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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 11, 2021
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Our Top Picks For Car Holsters

Reviews Of The Best Car Holsters From Our Research

The KEEPER MG Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster

This holster is designed to hold a firearm securely while mounting it in your car or truck. Its rubber padding also means that your gun will be protected through the bumps and knocks of a road journey. Hence you do not have to worry about damages to the gun.

It is easy to use even for beginners, the car installation process is not technical and does not take much time. It also allows easy access to the firearm while driving, in case you have to defend yourself.

The holster comes with various mounting options, and you can choose the one that is most convenient to you. The mount has a low profile making you grip it easily in the direst situation.

However, big size and bulky firearms tend to be loose on the holster, and this is not a secure holstering. The best way you can go about this is making use of an additional magnet, and this should keep the gun in place. It is also quite a pricey option, and a bit of an investment.


  • Makes use of rubber-coated magnets.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Ideal for various gun options.
  • Can hold gun sizes of about 35 pounds.
  • Rubber paddings prevent gun damages.


  • Extra magnetic support is needed for larger guns.

Alien Gear OWB Cloak Belt Slide Holster

Alien Gear holsters S&W Bodyguard .380 Auto Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Hoslter (Left Hand)
  • Custom fit to your specific pistol to ensure for proper fitment and retention. Custom Fit to: S&W Bodyguard .380 Auto
  • Fully Adjustable: Get the ride height and cant exactly the way you want it all without any tools! Allows you to carry the way you want to! Can also adjust the retention by simply tightening the screws!
  • Conceal in Comfort: Soft neoprene backing that is flexible to move and form to your body while retaining shape for reholstering! The material is sweat-wicking while being breathable to reduce irritation when wearing the holster for extended periods of time!
  • Simplicity at its Finest: Very simple design where it counts without sacrificing the quality of the materials or the comfort in all of our products!
  • Made right here in the USA, insuring the use of high quality materials and hardworking American craftsmanship where we stand behind our Iron Clad program to insure you have a holster for life after a 30 day test drive!

This new cloak belt holster is an upgrade from the original cloak slide with an even slimmer design providing you with hours of concealed comfort for a growing library of over 500 firearms.

The hardware is completely concealed leaving nothing but comfort on the outside. The rigidity of leather tends to decline over time but the holster still provides you with unmatched stability making it easier to re-holster over and over

An ergonomically cut base is added to give you the best full firing grip possible and with the second generation alien skin texture and edge binding you can rest assured knowing that your holster gun won't go anywhere.

The patented stainless spring steel core design evenly distributes the weight of any handgun. Additionally, the adjustable retention can be set to exactly how you need it. This holster features an all-new set of sturdy slim belt clips. Upon purchase, you can choose between two sizes, an inch and a half an inch and three quarters to match perfectly with your favorite gun belt.

Just slip the tail end of your belt through both clips then back through the remaining belt loops on your pants. Done with built-in flexibility on both ends, the cloak belt holster gives you zero break-in time so you can feel confident faster.


  • Fits a wide range of pistols
  • Adjustable retention
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Great ergonomics
  • Neoprene holster
  • Rigid holster


  • Not an ambidextrous design

Jotto Gear Quick Access Locking

Jotto Gear Quick Access, Rugged Steel, Locking Handgun Holster for Car, Office, Many Locations
  • Locking security plus quick, simple access; unlike a vault
  • Easy to install with multiple mounting options for vehicle, home, office
  • Deters thieves and keeps children safe
  • Design keeps gun clean and free from dirt, nicks and scratches
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Aside from being able to access your firearm while driving, you might also want to make sure that it is concealed and away from public or passersby view. These 2 attributes can be found in the Jotto gear holster.

The holster features an open back that makes it easy to slide out your firearm when you need to do so. It has a sturdy aesthetic, yet it is a compact firearm. Its compactness makes it easy to conceal in your car, while still making drawing easy and smooth.

The holster can be mounted in various ways, and this is another attribute of its compactness. One of its most secured features that makes it a great car holster is its fingerprint reader. The fingerprint will grant only you access to the firearm such that no one can remove it when installed in the car holster.

However, its installation process is quite on the technical side, and will take a long time. But they come with mounting brackets to ensure that the installation process is easier, and once you have the holster mounted, you can be rest assured that it will remain firm and hold the gun securely.


  • The holster is NRA licensed.
  • Allows easy and seamless access to guns.
  • Various mounting options.
  • It is a great option for various types of guns.
  • Has durable steel construction.


  • Difficult installation process.

MAXREAL Gun Magnet 55lbs Rated

This holster has several magnets to make sure that the firearm remains in place. This makes it support heavy guns with as much as 55 pounds’ weight, making it an ideal option for various gun types.

It has a shockproof design in case you are driving on a bumpy road. There are multiple mounting options for the holster making it a versatile holster that can be mounted on office desks too.

The durability is another feature that makes it an in-demand holster. The company backs it up with a lifetime warranty, hence giving customers more confidence in its longevity.

One of the flip side, this holster is that it does not come with a mounting kit, and you have to buy one before installation. You may also want to purchase paddings to prevent scratches as well.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Weatherproof and shockproof.
  • Can hold a gun weight of about 55 pounds.
  • Various mounting options.
  • More than one magnet.


  • Does not come with a mounting kit
  • No gun padding

Gum Creek GCC-UVHHM-BLK Vehicle Handgun Mount Clip

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount (Mount Only)
  • MADE IN USA LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY- Gum Creek stands by American made quality.
  • WORKS WITH SMALL OR LARGE HANDGUNS- Whether you carry a sub compact, compact or full size handgun, this is your vehicle mounting solution.
  • WORKS WITH MOST BELT LOOP HOLSTERS- If it has belt loops or clips, it most likely fits. There are two metal hooks that have to be secured properly first and then the product will fasten down as it is supposed to.
  • HANDGUN MOUNT FOR YOUR VEHICLE- Quick and accessible, our universal steering wheel column mount is ideal for carrying a handgun in your vehicle for convenience or self-defense. Great for those who often conceal carry and may not want to keep their pistol on them while driving. No more shoving a handgun between seats, placing under a seat, in a door, on/in a console, or in any other area that is uncomfortable, unsafe or non-secure. Simply use one of our Gum Creek Vehicle Mount Holster's or any common type of holster you may already own.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED- Gum Creek's Handgun Mount utilizes non-marring clips to mount to your steering column without drilling or installation that requires tools. Does not interfere with driving, secure fit, easily switch vehicles.

Compatibility is an important aspect of choosing a holster, because although most car holsters are designed for various types of cars and trucks, sometimes this is not the case. Therefore, choosing a compatible holster for your car is non-negotiable.

Compatibility is not an issue with Gun Creek holster. The mounting clip is designed in such a way that it will almost, if not all vehicle types. Another interesting feature is the handy adapter in case the mounting clip is not compatible.

It has a modernized and sleek design, and offers you various mounting options. With the numerous mounting options, you can conceal your gun out of passerby sights while on the road.

It has a metal frame and heavy nylon as hooks. With these hooks, the gun will remain firm in one position at all times. Even when you are moving on a bad bumpy road, the gun will not fall out of place.

However, this is just a mount clip for your holster, and it does not exactly come with a holster. But it's compatibility makes it great for various car holsters.


  • Can fit most vehicles
  • Can be used for belt holsters too
  • Has a streamlined design
  • Sturdy design
  • Comes with multiple mounting options


  • Does not come with a holster

Buyer's Guide For Car Holsters

The first thing that you should know about concealed carry in a car is that the laws about carrying in a vehicle vary between states.

Some do not allow carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle at all, some only require you to have a permit, others allow you to have a loaded pistol if you have a permit, but require you to conceal it on your person.

Make sure that you read your state and local laws, as it is your job to comply with them while carrying a gun.

In this article, we review the top 5 car holsters as well as what makes them stand out from others in today’s market.

How Can You Conceal in a Car?

Generally, you can conceal a pistol on you, or store it in a concealed location. What a lot of people like to do is put their guns in the glove box, the center console, or in one of the storage areas of the car.

Some people will take their holster out and store it in one of these locations or they will just stash the gun and then reholster it once they get to their destination.
While popular, these methods are not really recommended. mentioned. Some states require a pistol to be carried on the body, so doing these things could be against the law.

Additionally, your pistol can be subjected to a lot of bouncing and jostling which could damage it, and it is possible for some guns to even discharge if they get bounced around.
So it is not recommended to just stow a loaded gun in a vehicle storage area.

The solution is to just carry it on your body and it is actually the primary reason why holsters are canted so that they can be more easily accessed while sitting. Although not incredibly easy, but easier than with a vertical cant.

If your state allows for open carry of a loaded gun in a vehicle, a good solution is a holster mount whether it mounts to the upholstery, a hard surface, or straps to the seat. Some designs let you directly mount your carry holster and others require a different holster to be used if allowed.

Open carry in a vehicle is definitely the most convenient. All you have to do is select a location that seems natural for where you would expect your handgun to be, and find a holster that suits that location well.

You should be able to almost instinctively go for the location so do not lean too heavily on a holster that does not fit the area well. For car-mounted holsters, there are several varieties to explore.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Car Holster

When purchasing a car holster, there are some factors you should consider, to make the best possible decision and they include the following:

  • Security of the holster: This is how secured the holster can stay in a position.
  • Protection of the holster: Guards or paddings for the holster to protect the firearm from danger. Also includes shockproof for bumpy roads.
  • Mounting versatility of the holster: If the holster can be mounted in various positions of your car.
  • Easy access to the firearm: Ability to draw the firearm seamlessly in self-defense situations or when you need the gun.
  • Vehicle compatibility: If the holster fits the car or vehicle you own.
  • Firearm compatibility: if the holster can fit the model of gun you hold, in terms of size and weight.
  • Ease of installation: How you can easily mount the holster on your car without too much technicalities.

Tips for Using Carry Holsters

First, it is important to keep your gun safe with a rigid shell secure and in an easy-to-reach spot with good placement.

You can transfer your gun from your everyday carry holster or if you have a versatile or universal holster, you can transfer your guns still holstered in the shell from your everyday carry directly to your vehicle's holster mount.

These are the most popular ways to conceal and carry in a car, but make sure that you carry within the bounds of your state and city regulations, and carry safely.

Final Thoughts

When making a decision on the best car holster, you should want one that is not only easy to use, but offers you gun indelible protection. The holster should also have pads that will keep your firearm out of danger or damage.