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The Best Bug Bite Holster

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Buyer's Guide

Bug Bite Holster Review

For anyone who travels with their Bug Bite Holster on a belt it's important to know how easy it is to get out of. This accessory is made out of an ultra-light weight material which also allows quick removal without a struggle. It can easily fit into any pocket or purse and is also extremely concealable and lightweight. If you use your Bug Bite Holster properly and take care of your cell phone, sunglasses, keys, watches and other valuables that you need to carry close to you at all times then it will become an essential part of your travel essentials. It will allow you to have your everyday items close to you without having to constantly worry about losing them.

The lightweight nature of these holsters means that they are highly comfortable to wear. As a result of this they provide the perfect solution if you have to wear any type of protective gear whilst you are travelling. They are also extremely easy to remove from your clothing making them the ideal type of concealment device for anyone who is constantly on the move. When you are on the move it is very easy to forget things so many people will find themselves picking up and carrying their Bug Bite Holster as and when they need to.

An ideal concealment tool for anyone who has a duty-like duty-orientated job and needs to be able to carry their firearm whether they need to do something dangerous or not is the bug bite holster. You should be aware that this product cannot be worn whilst in certain types of professions such as police, army and navy. Even though they provide great visibility and are very secure, there are certain limits to what it can be used for. For example if you are a constable you will not be able to use one in a capacity of protecting yourself while carrying a firearm unless you are using it under the supervision of an officer.

Most professionals and experienced outdoorsmen will tell you that they prefer using a regular pistol over a pistol-like device. While this may seem like common sense it is nevertheless the case. With this in mind therefore it is not surprising that most Bug Bite Holsters are designed to fit a regular pistol. Many of these holsters are made from strong and sturdy materials such as leather. Leather is ideal because it provides a high degree of protection to any pistol that is used whilst being worn.

A kimono type of bag which has been designed specifically for use as a holster functions well for this reason. The leather material covers the entire length of the pistol and its belt loops are covered and fastened into place. This means that the kimono type of bag is completely padded and provides a high degree of comfort to any user of the bag. This same principle is applied to the front of the holster which is covered and fastened. This allows users to carry their firearm without having to worry about it rubbing against their clothes as it does with many conventional gun holsters.

The quality holster also has a flap on the top which can be opened to allow access to the carrying straps. This flap also has a second flap at the top which can be attached to a belt if required. The reason for this is to allow a user to change out the firearm without taking it out of the holster. Changing out the firearm is essential when hunting or working on your weapon because if the firearm is not properly carried it could easily jam and cause a bad accident.

Bug Bite Holster has successfully created a comfortable neoprene holster which provides an extremely comfortable carrying option. It has integrated a patented tension system which means that the holster will adjust itself to provide a comfortable fit every time it is worn. The adjustable tension system is operated through a control switch which makes it easy to change the tension according to whether you are wearing light or heavy duty clothing.

The Bug Bite Holster is perfect for hunters and people who need to carry their gun while they are in a more casual outdoor environment. It is incredibly lightweight, has a secure and comfortable neoprene holster and features an extra magazine pocket. It is available for both left hand dominant users and right hand dominant users. When searching for a comfortable and durable concealed carry option you will not find a better product than the bug bite holster. The comfort it provides, the durability and the ease of use make the bug bite one of the best sellers on the market today.


Who is BUG Bite?

Incorporated in the beautiful state of New York, we are a family-owned and operated business that is looking forward to serving you. In general agreement, "America is a land of inventors and doers," as the saying goes. This statement is one with which we, as a family of inventors and artists, wholeheartedly agree. Our excitement at the prospect of creating "BUGBite Holsters" was heightened when we discovered that others shared our enthusiasm and recognized the need for what we now refer to as "BUGBite Holsters." Because of a simple requirement for a compression wrap to treat a leg injury, the "compression and concealed carry wrap" was developed, and it has proven to be a commercial success.

The extremely comfortable temporary leg injury solution we developed led to the development of our first prototype for the most comfortable concealed carry holster currently available on the market, which we call "The Comfort Holster." Being a part of the launch of a new product and the establishment of a small business has been a thrilling experience, as has been witnessing the overwhelmingly positive response we've received so far.

Thank you to each and every one of our customers who has made a positive difference in the growth of our business! As a result of the tremendous amount of support we've received, every purchase has contributed to our ability to expand and create jobs for our fellow citizens.

What is a "Bug Bite" holster?

To keep the BUGBite Holster in place while you're on the go, it has a silicone grip dot interior that keeps it firmly in place. For your convenience, the holster with the teeth is depicted in this photograph. In addition to being the most comfortable holster available at an affordable price, it is also the most durable because it is custom-molded to the shape of a human leg, unlike other holsters.

Are Bug Bite holsters worth it?

The use of an ankle holster to conceal a backup weapon in the event that your primary firearm malfunctions or loses control is a highly effective method of avoiding detection in a wide range of situations. It is possible to conceal oneself extremely well in this type of holster when one is in a wide variety of situations and environments.

Is the Bug Bite holster lightweight?

The BUGBite Holster is constructed of nylon and a sport zipper, which makes it extremely durable while also being extremely comfortable to wear. If you bend your legs just a little bit, getting into and out of the chair will be much easier. Aside from that, it is equipped with silicone grip dots, which add an extra layer of comfort. The BUGBite holder is a fantastic alternative to the majority of holsters that have snaps because it can be removed with relative ease while wearing jeans, as shown in the video below.

On which ankle do you wear a Bug Bite holster?

It's also possible that having a gun in your boot will make some people feel uncomfortable. In addition to the many different types of ankle holsters that are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, the vast majority of them are designed to be worn on or near the inside of your ankle. According to tradition, people who are right-handed wear their firearms and holsters on their left ankle, whereas those who are left-handed wear their firearms and holsters on their right ankle.

Can you wear a Bug Bite holster with boots?

Using the ShapeShift ankle holster is a breeze, even when you're wearing boots or high-heeled shoes, and it's especially convenient when you're traveling. The fact that you and your boots have such an impact on the outcome of the competition should not be underestimated. It is necessary to ascertain which aspects are applicable to your situation, as everyone's mileage will vary!

Can you run with a Bug Bite holster?

Yes, that is the most straightforward and straightforward response. Using any ankle holster while running is acceptable if you don't mind excruciating pain against your bones, having your skin rubbed raw, or even losing your gun.

Are Bug Bite holsters available for people who are left-handed?

Customers will now be able to purchase clothing in sizes A through E. If you are wearing a BUGBite holster for right-handed people, which is worn on the inside of the left thigh, you can draw your gun from the inside of your left leg while still standing. The left-handed BUGBite can be worn on the right leg, and the gun can be drawn from the inside of the right leg, allowing the wearer to remain concealed.

What do I do if I'm right between two BUGBite sizes?

While the fit of any garment is subjective and can vary depending on leg shape and calf muscle mass, the fit of this pair is particularly good, as is the case with any garment. The size chart is a great place to start your search for the perfect fit. If you're on the fence about your size, we recommend that you order one size larger than you normally would. Please let us know if you require assistance with size exchanges.

Why would you consider ankle carry?

It is simple to conceal an ankle holster in plain sight due to the fact that most people do not pay attention to their lower halves when they are walking around. An ankle holster and a pair of long, flared, or baggy pants make for the best combination, which is why you should pair yours with these types of pants. As a result, your ankle-mounted gun will remain hidden from view while you are sitting down.

Drawing a gun from a standing position would take considerable time. However, doing so while seated is much more convenient and efficient. If you were attacked while driving, you would find it more convenient to access your handgun from your ankle than from your pockets in this situation. It is advantageous to carry a handgun on your ankle in the event that your primary handgun is misplaced or malfunctions and you are unable to access it for any reason.

What leg do you wear a Bug Bite holster on?

Also necessary is determining whether the ankle holster should be worn on the right or left leg, and whether the holster should be worn on the inside or outside of the ankle joint, among other things. The ability to easily access a firearm with a strong hand is required in order for it to be used as the primary weapon. As a result, you have the option of wearing it on either side of your weaker leg, depending on your personal preference for doing so.

Do Bug Bite holsters have quick release and retrieval?

Having an easy method of removing the weapon from the belt is essential. Any holster you purchase should be constructed in such a way that you can quickly retrieve your side arm, if you happen to be wearing one. In order to provide easy access to your pistol's grip and clamp down on the grip when necessary, the top of the holster should have a large opening. It is recommended that a quick release tab be included in the holster chamber in order to ensure that the least amount of effort is required when removing the weapon from the chamber.

Is the Bug Bite holster good for concealed carry?

Bug Bite Holsters are absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to keep their weapon concealed at all times. One of the most convenient features in this particular holster design is the inclusion of an interior leg pocket that can be used for a cross draw.

Additionally, it is possible to wear it on your left leg as an alternative. When worn on both legs, it gives the user the ability to carry a large number of handguns at the same time without having to switch legs. A significant benefit of the light weight of this product is that it is an excellent choice for people with small hands.

Are Bug Bite holsters comfortable?

In addition to being extremely uncomfortable to wear, ankle holsters have a number of other significant flaws. This is a significant disadvantage. Even considering the prospect of strapping a one-pound (or more) pistol to your lower leg while wearing an ankle holster for an extended period of time is exhausting enough. Many companies have either increased the amount of calves' support they provide or used softer materials in their ankle holsters in order to improve comfort for their customers. Despite the fact that it will be uncomfortable for a short period of time, it is not a long-term condition.

Consider your limitations when going to the gym and practice wearing your outfit repeatedly at home before you head to the gym. People's decisions about whether or not to wear ankle holsters are influenced by a variety of different factors. A popular choice for both law enforcement officers and members of the general public, secret weapons that are worn around the ankles have long been a popular method of concealment. There are many different types of ankle holsters to choose from, and while every individual is different, there are many different types of ankle holsters to choose from.