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The Best Bore Guides

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Tipton Universal Bore Guide with 3 Muzzle Guides for Firearm...
  • EASE OF USE: Tipton’s Universal Bore Guide makes firearm...
  • FUNCTION: This bore guide by Tipton allows for easily...
  • VERSATILE: Three muzzle guides are included (small fits most...
  • RELIABLE: Ensure a closer clean while promoting a long...
  • SPECS: Ideal for bolt action rifles, the Tipton Universal...
ON SALE!Rank 2
Tipton Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Kit with 4 Muzzle Guides for...
  • EASE OF USE: Tipton’s RAPID Deluxe Bore Guide makes...
  • FUNCTION: This bore guide by Tipton allows for easily...
  • CONVENIENT: RAPID Deluxe by Tipton holds the correct amount...
  • VERSATILE: Four muzzle guides are included so you can use...
  • RELIABLE: Ensure a closer clean while promoting a long...
  • SPECS: Ideal for bolt action rifles, the Tipton RAPID Deluxe...
ON SALE!Rank 3
Wheeler Delta Series Bore Guide
  • Precision Cnc Machined Aluminum With A Durable Anodized...
  • Protects Chamber And Bore From Damage
  • Ensures Proper Rod Alignment For Easier Cleaning
  • Reduces Solvent Leakage Into Gun'S Action
ON SALE!Rank 4
Shooter's Choice Bore Guide
  • Protects chamber and bore from damage
  • Aligns rod with barrel for faster cleaning
  • Reduces solvent leakage into action
  • Fits most bolt-action
  • Solvent port protects firearm finish from chemicals
ON SALE!Rank 5
Pro Shot .22 Centerfire to .30 Caliber Adjustable Bore Guide
  • Bore Guides should be used when cleaning a Bolt Action Rifle
  • Our Bore Guides are made from aircraft anodized aluminum
  • The anodized aluminum sleeve holds the brass pin and does...
  • All Pro Shot products made in USA from USA components
Rank 6
Real Avid Smart Lock Bore Guide fits Modern American...
  • Bore Cleaning Made Easier, Neater, Smarter: Protects chamber...
  • Restricts solvent leakage and keeps gunk out of the action
  • Pivot Lock Tool Securely Holds Upper Open While Cleaning...
ON SALE!Rank 7
Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Universal Bore Guide
  • 100% designed and tested for the toughest situations and...
  • Keeps solvents from dripping into action and prevents...
  • Includes 3 interchangeable chamber tips to fit .17-.416...
  • Aluminum action collar fits .695"/.700" (17.65mm/17.78mm)
  • Threaded brass pin locks the guide into the action in place...
Rank 8
Holzfforma 71cc G372XP Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head 50mm...
  • ATTENTION: without chain and bar in the picture.
  • Displacement: 71CC
  • Cylinder bore: 50mm
  • Chain type: 3/8 .058
ON SALE!Rank 9
Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit with Jags, Brushes and Bore Guide...
  • DURABLE: 3-piece rod constructed of extremely high strength...
  • INCLUDES: This kit includes the Tipton 13-Piece Ultra Jag...
  • EASE OF USE: With a variety of jags and brushes, you can...
  • FUNCTION: The Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide allows for easily...
  • CONVENIENT: Customized storage case with die cut closed cell...
ON SALE!Rank 10
Breakthrough Clean Technologies Aluminum Universal Bore...
  • PROTECTS: Properly aligns your cleaning rod and protects the...
  • PROTECTS: Properly aligns your cleaning rod and protects the...
  • DURABLE: Made of durable anodized aluminum
  • INTERCHANGEABLE TIPS: Includes interchangeable tips that fit...
  • BUILT IN PORT: Includes a built-in port for mess-free...

Buyer's Guide

Buyers' Guide: How to Choose the Best Bore Guides for Your Money

Rifles and pistols are prone to scuffs, dents, and other flaws. Guides for the bore of the cannon are necessary to keep it playable and to enhance its aesthetics. Using a bore guide is one way to clean a bore. The bore guide prevents the cleaning rod from harming the chamber by guiding it through the action and into the barrel. It prevents solvent and filth from entering the magazine or action by sealing the chamber's front.

Bore Guides

The Advantages of Bore Guide

It is possible to use bore guides for a variety of tasks. When the cleaning rod is placed in the rifle chamber, it ensures that it is aligned with the bore of the barrel as it should be. Cleaning the bore with a cleaning brush is quite vigorous, and it can cause damage to the barrel's edge if not done correctly. As the shaft of a cleaning rod rubs against this area, it can be damaged with minimal wear.

As an added safety measure, a bore guide keeps excess solvent from getting into the trigger or magazine assembly. Depending on their chemical composition, some solvents can be extremely potent, and they are intended to dissolve metallic fouling in the barrel's lands as the projectile is propelled outward by the powder charge. Some solvents are harsher than others, so it is critical to avoid using potentially damaging chemicals that could damage the trigger mechanism's delicate metalwork, chew through the magazine spring, or eat away at the bedding compound of the rifle's barrel.

Diverse types of action can be achieved with bore guides. Single-shot and break-action rifles can both be used in this application. An arm protruding from the bolt action guide fits into the rifle bolt slot and secures the guide in position. There are various lengths of guides available for both short and long-action rifles. A bore guide that fits one firearm can be used to fit many others because the majority of rifle bolts are of a similar diameter. The rule does not apply in all cases, as explained below.

Things to consider before buying bore guides

You need to take into account a number of important factors before deciding on the best rifle bore guide. A look at some of the most important features to consider before making a purchase is in order.

Simple to use

Make sure it is compatible with all of your guns before making a decision. As a result, cleaning is simplified, and your rifle is shielded from damage to the bore or chamber. There are some things to keep in mind before you begin cleaning your gun. Remove the bolt from the firearm.


The rods must be placed in the proper locations. In an ideal situation, the cleaning rod should be able to pass through the barrel without being damaged. Once in place, these rods can be used to either stop an attack or attempt to cause harm. As far as calibers are concerned, I recommend that you purchase a weapon with interchangeable chambering.


If the bore guide is used, the o-ring should not come loose from the chamber. Before firing, be sure that the gun is not loaded, or that it is free of any grease or other substances. Clean it with hot water and detergent.


Bore guides like this may be relied upon. Brass pins are used to thread these bore guides, which are chemical-free. These are non-toxic and biodegradable. Guns and rifles can be made from this renewable resource.

Dimensions of calibers

For rifles that can accept a variety of muzzle nuts, you require the heaviest calibers. Necklines that measure 695/700 or (17.65mm). The rods can be cleaned with this much water. Guns of various kinds can be cleaned with bore guides that have collars up to 30 mm in diameter.

Bore Guides

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you already know which one will create the greatest bore guides for your application. The optimal alignment of rods for professional rifle shooters or military personnel should be selected. In addition, I propose that you choose one with a variety of collar bolts to complement your outfit. Using this method, you will save time and be able to change the bore guide as frequently as you choose.

You should make certain that you can obtain a complete, adjusted, and versatile package that will match your needs and specifications. Long-term performance and maximum efficiency are guaranteed with the products on this list.


Do I need a bore guide for cleaning?

You will protect your rifle's bore and action more effectively if you use a bore guide to ensure that the cleaning rod is properly aligned and to reduce solvent spillage during the cleaning process. As the rod is being cleaned, it may "bend," causing gouges or damage to the chamber and throat, which will result in a loss of accuracy in the cleaning process.

What is a bore guide for cleaning rifles?

Bore cleaning is made easier and safer with the help of the bore guide, which is a cleaning tool that is specifically designed to keep the bore clean. By using a bore guide, you can be certain that your cleaning rod will not scratch the chamber as it travels through it. Not only does it make it easier to clean the rifle, but it also serves to protect the chamber and bore from damage. Because of the use of a bore guide to ensure that the rod, jag, and brush are all in the center of the bore, the cleaning activity can proceed smoothly. Additionally, the bore guide keeps debris and solvents from getting in the way of the drilling process. If you clean your rifle on a regular basis, want to protect your weapon from harm, or want to achieve the highest level of precision, we recommend using a bore guide during bore cleaning.

Do the companies try to provide different size bolt collars for your bore guides?

You can, but first, you should measure the diameter of your bolt collar and then get in touch with the nearest customer care center. Certainly.

What is the perfect length for bore guides?

Yes, that is an excellent question! Bore guides in the 14-inch range are the most common, making them suitable for the majority of firearms and rifles.

Are these bore guides applicable for rim fire rifles?

No, that is not the case for everyone in this situation. It should be noted that Rimfire Bore Guides are only compatible with action rifles with a bolt diameter of 695 inches or greater.

Why don’t all collars fit into the best bore guides for bolt-action rifles?

Various manufacturers use different methods to generate bolt diameters. For the vast majority of action rifles, a bolt with a diameter of 0.695 inches is the most universally applicable bolt diameter. Additionally, some firearms require bolt sizes that are either smaller or larger than the standard size. This means that before placing your order, it is critical that you first determine the exact size of your bolt.

Can I use this for all short or long-action bolt rifles?

When you want to slide it or match your action, you should loosen the brass handle, but you can thread it first if you want. It is also possible to make use of the adaptor. It will aid in keeping the rods and guides straight and in their proper positions.

Why use a bore guide for cleaning?

There are numerous benefits to be gained from employing a bore guide. When the cleaning rod is inserted into the rifle chamber, it guarantees that the cleaning rod is lined with the bore of the barrel. If you do not have one, your cleaning rod or its attachments will get in the way of the barrel's edge when it hits the chamber, causing significant damage to the barrel.