relied on a basic weapon called a blowgun.

How powerful is a dart shot from a blowgun?

Long barrel and powerful lungs let the.625 blowgun to shoot darts at 350 feet per minute with ease. When a stunning dart is fired at something that is alive, the energy is sufficient to cause agony and shatter glass. The blowgun's force output is far lower than that of a paintball marker.

How far can blowguns shoot?

About 100 yards is the maximum range of a typical 6-foot-long shotgun. This is the range of a 40-caliber blowgun. However, it has a much smaller range. Sights are not included in the design of blowguns. They aim like a bow and shoot like arrows.

How effective are blowguns?

The range of efficacy of blowguns is substantially smaller than that of bow and arrows, even though they are both powerful and accurate. Large animals or people will be unable to be shocked or penetrated by the dart.

What were blowguns used for?

For both hunting and military purposes, blowguns were utilized. Blowguns have been used to take down small wildlife like birds and squirrels.

Can a blowgun kill a rabbit?

The rabbit was killed by a blowgun dart. We contacted the FWC to see if this was permitted. As far as I know, this is not the case. If you have any information regarding this heinous crime, please contact the FWC immediately.

What are blowguns made of?

Materials used to make blowguns vary depending on where they are made. Breathing power is transmitted through a plastic mouthpiece in modern blow guns that are composed of lightweight metals or durable plastics. Modern blowguns can be disassembled into many components for simpler cleaning. Blowguns constructed of bamboo or cane, whether in a single piece or in segments, are frequently made at home.

What are the darts used by blowguns?

The dart is the most commonly used projectile in a blow cannon. For some hunters, a poison dart is preferable to a blowgun since it may assure the death of an animal in one shot. In the Dendrobatidae family, the poison dart frog is the most well-known poison. When it's disturbed, it releases a lethal cocktail of chemicals through its skin. Spearpoint, broad head, and "stunner" darts, all with a weighted rear end and a very short point, are just a few examples of the various types of professionally crafted darts on the market. Before the invention of darts, many blow guns employed clay or stone pellets.

How fast is a blowgun?

As many as 400 feet per second are possible with blowgun darts. An arrow shot from a wooden bow would take twice as long to reach its target. In addition to.38,.40,.50, and.68 calibers, blowgun pellets are now available. Big Bore which measures .625 in diameter, enables for improved airflow and so can fire heavier calibers more quickly.

What is the typical length of a blowgun?

The length of a blowgun's barrel can be affected by a variety of things. In order to efficiently shoot a dart from a longer weapon, more airflow is required. Darts can be buried many feet into a wooden target by a hunter with strong lungs and a long gun. Compared to typical hunting blowguns, sport blow guns tend to be shorter in order to maintain accuracy over a greater range of power.

What is the best length for a blowgun?

The blowgun may be used both indoors and outdoors. The basic blowgun measures 1210mm, although there are other alternatives (47.3 in). If you want the pipe to be the optimal diameter, it should be between 12 mm and 14 mm (0.47in-0.55in) in diameter, and it should be between 1400mm and 1600mm (55.12in-63in) in length, although it can be as much as 2200mm in length (86.6in).

What states are blowguns illegal?

California and Massachusetts have laws against the sale of blowguns, although it is permissible to buy one from an Internet retailer or from a sporting goods catalog or a gun show. Selling, possessing, or fabricating a blowgun is a criminal offense in the state of California.

Why did the dart go further when the blowgun had the longest length?

Using the length of the barrel, the amount of energy in the projectile could be determined. There was only one failed test using a 91.4 cm blowgun, thus we believe it had the least amount of energy.

What is the most powerful blowgun?

The 625 caliber blowgun is the most powerful on the market, despite the fact that other powerful blowguns are available. It is the strongest commercially available blowgun that can shoot 74-grain Razor Tip Broadhead darts at 135 feet per second.

Can you fish with a blowgun?

The fish, frogs, and other tiny creatures can be taken out with the 625 Fish Hawk Blowgun, which features specific line guides (eyes) and darts. Aluminum is used in the construction of this 4-foot blowgun. Why not mix blowgun fishing and bow fishing to create a fun new sport?

Are blowguns fun?

In Canada and some European countries, they are also prohibited. Nonetheless, they are legal hunting weapons and can be used for sporting purposes. Using a blowgun is a low-cost, enjoyable, and demanding hobby.

How old are blowguns?

The earliest blowguns were made of bamboo cane. A bamboo cane's primary function is to have a naturally occurring hollow. Blowguns date all the way back to ancient Peru. During the 6th century, it was employed in Peru for the first time. Similar prey can be captured and stunned with modern blowguns.

Can you hunt with a blowgun?

It is illegal to use a blowgun to hunt big wildlife. The possession of a blowgun is likewise prohibited. Because they are less loud, blowgun tranquilizers are less intimidating to animals.

What are blowgun darts made out of?

Hardwoods are commonly used to make darts so that they don't break. Bamboo skewers, on the other hand, can be used more casually. There is a multitude of materials that dart fletches can be manufactured from include feathers and animal hair.

What is a blowgun used for?

The projectiles fired by a blowgun are propelled by the user's exhalation. Blowguns were mostly employed for close-quarters hunting of tiny game. Blowguns are more efficient and quieter than bows and arrows. In Southeast Asian forest hunting, poisoned darts or blowgun pellets have nearly supplanted traditional bows and arrows. Only in Renaissance Italy was the blowgun used in combat.

Additional Information

Blow Guns and Darts - Two Different Types of Airsoft Guns

Blowguns were once only used as hunting tools but have since become an important tool in many areas of the world today. The blowgun or pistol is a portable, short-range air-powered device that fires gun powder (ammoniated iron shot) from a short barrel. The projectile is usually used to get at the large game like wild turkeys and small game. The blowgun was the favorite weapon of cowboys, train crews, and other men who roamed the wild west, and these days hunters of all kinds use them. As with all self-defense devices, there are some Pros and Cons to Blow Guns.

Blowguns were originally called skeet guns or pit guns. The ammunition was either shot from a pistol or bow. The original ammo comprised of lead-cored balls, and these were thrown over the lip of the bore in a summit or on the ground. The result was a very smoky, dangerous substance that was especially dangerous for people trying to shoot at wild games.

Air guns or mini blowguns are a modern take on the air gun concept but work using compressed CO2. The ammo is shot from a mini-gun that can be obtained from a variety of suppliers. Variation exists in the configuration of the gun and the available ammo.

When comparing blow guns, one major variable is the size of the game being shot at. Shooting skeet at close range can cause expansion which will expand the shot and will create a mushroom-shaped pattern. This mushroom effect is very difficult to predict. For this reason, high-velocity low impulse ammo is typically used for this application and is available in various weights. Low velocity is also a better option for hunters using high-velocity ammunition.

There are many other uses for the extreme-flow pump. Some of the other typical applications include sandblasting, construction, marking, demolition, and bonding. It is also used in the automotive industry to create quick-drying paint streaks. The gun makes a circular pattern and can be programmed for speed and other effects.

The blowguns are equipped with cranes that have a metal tip and impact the darts against a surface. If a high-pressure canister of air is used, the dart will exit at a higher velocity than a lower-pressure canister. The tip of the canes can vary and will depend on what it is designed for. The canes are not very stable and will wear out after continued use.

Paintball markers are used extensively, and there are two basic types: fixed and detachable. Fixed blowguns have a larger chamber and can accommodate up to eight darts. They also have a trigger and can be loaded in both ways. The blowguns used for paintballing can be adjusted for length and for velocity and weight.

Detachable blowguns are much smaller than their fixed cousins, and the darts are loaded in a different magazine. As a result, they are much easier to carry and to use. The darts are less precise and will produce little of a pattern and so are not used for hunting or for paintballing applications. Two of the most popular types of detachable blowguns are the river cane and the hop-up. The river cane is used mainly in whitewater river fishing, while the hop-up is best used in fields or open field hunting.

A popular type of airsoft gun is clay pellets or BB. Clay BB's are soft rubber BB's that are ejected from a blowgun via compressed air. Airsoft players often shoot clay pellets at target ranges using specially modified airsoft guns. While the BB is very soft and can cause significant damage to an animal, it is less lethal than rubber or foam darts.

The Cheyenne Indians used a type of primitive airsoft known as the blowgun or airsoft gun to hunt large game such as buffalo. The blowgun was a hand-to-hand combat weapon and was designed to be very effective at long range. The blowgun was also used by Native Americans for many years to hunt different types of games. They were also used in a variety of other situations, including training and hunting.